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Chestnut Burr 

an annual publication by the student 
body of kent state university . . . 

germane swanson editor 

dave kaplan bus. mgr. 

tke tunet 






To Emmet Carson Stopher in memory of 
thirty-two years of devoted service to Kent 
State University — her sons and daughters, 
characterized by friendliness of spirit, help- 
fulness of attitude, integrity of mind and 
devotion to duty this book is gratefully 


— Prof. E. Turner Stump 

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Robert Phillips 


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Robert Phillips 



Robert Phillips 




Robert Phillips 







Serving his lifth year as ad- 
ministrative head of the uni- 
versity, Dr. George A. Bowman, 
combining a genial personality 
with progressive ideas, has be- 
come symbolic of the univer- 
sity's expansion and rise to 
eminence as a scholastic insti- 

Under his guidance there has 
been a tremendous expansion 
of housing and classroom facili- 
ties to handle the increased 
enrollment of recent years. 

Dr. George A. Bowman 

Dr. Bowman was instrumental in bringing national 
sororities and fraternities to this campus, and also see- 
ing to it that only the better ones be permitted to come 
on the campus. 

As a student of education at Western Reserve, 
Columbia, Chicago and Harvard Universities, he 
achieved a broad background for his teaching. 

Since Dr. Bowman has been President the school 
has increased in acreage as well as enrollment. Three 
buildings are almost completed, which include a men's 
dorm, a student union, and a new hospital. 

Helping the President with his many and varied 
tasks is Mrs. Alice Makinson, Secretary to the President. 
With her assistance, students and faculty communicate 
their problems to the President. 

Dr. George A. Bowman 
Mrs. Alice Makinson 



Each year the Ohio Senate consents to the Ohio 
governor's appointment of one man for a five-year term 
to the Board of Trustees of Kent State University. He 
belongs to a group of six members, and one is an ex- 
officio member, Columbus's Clyde Hissong, the State 
Superintendent of Public Instruction, who doesn't attend 
the meetings. 

The five members meet once each month, usually 
in President Bowman's office, or occasionally at the 
Board treasurer's office. They direct, and officiate at 
Kent State University affairs, and each also works 
actively and successfully at his business or profession 
in Ohio. Their problems include the budget, honorary 
degree grants, contracts for building, and tentative 
appointments for the approval of the Board. 

The president of the Board, whose term expires in 

1953, is John R. Williams. He is the Lake County Super- 
intendent of Schools, resides at Madison, and has a 
Painesville office. 

Joseph B. Hanan is the vice-president of the Board 
until 1952. He resides in Akron and is a retired B. F. 
Goodrich official. 

Until 1949 the secretary for the Board is Robert C. 
Dix, who resides in Kent, and publishes the Ravenna 
"Evening Record" and the Kent "Courier-Tribune". 

1950 ends the term of Otto J. Korb, Ph.D., as the 
Board treasurer. He superintends the East Cleveland 
Public Schools. 

Also a Board member is Charles H. Lake, LL.D. He 
now serves as an advisor to Cleveland's Superintendent 
of Public Schools. 

SEATED: John R. Williams, Otto J. Korb, Pres. George A. Bowman, Robert C. Dix, Charles H. Lake. 
ABSENT: Joseph B. Hanan. 



John Reed Spicer 

Arden L. Allyn 


Dr. John Reed Spicer came to Kent State from 
Westminster, where he also held the position of 
Dean. His versatility and sympathetic under- 
standing of undergraduates' needs and prob- 
lems have made him one of the most popular 
administration staff members. 

As Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Dr. 
Spicer has made every effort to accommodate 
the several thousand students who account for 
the arts college lead in enrollment at Kent State. 

Sensing the need for more thoroughly trained 
students in graduate schools, Dean Spicer has 
been concentrating on the pre-professional cur- 
ricula in his college, along with a revised sys- 
tem of faculty advisors. 

In the last dozen years the College of Busi- 
ness Administration has earned a place of its 
own at Kent State due primarily to the work of 
Dean Arden L. Allyn. When Dean Allyn first 
came to the University back in 1934, the College 
of Business Administration was practically un- 
noticed, but at present it has fifteen major fields 
of study possible for students interested in 

Dean Allyn is the only pre-war academic 
dean still serving the university in that capacity. 
The reputation of the BA college has prospered 
in outside business circles to a great extent 
since the year 1934. 

Dean Raymond E. Manchester has held the 
office of Dean of Men since 1920. Dean Man- 
chester is probably known best for his ingenuity 
in establishing imaginative traditions. The 
buggy wheel that was supposed to have been 
lost scores of years ago by the founder of our 
neighboring university is probably the most 
famous. It seems that this wheel was lost in 
the mire where Kent State now stands. This 
wheel was recovered and painted and is now 
used for a trophy for the winner of the Kent 
State-Akron University football game. The 
wheel must bring good luck to the university 
because it has been hanging in the genial 
dean's office for the last two years. 

Dean Manchester has capably handled the 
overflow of male students on the campus in his 
usual easy and likeable way. 



Realizing the need for good teachers and 
their importance, Dean Robert I. White of the 
College of Education has incorporated the 
progressive methods obtained from the Uni- 
versity of Chicago, where he received his 

Although Kent State is no longer the teach- 
ers' college it was twenty years ago, Dean 
White has recognized the ever-important role 
that Kent fulfills in supplying teachers for north- 
eastern Ohio. 

At present Kent State has teachers in all the 
counties and large cities in the surrounding 
area, and Dean White is doing a tremendous 
job in helping to alleviate the teacher shortage 
in the area. 

Since he came to Kent State in 1924, genial 
Dean Fren Musselman, Dean of Summer School 
and Extension, has enlarged his position from 
handling a few vacationing school teachers and 
night students into a job of handling thousands 
of students, mostly veterans going to school on 
an accelerated program. 

Perhaps in a few years the enrollment will be 
reduced, but for the last couple years the 
enrollment for the summer session has been 
larger than the enrollment for the regular ses- 
sions before the war. 

But in the meantime Dean Musselman is 
capably handling the heavy enrollment of 
serious students in all colleges in the university 
during the summer sessions. 

As Dean of Women, Dr. Ada V. Hyatt, is 
recognized for her liberal, modern point of view 
and has preserved for Kent State women the 
freedom she believes they are capable of using 

As Dean of Women, Dr. Hyatt has been a 
very important factor in bringing to this campus 
the highest-ranking national sororities. She 
also supervised in the reorganization of rushing 
and pledging practices used by the sororities. 

Dean Hyatt also acts in an advisory capacity 
to Pan-Hellenic council and Women's League 
and helps to formulate their policies. She also 
works closely with off-campus housemothers 
for the best in rooming facilities. 


Ada V. Hyatt 


Emil Berg 


Following in the hard-to-fill footsteps of E. C. Stopher, 
Registrar Charles Atkinson is doing a competent job of 
handling the important tasks assigned to the Registrar 
of a university. 

Dr. Atkinson was appointed to the position after the 
unexpected death of Mr. Stopher, who had held the 
position for a number of years. 

Handling all the funds of a state university is quite 
a large task, but the position is competently filled by 
Paul E. Beck, comptroller. 

Besides the job of signing all the checks for the 
several hundred working students and faculty, he must 
supervise the expenditure of all the money spent by the 

Working as the second man on a two man team with 
the comptroller is Emil Berg, Kent State University's able 
Business Manager. 

He is in charge of the problem of where and how to 
spend the money. At present his biggest task is with 
the new construction that is being carried on now at 
the university. 

The task of running a university in a high school 
building in downtown Canton is handled by Clayton M. 

Although the students are with him for only two 
years, Professor Schindler knows most of them and 
encourages them to complete the remaining two years 
of their education. 




Elmer L. Novotny, M.A Professor, School Head 

Paul J. Baus Instructor 

Carmela Cicirello Instructor 

Nina S. Humphrey Professor 

Thelma Hyland Associate Professor 

Harold Kitner Instructor 

Robert Morrow Visiting Artist 

John Riva Assistant Professor 

George Weisz Temporary Instructor 

Julius Faysash Part-time Instructor 

Gordon Parker Part-time Instructor 


William Taylor Professor, School Head 

Henry C. Beck Instructor 

Alfred A. Crowell Associate Professor 

James A. Fosdick Assistant Professor 

Murray Powers Part-time Lecturer 

Michael J. Radock Associate Professor 

Carleton J. Smyth Assistant Professor 


Ralph E. Hartzell Professor, School Head 

Walter Cerveny Instructor 

Hugh Glauser Assistant Professor 

Florence Sublette Professor 

Elfleda Littlejohn Associate Professor 

Caro Carapetyan Associate Professor 

Irene Drake Assistant Professor 

Alfred Zetzer Part-time Instructor 

Erwin Miersch Part-time Instructor 

Theodore Baar Part-time Instructor 

Roy D. Metcalf Professor 

Harold E. Miles Associate Professor 

Eleanor Pudil Instructor 

Arline Markussen Instructor 

Edmond Siennicki Part-time Instructor 

Erwin Hoefler Part-time Instructor 

Jack Booth Part-time Instructor 

Frank Sholle Part-time Instructor 

William J. Hebert Part-time Instructor 


E. Turner Stump Professor, School Head 

G. Harry Wright Professor 

James N. Holm Associate Professor 

Walton D. Clarke Assistant Professor 

Wesley W. Egan Instructor 

Robert L. Kent Assistant Professor 

Earle E. Curtis Assistant Professor 

Katherine M. Norton Instructor 

John R. Montgomery Associate Professor 

Majorie Gallant Instructor 

Rachael D. Davies Assistant Professor 

Eleanor L. Gray Assistant Professor 

E. Turner Stump 


John B. Nicholson 


i - f-3^.-, 

C. C. Kochenderler 



F. Dewey Amner Professor, Department Head 

Pauline Armijo Assistant Instructor 

Mary Wall DeVolld Instructor 

Walter L. Devolld Assistant Professor 

Jacques J. Engerrand Associate Professor 

Robert H. Esser Assistant Professor 

Jeanne (Verheyden) Gilbert Instructor 

Charles E. Kirk Assistant Professor 

Helen W. Machan Associate Professor 

William G. Meinke Professor 

Hazel M. Messimore Associate Professor 

Bernard S. Mikofsky Assistant Professor 

Alberto Pamies Assistant Professor 

John H. Parks Associate Professor 

Eunice E. Saxe Instructor 


Alice H. Haley Professor, Department Head 

Esther W. Gray Instructor 

F. Jane Guseman Assistant Professor 

Nona I. Jordan Assistant Professor 

Dr. Alice E. Ryder Associate Professor 

Genevieve Tischendort Instructor 

Ernestine E. Williams Assistant Professor 

Mabel Luedy Supervising Teacher 


John B. Nicholson Professor, Department Head 

Mary Amner Assistant Order Librarian 

Helen L. Blood Readers' Adviser 

Virginia Crowl Assistant Order Librarian 

Doris McNaughton Periodicals Librarian 

Irene Miller Circulation Assistant 

Leila Noble Junior Cataloger 

Helen Radock Reserve Librarian 

Isabel Dunbar Accessions Librarian 

Sonya Goldsmith Circulation Assistant 

Milfred J. Goudeau Assistant Librarian 

Dorothy Green Assistant Librarian 

Barbara MacCampbell Reference Assistant 

Barbara McGrew Girls' and Boys' Librarian 

Blanche Thurston Reference Assistant 

Mabel Thurston Catalog Librarian 

Genevieve Wheelock Circulation Librarian 

Frankie Zucchero Circulation Assistant 

Truth Courtney Secretary to Librarian 

Jane Weiss Order Assistant 


C. C. Kochenderfer Professor, Department Head 

Richard B. Christie Instructor 

Victor P. Gravereau Assistant Professor 

Clifford T. Hancock Instructor 

John L. Hazard Assistant Professor 

Raymond K. Moran Assistant Professor 

Paul Pfeiffer Assistant Professor 

Charles A. Taff . .Assistant Professor 

Merle E. Wagoner Associate Professor 

Winton C. Koch Graduate Assistant 

Thomas L. Shubert Graduate Assistant 




Chester E. Satterfield Professor, Department Head 

Florence G. Beall Professor 

Thomas Blair Assistant Professor 

Charlottee I. Davis Assistant Professor 

Arthur E. DuBois Associate Professor 

Sarah E. Dunning Assistant Professor 

Hilda Jane Ellis Instructor 

Jean N. Fries Instructor 

Leslie W. Garnett Professor 

Eric T. Griebling Associate Professor 

Regina E. Hanway Assistant Professor 

Laura E. Hill Assistant Professor 

Ruth Hoover Instructor 

Harlan M. Hungerford Associate Professor 

Edward H. Pake Assistant Professor 

Virginia C. Perryman Assistant Professor 

Kenneith R. Pringle Professor 

Margaret Stopher Instructor 

Roland L. Voth Instructor 

Nancy Willerton Instructor 

Weldon M. Williams Professor 


Elizabeth M. Lewis Associate Professor, Dept. Head 

Betty O. Crorey Temporary Instructor 

Marian J. Darst Instructor 

Marcelline Kerrigan Instructor 

Louise H. Wheeler Instructor 


George K. Schoepfle Professor, Department Head 

James W. McGrath Associate Professor 

Harold H. Loudin Assistant Professor 

Henry N. Esterly Temporary Assistant Professor 

Marian Walker Instructor 


Marion Van Campen Professor, Department Head 

Susanne M. Koehler Associate Professor 

Janet C. Rees Assistant Professor 

Evelyn K. Davidson Assistant Professor 

Chester E. Satterlield 

Elizabeth M. Lewis 


George K. Schoepfle 


Olive Woodmli 



Lloyd L. Lowenstein Professor, Department Head 

Arthur P. Boblett Instructor 

Emalou Brumfield Instructor 

Byron B. Dressier Assistant Professor 

Paul L. Evans Assistant Professor 

Frances Harshbarger Professor 

Samuel J. Jasper Assistant Professor 

Russell Y. Iwanchuk Assistant Professor 

Emerson D. Jenkins Associate Professor 

Marvin L. Johnson Assistant Professor 

John W. Kaiser Associate Professor 

William C. Lowry Instructor 

Emma J. Olson Associate Professor 

Frank R. Olson Instructor 

G. Emory Tarr Instructor 

Baily T. Wade Graduate Assistant 


Alfred W. Stewart Professor, Department Head 

George H. Cooke Assistant Professor 

Roy E. Wenger Associate Professor 

Alvin J. Miller Assistant Professor 

Gerald Read Assistant Professor 

Amos L. Heer Professor 

Lester H. Munzenmayer Professor 


Harry A. Cunningham Professor, Department Head 

Ralph W. Dexter Professor 

George R. Easterling Assistant Professor 

J. Arthur Herrick Associate Professor 

Peter Zucchero Associate Professor 

Dorcas J. Anderson Assistant Professor 

June Rawley Instructor 

Charles Riley Instructor 

Clinton H. Hobbs Assistant Professor 

Kenneth L. Kelley Professor 

Elizabeth W. Smith Assistant Professor 

Charles B. Sumner Associate Professor 

Henry Beck Instructor 


Olive Woodruff Professor, Department Head 

G. Hazel Swan Professor 




Frank E. Ballenger Professor, Department Head 

George J. Altmann Professor 

Marie H. Apple Associate Professor 

Joseph W. Begala Associate Professor 

Karl G. Chesnutt Instructor 

Arville O. DeWeese Professor 

Myrtle V. Dineen Associate Professor 

Florence Hellman Assistant Professor 

William Hoover Assistant Professor 

Elizabeth Leggett Associate Professor 

George M. Lynn Instructor 

David McDowell Instructor 

Eleanor M. Mellert Instructor 

Victor Moore Instructor 

Lurene Prouse Associate Professor 

Trevor Rees Associate Professor 

Mathew C. Resick Assistant Professor 

Beverly L. Seidel Assistant Professor 

Wesley Stevens Instructor 

Bertha E. Whitton Assistant Professor 


A. Sellew Roberts Professor, Department Head 

Maury D. Baker Associate Professor 

Sherman B. Barnes Associate Professor 

Gertrude Lawrence Professor 

Leon Marshall Professor 

John D. Popa Assistant Professor 

Philip R. Shriver Assistant Professor 

Alfred A. Skerpas Associate Professor 

William L. Wannemacher Professor 

Henry N. Whitney Assistant Professor 

Fred B. Bloomhardt Assistant Professor 


H. D. Byrne Professor, Department Head 

Earl W. Crecraft Professor 

Mona Fletcher Professor 

Oscar H. Ibele Assistant Professor 

Charles H. Knapp Visiting Professor 

Louis K. Harris Instructor 

Paul C. Kitchin Instructor 

Eugene A. Pyle Instructor 

James K. Olsen Instructor 


Maurice Baum Professor, Department Head 

Joseph Politella Associate Professor 

Henry Moulds Assistant Professor 

Maurice Baum 


James T. Laing 

Donald Anthony 



James T. Laing Professor, Department Head 

James E. Fleming Professor 

Lessie T. Fleming Instructor 

Kennett W. Yeager Instructor 

George Masterton Instructor 

J. Meade Letts Instructor 


Hersel W. Hudson Professor, Department Head 

Gladys Brewer Instructor 

John C. Brewer Assistant Professor 

George H. Cochran Associate Professor 

C. Stanley Corey Professor 

Harold M. Eswine Associate Professor 

Ralph S. Kaczor Instructor 

Earl J. Kelly Instructor 

Fred R. Kucera Instructor 

Harold F. Levinson Instructor 

Charles W. Omer Associate Professor 

Elmer L. Smith Assistant Professor 

Karl F. Treckel Assistant Professor 

William J. Weiskopf Instructor 


Raleigh M. Drake Professor, Department Head 

Raymond M. Clark Professor 

Edna R. Oswalt Professor 

Charles N. Winslow Professor 

Charles C. Perkins, Jr Associate Professor 

Dallas L. Downing Associate Professor 

Frederick E. Davidson Assistant Professor 

Charles L. Langsam Assistant Professor 

Mary Jane Rehder Instructor 

Idabelle K. Hoose Instructor 

Anthony Cacioppo Instructor 

Wilbur Thomas Instructor 

Cornell P. Monda Instructor 


Donald Anthony Professor, Department Head 

Eugene Bigler Assistant Professor 

Lawrence W. Dixon Associate Professor 

Ardin E. Hays Associate Professor 

Stanley C. Miller Assistant Professor 

William C. Darrah Assistant Professor 

Francis G. Mull Assistant Professor 

Henry Ford Instructor 




Hallock F. Raup Professor, Department Head 

Edna E. Eisen Associate Professor 

James R. Beck Professor 

Evelyn Weston Assistant Professor 

Ralph Frank Instructor 

Richard Merrell Temporary Instructor 

Carleton N. Savage Assistant Professor 

Henry Gray Instructor 


Dewey F. Barich Professor, Department Head 

George Bowers Assistant Professor 

Robert Gaede Instructor 

Charles B. Hurst Assistant Professor 

Martin O. Johnsen Assistant Professor 

Charles J. Kessler Assistant Professor 

Eugene Larson Assistant Professor 

Oliver C. Luey Associate Professor 

Frank A. Marschik Associate Professor 

Chester O. Mills Assistant Professor 

Joseph F. Morbito Associate Professor 

Tracy Nabers Assistant Professor 

Delmar Olson Professor 

Andrew Paton Associate Professor 

Jess Powers Assistant Professor 

Joseph A. Roenigk Assistant Professor 

Clyde E. Stiner Assistant Professor 

Elbert W. Tischendorf Professor 


Will S. Thompson Professor, Department Head 

George L. Bush Associate Professor 

J. Cleve Carroll Associate Professor 

Allan Dickie Associate Professor 

Jeanette Littlejohn Assistant Professor 

John R. Long Assistant Professor 

Gerald H. Chapman Professor 

Clarence L. Cook Associate Professor 

Maurice Palmer Professor 

Earl Shumaker Assistant Professor 


Herbert W. Wilber Professor, Department Head 

William F. Conway Professor 

Theodore H. Krum Associate Professor 

W. Harold Martin Associate Professor 

Donald D. Luck Assistant Professor 

Smith H. Line Instructor 

Charles J. Storkan Instructor 

Kenneth Adolph Instructor 

Charles Haag Instructor 

Herbert W. Wilb 




Rena E. Matson 

Rena E. Matson assumed her duties as Assistant 
Dean of Women in September of 1948. She came to Kent 
from Lewiston, Idaho, but her home is in Akron. One of 
her many jobs as Assistant Dean of Women is being in 
charge of all sorority rushing activities. 

Acting as advisor to the Booster Club may not fall 
in line with a military life, but it shows the varied interest 
held by Lieut. Col. Thomas Wall, commanding officer 
of the ROTC unit at the university. At present there are 
400 enrolled in the ROTC unit. 

Seeing to it that more than one thousand students 
are fed is the task of Ernestine Williams, Head Dietician. 
She not only has the girls in the dorm to feed twenty 
times a week, but also the men at Terrace Lodge. 
Ordering, preparing and serving meals for that number 
keeps her quite busy. 

Publishing the yellow-bound general catalog is one 
of the many tasks performed by Alfred A. Crowell. In 
addition to teaching courses in journalism, he publishes 
a three hundred page annual bulletin for the university 
and many leaflets for the individual departments. 

Trying to find jobs for the graduating seniors is start- 
ing to be quite a problem, but Dr. Lester Munzenmayer 
has helped many KSU graduates to good positions, and 
will continue to do so in the future. As director of the 
placement bureau he keeps a file on every graduate 
of the university, and helps them in obtaining a job. 

Finding rooms in the last couple of years has been 
quite a job, but Mrs. Rhema Fair, Director of Residences 
has handled the task without much difficulty consider- 
ing the shortage of rooms that exists around the 

Alfred A. Crowell 

Lester Munienmayer 

Rhema Fair 



Eldred Savires, Assistant Dean of Men, assumed 
the position in August of 1948. While serving in this 
position he is also working on his masters degree. It 
is his job to work with the men on the campus and help 
the Dean of Men with his work. 

As Director of Admissions, Richard Rotzell is respon- 
sible for admission of each new student to the univers- 
ity. This consists of evaluating credits from high school 
and other colleges as well as consulting with students 
as they advance from one division to another. 

Getting the university's name before the people is 
the job of Michael Radock and his public relations staff. 
With a staff of student assistants he sends news about 
students and the university to the publications in this 
area and over the entire country. 

Lawrence Wooddell, Superintendent of Maintenance, 
sees that supplies are brought from the warehouse, 
makes sure that all the rooms are kept clean, and issues 
permits to students who wish to stay in the building 
overtime. He is in charge of a crew of two hundred 

Acting as a link between the President and the 
students is Mrs. Alice Makinson, Secretary to the Presi- 
dent. With her help the President is able to conduct the 
business of running the university without being inter- 
rupted at all times during the day. 

Dr. Amos Heer, Director of Teacher Training, sees to 
it that a sound practical background is obtained for 
every student graduating from the College of Education. 
Through the system of practice teaching, young teachers 
gain some valuable experience while in school. 

Amofl Heei 

Alice Makinson 

Lawrence Wooddell 




The fall term started with a record enrollment of 
5,700 students enrolled on the campus. The total en- 
rollment for both the Kent and the Canton campuses 
was 6,500. 

The "Frosh" was greeted with the phrase "scrub 
that seal" and "dink" wherever he turned, and school 
spirit soared to a new high. 

The rigor of registration with its long lines and com- 
plicated forms was an old headache for the upper- 
classmen, but to the new students it was quite confusing 
along with taking placement tests and physical exam- 

Freshman week was more than just the arrangement 
of class schedules and examinations. The introduction 
to college life was highlighted by an informal reception 
at the President's home. 

For the upper classman it meant returning to the 
routine of classes, library work and exams. It also 
meant dances, parties and rushing for the Greeks. 

The month of October saw the Golden Flashes foot- 
ball team go undefeated in their first four games before 
being tied by Western Reserve. The Flashes dropped 
the next two games in a row before hitting the win 
column against Akron university and the University of 

A spirited pep rally was held before the Youngstown 
game at Prentice gate and a snake dance, led by the 
university band was staged through the downtown 
district. Following the game a dance was held at Wills 
gym, and the traditional paddle was given to Youngs- 
town college to be held by them again this year and 
for quite some time since we have dropped them from 
our football schedule. 

Plans were completed for the "better relations" dance 
with Akron university, and it looked like the trouble that 
perceded the game last year would be avoided in this 
year's game. 

LEFT: The longest line at registration. 

TOP RIGHT: She seems to have an armful of knowledge. 
LOWER RIGHT: Everybody dinks during Freshman week. 

LEFT: Bonnie Sue Rader seems to be a tough boss. 

TOP RIGHT: A group of boosters at the YoCo pep rally. 
BOTTOM RIGHT: A few of the ISA hay riders. 

Numerous organizations were planning parties and 
organizing events to keep the students on the campus 
over the week-ends. 

The ISA planned and held a successful hay ride that 
was well attended by all the independent students on 
the campus, and a clamor for more of the same was 
heard on the campus following the event. 

The Booster Club was making plans and holding 
spirited pep rallies before the important football games, 
and school spirit seemed to reach an all-time high 
during these rallies. 

The university band could be found in the afternoons 
on the practice football field going through their intricate 
maneuvers that showed up so well during the half-time 




Beta Gamma 


More than 8,000 people attended this year's Home- 
coming Day celebration, which made it the largest in 
the school's history. 

All the Greek houses were gaily decorated to wel- 
come back the alums, and after the judging was com- 
pleted, the Delta Gamma's and the Phi Beta Phi's 
emerged victorious. 

The Homecoming game did not turn out to our ad- 
vantage, the final score being 21-14, but the half-time 
show compensated for the loss of the game. Student 
Council president, Phil Dempsey crowned Marilyn 
Taylor queen and presented flowers to the gueen and 
her attendants, Lois Musick and Ruth Ann Gallagher. 

President George A. Bowman and President Frank J. 
Prout of Bowling Green gave brief speeches welcoming 
the alums of Kent State university back to school. 

The day ended with a dance held in Wills Gym- 
nasium in honor of the "old grads". Everybody left 
with fond hope of being able to return again next year 
for a bigger and better affair than the last one. 

The Delta Gam's 
winning decoration. 


The queen and her 

The Phi Beta Phi's 
winning decoration. 


■ m "<■) ' ■ ■ r ~ lll ^ "" » 

' MAST t h e FALCON! 

Strictly formal at 

Sadie Hawkins 


The Alma Mater. 

The queen and 
her court. 


Again this year as in years gone by the traditional 
competition among Greek organizations was temporar- 
ily put aside to make way for the display of social grace 
and latest in evening wear at a special formal dance. 

The dance was the annual All Greek formal, spon- 
sored by the Alpha Phi sorority to honor their new 
pledges. This year eighteen pledges were honored and 
given their official welcome at the "coming out party" 
held at East Market Gardens ballroom in Akron at the 
end of the Fall quarter. 

Eleanore Kolk, president of the Alpha Phi sorority, 
was in charge of the ball, one of the bright spots on 
the fraternity and sorority social calendar. 

Banners of each organization on campus decorated 
the spacious ballroom for the All Greek affair, and a 
high spot in the evening's entertainment was the "Song 
Intermission" when each group serenaded those in the 
audience with its fraternity song, with the Kappa Sigs 
and Beta Gams giving an impressive rendition of the 
"Battle Hymn of the Republic". 

Ed Karakul shows the Gamma 
volleyball trophy. 

Alpha Phi Serenade. 

Time out for the pause 

that refreshes. 


Informal qathering at 
All Greek dance. 

Girls serenade at the 
"Mint Prom." 

The Hon. Sumner Welles 
meets President Bowman. 

In the month of December an overflow crowd 
of students and faculty members filed in the 
auditorium to hear an address by the Honorable 
Sumner Welles. It was one of the largest 
crowds ever to witness an assembly in the 
history of the university. 

Also during the month of December, the girls 
at Moulton Hall put on their finest formals to 
enjoy their annual Christmas formal, the "Mint 
Prom", which was held in the Music Room in 
Moulton Hall. 

The week before Christmas vacation found 
the Greeks making the rounds of the sorority 
and fraternity houses and dorms singing Christ- 
mas carols. 




Delta Gamma 

Roger Howard presents the attendants with 


Martha Graham, who presented her show 
at the university. 

The annual Top Hop was held during the month of 
January with Miss Kent State being presented with a 
trophy during intermission. 

Miss Kent State for 1949 was Ruth Ann Gallagher, 
Delta Gamma, who was elected this honor by student 
vote. Miss Gallagher was elected from a field of three, 
the other two being Jean Milford, Alpha Phi, and Martha 
Lansinger, ISA. 

At intermission the queen was escorted to the throne 
by heads of all Greek organizations and the ISA. 
Attendants Jean Milford and Martha Lansinger walked 
beside Miss Gallagher during the royal procession. 

The name band for this year's dance was Shep 
Fields and his band. The dress for the dance was in- 
formal but numerous students wishing to keep the old 
tradition of formal wear at the Top Hop dressed for the 


Shep Fields explaining his music to a lew 
of the couples. 

A few oi the couples at the Top Hop. 

The DCs serenade their sister, the queen. 

Roger Howard presents the queen her gift. 

Jackie Duke and Jan Kemp lead the Alpha Phi chorus line in their 
winning skit. 

The Gamma Tau Delta's hillbilly band in full swing. 
A scene from the Delta Phi Sigma's skit. 


Students, faculty and townspeople jammed 
the auditorium again this year to witness the 
annual Pork Barrel presentation by groups on 
the campus. 

The planning and arranging for this annual 
show is done by Women's League and Men's 

This year as the year before, eliminations 
were held the night before the final show to 
eliminate those shows of lower calibre and to 
cut down the running time of the presentation. 

The winners in their respective divisions on 
the final night were Engleman hall, Industrial 
Arts club, Alpha Phi sorority and Gamma Tau 
Delta fraternity. 

The annual Masque Ball was held during the 
month of February. The dance was sponsored 
this year by Women's League, Men's Union 
and the Art Club. 

During the intermission of the dance, the 
Chestnut Burr Queen for 1949 was crowned and 
presented with a trophy from the staff and 
flowers from Men's Union. 

Miss Betty Jean Smeltzer, Kappa Kappa 
Gamma, was chosen queen by Mr. G. W. 
Churchill, foreign pictorial editor of Life maga- 
zine. Her court included Miss Betty Reddrop, 
Alpha Xi Delta, Miss Sally Koch, Alpha Xi 
Delta, and Miss Carol Volkman, Alpha Phi. 

There was no admission charge for the dance 
this year, but costumes were preferred. Many 
unique and original costumes could be seen at 
the gala affair. The gym for this dance was 
decorated the best that it has ever been deco- 
rated. The topic of conversation throughout the 
dance centered around the decorations, which 
were of a reincarnation theme carried out in 
abstract drawings. 

Germane Swanson presents the Burr queen her trophy. 


The winner at the annual Masque Ball. 


With the completion of the winter quarter came also 
the completion of the new medical center at the 

This was the first building completed of three that 
were started approximately at the same time. The 
other two, the student union and Stopher hall, men's 
dorm, will not be completed until sometime in the fall. 

The medical center will have all the facilities neces- 
sary to maintain the health of the students here at the 

In the "Duke of Kent" contest sponsored by the Chi 
Omega sorority, Fred Green of Phi Beta Phi emerged 
victorious. The profits from this contest were donated to 
the Stadium drive. It was the second year in a row that 
the winner was a member of Phi Beta Phi fraternity. 

Vic Moore's dream of a gym team and gym meet 
finally came true during March, when the Flashes were 
host to the gym team from the University of Michigan, 
and although they came out on the short end of the 
meet by two points they gave Michigan a good battle. 

Emil Berg and Dr. DeWeese check over the equipment for the 

Fred Green, winner of the Duke of Kent contest. 
Joe Kotys performs in the gym meet against Michigan. 


Students gather on the steps at the first sign of Spring. 

These veterans must be in a rut, they are still standing in lines. 

Bob Phillips gets some pointers from Mr. G. W. Churchill of Life 
magazine, also Burr queen judge. 



• ••!• 




























'East Side, West Side" sung by the Gammas in their winning skit. 

The prophecy of the Alpha Phi's about election came true. 


The finale of the Delta Gam's winning skit. 

The Pork Barrel for 1948 looked more like 
professionals at work on the stage instead of 
amateurs. Competition each year is becoming 
keener and this year was no exception. 

The dialogue was excellent, the costumes 
were unique and original, and the lighting and 
staging left nothing to the imagination. 

In the sorority division the Delta Gammas 
came through with flying colors to capture the 

In the fraternity division the Gamma Tau 
Delta fraternity presented a brief review of pre- 
vious events at KSU to win the award in their 
respective division. 

An overflow crowd witnessed the show and 
was pleased with every "skit" that was pre- 
sented during the evening. 


The annual Penny Carnival sponsored by 
Blue Key was held during April of '48 with all 
the proceeds going to the stadium drive. 

The gym on that evening looked like the mid- 
way at Ringling Bros, circus, with fraternities, 
sororities and organizations having stands 
around the entire gym. 

The Alpha Xi Delta sorority with their "House 
of Horrors" and "Leg Toss" collected the most 
money among the sororities. 

Delta Phi Sigma with their basketball shoot- 
ing stand took top honors among the fraternities. 
The idea of Penny Carnival originated dur- 
ing the war to collect money to send "Staters" 
to KSU men in the armed forces. Since then it 
has been carried on with the money going to 
any worthwhile cause. 

The Alpha Xi's house of horrors. 






















7^* ^ i 


h 9 












The Beta Gam's 
winning float. 


Starting with the traditional painting of the "K" by 
the DU's and the presentation of the "K" girl, Isla 
Schnauffer, Campus Day festivities got under way. 

Cardinal Key women led a solemn procession of 
queen contenders from the steps of Lowry to the lower 
campus, where Student Council president, Tom Davey, 
announced the May Queen, Daisy Taylor. 

Following crowning of the May Queen and the May- 
pole dance was the float parade. The parade this year 
was elaborate and showed much ingenuity on the part 
of the participants. The winning float in the fraternity 
division was the Kappa Sigma Chi's. They used the 
idea of world peace, with a large float of the world 
with Stalin and Uncle Sam on top. 

In the sorority division the Beta Gamma's copped 
top honors with a float of a dutch windmill, and a num- 
ber of girls walking beside the float dressed in dutch 

In the evening the students gathered on the lower 
campus to hear the songfest. Delta Upsilon won the 
fraternity division with their rendition of "Send Forth 
Thy Spirit" and Delta Gamma took first place in the 
sorority division singing "All The Things You Are". 

The winning 
Delta Gam's singing. 

The Alpha 
Phi float. 

The "World Peace" 
of Kappa Sig's. 

DU's singing 
'Send Forth Thy Spirit". 

Ruth Horably receives 
Beta Gam trophy. 



Alpha Phi 

Dwight Follin, DU 
oar6man, receives 
kisa and trophy from 
the queen. 


After months of study and hard work, the students 
and faculty spent a day of relaxation at Brady Lake 
to witness the eighth annual Rowboat Regatta. 

The day's activities began with a softball game 
between Delta Phi Sigma, the fraternity champs, and 
a faculty team led by Trevor Rees. After the smoke 
from the battle had cleared, the Delts were declared 
the winners by a 21 to 1 score. 

Following the softball game came the judging of the 
regatta queen, which was won by Carol Stofcho, who 
reigned over the day's activities. 

The Independent race was won by Bob Speno and 
John Grimaldi rowing for ISA, but only after they had 
nosed out the Friars club in a thrilling race. In the 
women's division, WAA copped first place with Bernice 
Looney and Jean Walcott at the helm. 

Delta Upsilon captured first place in the fraternity 
division and Jean Fulweber and Mary Beth Sherman 
rowing for Gamma Phi Beta won first place in the 
sorority race. 

In a special attraction, a faculty crew comprised of 
Prof. Will S. Thompson and Prof. Frederick E. Davidson 
nosed out the Stater crew, Phil Dempsey and Neil 

The faculty crew, 
Prof. Will S. Thomp- 
son and Prof. Fred- 
erick E. Davidson, 
before the race. 

Queen Carol pre- 
senting prexy Bob 
Wentz of the Delts 
the fraternity ath- 
letic trophy. 

Pass the bottle, 

Going into the 

Everybody wants 
in the act. 

We wonder if the conversation has anything to do with photography. 


John Stage obtains a few pointers from a professional. 


More than 300 professional photographers 
attended the 1948 Short Course in News Pho- 
tography. The course this year was concerned 
only with professional cameramen and their 

Professor James A. Fosdick was executive 
secretary for the seventh annual event. Joseph 
Costa of New York was director for the course. 
Many top photographers were present to give 
lectures, some of which included, George Yates, 
Ralph Wareham, Frank Scherschel, and Wil- 
liam Eckenberg. 



' • ' ' . ■■■! 

< if 


b £w L K*U*^W - V mIt* 

^m Jj^ :^f ft 

~ r - 

f "f . • ^ 3 

m&HUM ^ '"A^ '- : 



rt JB1HI 

< ,..-■'/ 




I J 


1 Wl SB 


r . 

, p 

'■ f ■/ 

fj ' w f 

^^'7^;/^ A ^ ^ - 

A portion of the crowd at graduation services. 

Pres. Bowman and Mr. Stopher present the degrees to the seniors. 
Making that final walk to the auditorium as students. 


Dr. Chapman, advisor to the senior class. 

After four years of studying, worrying and 
cramming, the goal of all college students was 
attained. It was a memorable day for approxi- 
mately 660 seniors, when the late Dr. E. C. 
Stopher handed them their degrees. 

The years between that first day of registra- 
tion during freshman week and the last time 
the graduate would walk in a solemn proces- 
sion from McGilvrey hall to the auditorium were 
filled with fond memories. Even though they 
had worked hard toward their goal and reached 
it, it would be rather hard to leave a place that 
had so many enjoyable moments. 



Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Alpha Xi Delta 

Miss Carol Volkman 

Alpha Phi 

Mr. G. W. Churchill 


Miss Betty Reddrop 

Alpha Xi Delta 


Scenes from William Shakespeare's immortal tragedy, "Romeo and Juliet' 


The past season of the University Theatre was per- 
haps the finest and most successful season in the 
Theatre's history. The five plays which were presented 
marked all-time highs in attendance records. 

Wes Egan, the technical director of the University 
Theatre, directed his first play at the University, "Village 
Green". The play starred Ed Shelton, an "old-timer", 
and Phyllis Phillips, a "new-comer". 

When the students returned in the fall, Professor 
E. Turner Stump directed the David Belasco production, 
"The Return of Peter Grimm". This play was well- 
received here at the university and was taken on the 
road to Central Michigan and Bowling Green. 

The highly successful production of Lillian Hellman's 
"Another Part of the Forest" was given and Professor 
Earle Curtis served notice of future hits to come when 
he turned in a brilliant job in the direction of this play. 

The hard-luck play, the annual freshman production, 
"Yes and No", was directed by Mrs. Katherine Norton. 
Postponement of the play was forced upon Mrs. Norton 
when just four hours before opening curtain one of the 
leads, Jackie Gelbman, was stricken with pneumonia 
The play was re-scheduled at the beginning of the 
winter quarter and was a successful production. 

Then came the theatre's annual classic production, 
William Shakespeare's immortal tragedy, "Romeo and 
Juliet". This play marked the return to the University 
Theatre of Professor G. Harry Wright after a successful 
season as director of the Kent State University Show- 
boat, on the river last summer. Mr. Wright turned in his 
usual fine job of direction. Many new innovations in 
the Shakespearian drama were tested successfully by 
Mr. Wright and Mr. Egan, technical director. This com- 
pleted a fine entertaining season by the UT. 


A scene from Lillian Hellman's production, "Another Part of the Forest". 


A scene from 
"The Return of Peter Grimm' 

A scene from 
"The Village Green". 


Wilbur Adams gives notice that the Showboat is coming. 

A scene from one of the presentations. 

It's coffee time aboard the "Majestic". 


SI w 


When the shriek of the calliope heralded the 
coming of the showboat on the Ohio and 
Kanawha rivers last summer, university stu- 
dents and their professors were aboard to revive 
the old-time entertainment. 

Bringing back a bit of yesteryear, the floating 
theater served as both an actors' laboratory and 
a fond memory of days gone by. The hiss for 
the villain and the cheer for the hero were inter- 
spaced between vaudeville acts on the three- 
month tour, sponsored by KSU. 

G. Harry Wright, professor of speech, char- 
tered the show boat "Majestic", the last of its 
kind to play along the rivers, after a visit to its 
captain, T. J. Reynolds. At that time he in- 
spected the "Majestic" and found it in excellent 
condition despite a war-enforced layoff. 

Members of the cast hang the sign on the "Majestic". 

Wilbur and Nick spend some time studying their lines. 

A little relaxation between shows. 

Wilbur does a little selling between acts. 


Success to Professor Wright's plan to bring 
back the showboat was aided by 14 of his stu- 
dent actors, dancers, musicians, and singers at 
the university and nine students from Hiram 
college taking summer courses at Kent, who 
also made the trip. 

It was conducted as a summer class with 
Prof. Robert I. Pearce, head of the Hiram speech 
department, who helped with the teaching and 
directing chores. The students slept, ate, and 
entertained on their buoyant classroom till 
Sept. 15. 

The idea Prof. Wright had in mind was to 
bring back some of the cultural heritage of 
America. Wright, at present, is considered the 
outstanding expert on show boats in the United 

The girls pack away their costumes. 





FIRST ROW: Owen McCafferty, Christine Vogt. 
SECOND ROW: Jean Milford, Peter Ulrich. 

Only a few of the dink hazed freshmen in the 
fall of 1945 scrubbed the university seal at 
Prentice Gate. The rest kept the Seal shining 
that year by stepping over it. 

For the next three years, they made others 
scrub to keep the Seal bright. Then, at the 
1949 June Commencement, they, much larger 
than last year's graduates, found the same 
university seal — still as bright as ever — im- 
pressed upon their degrees. 

Approximately six hundred seniors elected 
a co-ed council of four to conduct their class 
affairs. This council included Owen McCafferty, 
Pete Ulrich, Christine Vogt, and Jean Milford. 

Student Council chose Phil Dempsey as its 
president, and played the great game of cam- 
pus politics very progressively. Other seniors 
aiding Dempsey in Council included Roger 
Howard, Martha Lansinger, Wally Kotouch, 
Clarence Peoples, Curtis Sarff, and Phil Brustein. 

Dempsey also served as Managing Editor of 
the Kent Stater, and David Kaplan, another 
senior, held other campus posts such as Busi- 
ness Manager of the Chestnut Burr, vice-presi- 
dent of the ISA, Chief Justice of the Traffic 
Court, and editor and business manager of the 
1949 student directory. Now it is up to the class 
of '50 to handle the important posts on campus. 


Albu. Carl 

Canton, Ohio 

Anderson, Charles 

Hon, New York 

Anderson, Dave 

Granville, Ohio 

Anderson, lean 

Barberton, Ohio 

Anderson, John 

Springfield, N. J. 

Andrews, Jerome 

Clinton, Ohio 


Abbott, Betty Jane 

Sayerwood, Ohio 

Acierno, Rosemary 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Adams, Hobart 

Mansfield, Ohio 

Abbey, Bruce 

Canton, Ohio 

Arko, Robert 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Abrutz. Joseph 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Ackley, Donald 

Massillon, Ohio 

Allard, Clarence 

Warren, Ohio 

JB&to*. ^dfe&t <&ti8&k jjjil^ 

k *^ 


Arnold, Allan C. 

New York, New York 

Badia, Dominick 

Bellaire, Ohio 

Bammerlin, Charles 

Massillon, Ohio 

Armitage, Jeanne 

New Milford, Ohio 

Arnold, Richard 

Canton, Ohio 

Baily, Robert 

Stow, Ohio 

Scene from "Village Green". 



Bantum, Harry 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Barton. Bill 

Wadsworth, Ohio 

Batie. John 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Bandi, John M. 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Barry, Jack 

Windham, Ohio 

Bates. Joyce 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Beatty, Wayne E. 

Erie, Ohio 

Becherer, William B. 

Akron, Ohio 

Beazel. George W. 

Navarre, Ohio 

Beeman. Gerald 

Akron, Ohio 

Beckwith. Ray E. 

Akron, Ohio 

Beles, John 

Kent, Ohio 

Belden. Helen 

Windham, Ohio 

Bird, Garnett 

Bigley. William G. 

Benson. Norm F. 

Bellknapp William 

Cleveland, Ohio 

New Castle, Penna. 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

Canton, Ohio 

Bingham. Laura 

Bible. Maxwell L. 

Benfield. Bob D. 

Farmdale, Ohio 

Masury, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio 

Intermission at the Mint Prom. 



Black. Hilda 

Blackman. Irving 

Bloom, Gerald 

New Castle, Penna. 

Bergenfield, New Jersey 

Canton, Ohio 

Bishop. Helen 

Blackburn, Carl Blair, Clare A. 

Boukas, Kay 

Warren, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio Ravenna, Ohio 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Boone, Margaret 

Akron, Ohio 

Bourn, George 

Akron, Ohio 

Bowen, Albert 

fiagrin Falls, Ohio 

Boyle, Don E. 

Boyle, Glenn R. 

Kent, Ohio 

Boyle, Margaret M. 

Rittman, Ohio 

Brandy. John S. 

Brooks. Keith B. 

Brown, Edna 

Brown, Robert L. 

Akron, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio 

Cortland, Ohio 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Brock, Irene V. 

Broski, Bob H. 

Browning, Harley 

Boaz, Alabama 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio 

The beanie business is picking up. 



Brown, Vernon A. 

Brustein, Phil 

Bryan, Stanford 

Windham, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio 

Brown. Bob R. 

Brownsberger, Dick 

Brunnger, Marie 

Buckwald, Bill 

Erie, Ohio 

Canton, Ohio 

Canton, Ohio 

Springfield, New York 

Burke, Leonard C. 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Bumgartner, Louis 

Marion, Ohio 

Bury, Henry D. 

Kent, Ohio 

Burkhart, Harry L. 

Kent, Ohio 

Butcher, Jim 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohic 

Busson, Jim 

Doylestown, Ohio 

Caldwell, Barbara 

Cadwell, Tom 

Byrnes, Stephan J. 

Butler, Robert 

East Liverpool, Ohio 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Marion, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio 

Cahill, Joann 

Cacioppo, Dominic 

Byrd, Edward B. 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio 

Windham, Ohio 

Swinging out and stepping out. 



Caliguire, Joseph 

Callahan. Carol 

Cardwell. Harold 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Caldwell. Charlotte 

Caliguire. Pat 

Calvary, Frank 

Carney, Robert 

Clairsville, Ohio 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Warren, Ohio 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Caskey, William 

Akron, Ohio 

Cassidy, Don F. 

Windham, Ohio 

Ceglia, Pat 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Charnas, Steve 

Warren, Ohio 

Chase, Peter 

Canton, Ohio 

Cheetham, Wilfred 

Cleveland, Ohio 

C (^ 

Cheyney. Arnold 

Chisholm, Walter 

Christiansen, Eivind 

Clouse, Michael 

Canton, Ohio 

Cheyney, Jeanne 

North Canton, Ohio 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Christian, Robert 

Akron, Ohio 

Brevik, Norway 

Cibula, Betty 

Salem, Ohio 

Canton, Ohio 

Doctor Leggett, guardian of students' health. 



Cochran, Robert F. 

Cole, Richard 

Cone, Richard 

Marion, Ohio 

Windham, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio 

Cochran, Robert E. 

Cogan, Russ 

Colvin, Claude 

Cone, Vernon 

Akron, Ohio 

Lakemore, Ohio 

Canton, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio 

Constantine, Bess 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Conley, William 

Akron, Ohio 

Corkins, Edwin 

Lewiston, Pa. 

Cook, Josephine 

Kent, Ohio 

Covalt, Charles 

Kent, Ohio 

Cotton, Joseph 

Crumrine. William Crawford, Tom D. 

Crawford, Janet Coxe, Lloyd 

Mt. Vernon, Ohio Kent, Ohio 

Salem, Ohio Windham, Ohio 

Crosetto, Carl Crawford, Ruth Ann 

Crandall, Neil 

Youngstown, Ohio Kent, Ohio 

North Kingsville, Ohio 

New uniform of the day. 


Darko, Mike 

foungstown, Ohio 

Daum, Charles 

West Haven, Conn. 

Davis, Mitchell 

haron Hill, Penn. 

Deedman, Tom 

Kent, Ohio 

Del Val. Mike 

Rye, New York 

Dempsey, Phil 

Lakewood, Ohio 


Cheruco, Ida 

Couqhlin, Leonard 

D'Amico, Arnold 

Canton, Ohio 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Warren, Ohio 

Charnas. Gust 

Conley, William 

Czech, George 

Danlord, Robert 

Warren, Ohio 

Lorain, Ohio 

Streetsboro, Ohio 

a r> 

<<it l\ 

Dewey, Ned Dickerson, Abigail 

Di Lucca, Henry 

Dombroski, Gene 

Ashtabula, Ohio Cadiz, Ohio 

Wooster, Ohio 

Fair Oaks, Penn. 

Diaz, Felix 

Dilling, John 

Doland, Robert 

Jackson Hts., New York 

Lakewood, Ohio 

Brecksville, Ohio 

Tony collects money for the Stadium Drive. 



Downing, Warren 

Dudra, Sam 

Dunlap, Tom 

Akron, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio 

Steubenville, Ohio 

Douglass, Janet 

DuBar, Jules 

Dugan, Ralph 

Dzurec, Richard 

Lisbon, Ohio 

Canton, Ohio 

Canton, Ohio 

Lakewood Hts., Cleveland 

Fang Li, Hsiao Erwin, Archie 

Erlewine. Donald 

Engel, Ken 

Peiping, China Akron, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio 

Wooster, Ohio 

Engren. Marge 

Ervin. James 

Farmer, Mary 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

Kent, Ohio 

Gambier, Ohio 

KSU's Photography Studio. 


Early, Robert 

Elyria, Ohio 

Eadon, Dorothy 

Mentor, Ohio 

Ebel, George 

Canton, Ohio 

Earley, Vernon 

Peninsula, Ohio 

Elbon, Cecelia 

Toronto, Ohio 

Ellinwood, Sybil 

Akron, Ohio 

Ferguson, Ralph 

leveland Hts., Ohio 

Ferguson, Robert 

Columbiana, Ohio 

Fernandez, Harry 

Rome, Ohio 

Fiori, Maria 

Middletown, Ohio 

Flask, Majorie 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Flesher, Pat 

Kent, Ohio 


Farnsworth, Robert 

Faulk, Ralph 

Fedorka, Frank 

Twin Lakes, Ohio 

Toledo, Ohio 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Fannin, Richard 

Farrara, Francis 

Federico, Lou 

Ferguson, Donald 

Valley City, Ohio 

Rochelle, New York 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Kent, Ohio 

Florek, John 

Foglesong, Leonard 

Foley, Warren Foutts, Alton 

Akron, Ohio 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio East Liverpool, Ohio 

Fogarty, William Foldessy. Russell 

Ford, Earl, Jr. 

East Cleveland, Ohio Hudson, Ohio 

Windham, Ohio 

Getting ready for opening night. 



Foy. Neil 

Francy, Rodger 

Freeman, John 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Wooster, Ohio 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Fox, Gerald 

Francis, Frank 

Frase. Kathryn 

Frehs. Adolf 

Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Barberton, Ohio 

Girard, Ohio 

Fulweber. Jeanne 

Ravenna, Ohio 

French, Robert 

Tuscarawas, Ohio 

Furst. William 

Mount Lebanon, Penn. 

Furbish, Gerald 

Sheldonville, Mass. 

Gardner, William 

Kent, Ohio 

Galloway, Morris 

Pearsall, Texas 

Geisinger, Robert Gazdik, John 

Gauger, Evan 

Garfield, Frank 

Ashland, Ohio Struthers, Ohio 

Kent, Ohio 

Canton, Ohio 

Gedeon, Lester Gaug, Frances 

Garner, Virgil 

Parma, Ohio Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

East Sparta, Ohio 

The library's microcard reader. 



George, Clayton 

East Cleveland, Ohic 

Gieller. Lloyd 

Alliance, Ohio 

Giannamore, Raymond 

Mingo Jet., Ohio 

Gelczer, Robert 

Canton, Ohio 

Gesing, Edgar 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Gieller. Mary Lou 

Alliance, Ohio 

Gibbons. George 

Girard, Ohio 

Gibson, Warren 

yahoga Falls, Ohio 

Giiiord, George 

Strongsville, Ohio 

Giiford, Ruth 

Gilbert, Myron 

Far Rockaway, New York 

Gilbert. George 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Gilcrest, Virginia 

Hartville, Ohio 

Gillman, William 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Girgash, William 

Ambridge, Penn. 

Gleditsch. George 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Goer, Marvin 

Brooklyn, New York 

Ginter. Rhoda 

New Haven, Conn. 

Glauser, Kirkwood 

New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Goddard, Madelyn 

Mentor, Ohio 

The University's wire recorder. 



Gordon, Wesley 

Gray, Russell 

Graham, Philip 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Byesville, Ohio 

Tallmadge, Ohio 

Goodwin, Robert 

Graiiuis, Lloyd 

Graham, Jeanette 

Gray, James 

Gloucester, N. J. 

Akron, Ohio 

Tallmadge, Ohio 

Kent, Ohio 

Greenberg, Robert 

Elmhurst, New York 

Greaves, Earl 

Bedford, Ohio 

Grimaldi, John 

Rye, New York 

Greenwald, Harold 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Gross, William 

Akron, Ohio 

Groit. George 

Steubenville, Ohio 

Halterman, Kenneth 

Hahn, Irving 

Hadiield, Marilyn 

Grzincic, Rosemary 

Akron, Ohio 

Brooklyn, New York 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Hall, Porter 

Hadley. John 

Haag, Charles 

Kent, Ohio 

Niles, Ohio 

Kent, Ohio 

Biology students check a cat. 



Hammitt, Charles 

Harrington, Patricia Ann 

Harris, Russell 

Akron, Ohio 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Lakemore, Ohio 

Hammer, Paul 

Harkins, James Harris, George 

Hart, Agnes 

Fostoria, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio Kent, Ohio 

Kent, Ohio 

Hart, Robert 

Lakewood, Ohio 

Hartman, Fred 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Hausch, Dorothy 

Barberton, Ohio 

Hawk, Jean 

Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Hayes, Richard 

Warren, Ohio 

Helman, Dorothea 

Stow, Ohio 

Herdiik, Joseph 

Franklin, Penn. 

Hess, Pat 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Hinkle. Vernon 

Akron, Ohio 

Hirzel, Edgar 

FJyria, Ohio 

Hersog, Francis 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

HeupeL Marie 

Lakemore, Ohio 

Hirka, June 

Lorain, Ohio 

Making preparations for the Messiah. 



Hoagland, Ruth 

Hollingsworth, George 

Hopkins, Charles 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Haddenfield, N. J. 

Stow, Ohio 

issem, Margaret 

Hoffman, William Hooper, Robert 

Home, Elizabeth 

Toronto, Ohio 

Massillon, Ohio Canton, Ohio 

Kent, Ohio 

Howdyshell, Alvin 

Akron, Ohio 

Hosfield, Kathryn 

Wooster, Ohio 

Hudec, Lois 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Howes. Hubert 

Trafford, Penn. 

Hunnell, Charles 

Akron, Ohio 

Hudec, Vincent 

Canton, Ohio 

Irons, Ann 

Ignaut, Raymond 

Hylton, Ralph 

Huprich, David 

North Olmsted, Ohio 

Bedford, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio 

Inscho, Ray 

Hyman, Lucille 

Hutton, Carl 

Geneva, Ohio 

Canton, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio 

The mimeograph machine at the University. 



Jackson, Mary 

Akron, Ohio 

Istnick. Edward 

East Palestine, Ohio 

Jakmides. Tom 

Canton, Ohio 

Jacobs. Ronald 

Canton, Ohio 

Jarman. Harold 

Warren, Ohio 

Jarvis, Leonard 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Jenkins. Everett 

Akron, Ohio 

Jenkins, Marylyn 

Windham, Ohio 

Jevnikar, Janette 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Jevnikar, Warren 

Ravenna, Ohio 

John, George 

Niles, Ohio 

Johnson, Harry 

Medina, Ohio 

Johnson, Richard 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Johnson, Russell 

Akron, Ohio 

Johnson, Mary Lou 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Jones, Alice 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Jones, Louise 

Orrville, Ohio 

Johnson, Sarah 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Jonaites, Eleanor 

Chicago, 111. 

Jones, Elizabeth 

Kanoula, W. Va. 

Norm Bertellotti giving cm oration. 



Jordan. Carl 

Ashland, Ohio 

Jungquist, George 

Greenhurst, New York 

Kaiser. Bonnie 

Niles, Ohio 

Jones. Walter 

Kent, Ohio 

Juhn, Martin 

Salem, Ohio 

Just. Wilford 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Kalangian. John 

Kampfer, Vernon 

Sebring, Ohio 

Kalo, John 
Lorain, Ohio 

Kaplan, David 

Brooklyn, New York 

Kana, Audrey 

Akron, Ohio 

Karaifa, Edgar 

Revenna, Ohio 

Knopp, Dorothy 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Kendrick. Leslie 

KeU. Richard 

Katin, Thomas 

Kase, Don 

Canton, Ohio 

Canton, Ohio 

Windham, Ohio 

Kellar, Karl 

Keefer. Carl 

Kase, Frank 

South Euclid, Ohio 

Mansfield, Ohio 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Librarian, Sonya Goldsmith, checks out a book. 


[issack, Edward 

ahoga Falls, Ohio 

Klein, Carol 

Niles, Ohio 

Klein. William 

Windham, Ohio 

Knapp, Joseph 

Lorain, Ohio 

blight. William 

Dungstown, Ohio 

Knopf. Ronald 

East Cleveland, Ohio 


Kennington, Charles 

Khoenle, Virginia 

King. Marian 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Warren, Ohio 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Kennell, Mary 

Kerkoif. Dawn 

Kidd. Robert 

Kirkpatrick, Donald 

Lockwood, Ohio 

Bera, Ohio 

Niles, Ohio 

Canton, Ohio 

Koch. Winton 

Kohl. Jack 

Kolk, Eleanor 

Kotouch. Wallace 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Cleveland, Ohio 

West Newton, Penn 

Koenig. Albert 

Kokoszka, Florian 

Kot. Leo 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Ambridge, Penn. 

Yorkville, Ohio 

Girls line up for the May Queen crowning. 



Kras. Jennie 

Krent, Eugene 

Labyk, Tary 

Niles, Ohio 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Lakewood, Ohio 

Kovalty. Mania 

Krause, Verna Dean 

Kuhner. Lee 

Lanzdorf. Henry 

Damascus, Syria 

Brunswick, Ohio 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Windham, Ohio 

Lockert. Vernon 

Little. Tom 

Lingruen, Russell 

Le Vine, Sanford 

Peninsula, Ohio 

Windham, Ohio 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Forest Hills, New York 

Livezey, Donald 

Linsmaier, Emil 

Lewis, James 

Akron, Ohio 

Alliance, Ohio 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Larimore, Keith 

Akron, Ohio 

Lapunka. John 

Lorain, Ohio 

Larson, Ralph 

Akron, Ohio 





Lemley. Evan 

Windham, Ohio 





One of the many convertibles on the campus. 



Logan. Calvin 

Lakewood, Ohio 

Lohman. Richard 

North Royalton, Ohio 

Loney, Jack 

Mt. Vernon, Ohio 

Lodge, Price 

Rockville Centre, New York 

Logan, Thomas 

Windham, Ohio 

London, Robert 

Flushing, New York 

Lux. Charles 

Kent, Ohio 

Lower, Michael 

Toronto, Ohio 

Lynch. Edward 

Akron, Ohio 

Lyons. Richard 

New York, N. Y. 

Lytle. Preston 

Trafford, Penn. 

McAllister, Charles 

Norwalk, Ohio 

McCaiierty, Owen 

Cleveland, Ohio 

McCarraher, Dewey 

Shaker Hts., Ohio 

McFarland, Glenn 

Oakdale, Penn. 

Mack, Richard 

Akron, Ohio 

Marshall, Joyce 

Kent, Ohio 

McDermott, Joan 

Lorain, Ohio 

Mcllvaine, Lloyd 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Manning, Neal 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Dean Manchester and Mr. Wooddell check the World War I Flag. 



Martini, Mario 

Mathias, Eugene 

Mayer. Edward 

Kent, Ohio 

Kent, Ohio 

Kent, Ohio 

Martinelli, Gino Joe 

Marty, Robert 

Matthews, Erwin 

Mazzeo. Victor 

New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Salem, Ohio 

Orange, Va. 

Stow, Ohio 

Merlon, Doris 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Merendo. Anthony 

Aliquippa, Penn. 

Miller, John 

Kent, Ohio 

Milador, Patrick 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Mittiga, Joe 

Kent, Ohio 

Misko, Mary 

Yorkville, Ohio 

Mylins, Ralph 

Windham, Ohio 

Morris, Joseph 

Akron, Ohio 

Morris Fay 

Akron, Ohio 

Mittiga, Tony 

Kent, Ohio 

Muldoon, Eugene 

Detroit, Mich. 

Morris, Rosemary 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Moodie. Robert 

Kent, Ohio 

The May Queen and her court. 



Miller. Ted 

Moss. Gertrude 

Kent, Ohio 

Melick. Jean 

Lakewood, Ohio 

Miller, Jean 

Moran. Donald 

Murray, Raymond 

Moore. Jack 

Chicago, 111. 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio 

Nan, Rudolph 

Aliquippa, Penn. 

Nash, Sherman 

Niles, Ohio 

Nelson, Neal 

Kent, Ohio 

Newhart, Phillip 

Windham, Ohio 

Nielson, Kenneth 

leveland Hts., Ohio 

O'Day, Raymond 

Hempstead, New York 

Ossman, Ruth 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

Overholt, Jerry 

Milford, Mich. 

Oyler, George 

Akron, Ohio 

Pakish, Edwin 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Ott, Clarence 

Windber, Penn. 

Ovington, John 

Weirton, W. Va. 

Palmer, Glen 

Uniontown, Ohio 

Mr. Carapetycm leads the choir in practice. 



Partridge. Laverne 

Pelley, Harry 

Peoples, Leroy 

Rocky River, Ohio 

East Liverpool, Ohio 

Kent, Ohio 

Parish, Gordon 

Paskert, Richard 

Pelley, Colleen 

Peoples, Clarence 

Houston, Texas 

Windham, Ohio 

Windham, Ohio 

Kent, Ohio 

Permar, Paul 

Canton, Ohio 

Perez, Clarisa 

Canton, Ohio 

Petty, Charles 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohic 

Peterson, John 

Kent, Ohio 

Pletcher, William F. 

Tallmadge, Ohio 

Phillips. Rudolph 

Newton Falls, Ohio 

Raber, Charles 

Aurora, Ohio 

Powers, James 

Falls River, Mass. 

Portman, Irving C. 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Polichene, Frank 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Proper, Robert 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Powell, Charles 

Windham, Ohio 

Port, Ernest 

Kent, Ohio 

A class in ceramics. 


Rader. Robert 

Ramos. Manuel 

Massillon, Ohio 

New York, N. Y 

Raybould, Gwendolyn 

flairigh. Robert 

Akron, Ohio 

Canton, Ohio 

Ramsey. William 

Kent, Ohio 

Ramsey. Charlotte 

Kent, Ohio 

Ranize. Eugene 

Akron, Ohio 

Reeves. John 

Massillon, Ohio 

Renwand. Donald 

Sandusky, Ohio 

Reto, Anthony 

Canton, Ohio 

Renaud. Raymond 

Cochranton, Penn. 

eichard, William 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Richardson, Willis 

Painesville, Ohio 

Richardson, William 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Rigby. Gerry 

East Liverpool, Ohio 

Riggle, Richard 

Zanesville, Ohio 

Richmond, Jess 

Newcomerstown, Ohio 

Rexroad. Delbert 

Akron, Ohio 

Rigel, Everett 

Quaker City, Ohio 

Riegler. Fred 

Kent, Ohio 

Learning the finer points about irons in Home Ec. 



Rine, Eugene 

Ritch, Bette 

Roberts, Mary Alice 

Akron, Ohio 

Everett, Ohio 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Rickelman, Bernard 

Rinier. James 

Roberto, Muzio 

Robison, Ward 

Bedford, Ohio 

Hiram, Ohio 

New Milford, Ohio 

Wooster, Ohio 

Sackris, Gordon Rumberger, Robert 

Rowlen, Betty 

Rothermel, Dorothy 

famestown, N. Y. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Kent, Ohio 

Atwater, Ohio 

Ryder. Ethelyn S. Rufner. Robert 

Roush, Eleanor 

Holyoke, Mass. Warren, Ohio 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 





Rodeman, John 





Twinsburg, Ohio 










, Richard 



Instruction in care and cleanliness of babies. 



Spillman, Phyllis 

Bowerston, Ohio 

Saltsman, Thomas 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Sanders, Warren 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Salerni, Julio 

Bolivar, Penn. 

Salpeter, Robert 

Akron, Ohio 

Saltsman, William 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Sandor, Louis 

Masury, Ohio 

Santa, Laverne 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Saracson, Steve 

Lyndhurst, Ohio 









Savako, Roman 

Kent, Ohio 

Sawyer Margaret 

Kent, Ohio 

Schaefer, William 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Schlosser, Edward 

Salem, Ohio 

Schneider, Murray 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Schramm, Dorothy 

Akron, Ohio 

Schenk, William 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Schmiedl, Eugene 

Avon Lake, Ohio 

Schoonover, Harold 

Akron, Ohio 

Prof. E. Turner Stump and colleagues discussing speech defects. 



Scott, Robert 

Massillon, Ohio 

Searles. Bert 

Jefferson, Ohio 

Scmple. Murray 

Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Schumanw, Jack 

Kent, Ohio 

Scourcos, Angeline 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Seccombe. lames 

Canton, Ohio 

Serbanta. Alex 

Kent, Ohio 

Sewell Charles 

Windham, Ohio 

Severns, Howard 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Shaw Margaret 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Shaw. Elbert 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Sheer, Roger 

Windham, Ohio 

Sheddon. Robert 

Forest Hills, N. Y. 

Sigel. William 

Shubert, Tom 

Shimrock, John Sheppa, Alex 

Akron, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio 

Euclid, Ohio Youngstown, Ohio 

Sigel, Charlene 

Shindledecker, Carol 

Sherrets, Gloria 

Akron, Ohio 

Lakewood, Ohio 

New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Wes Egan and part of his stage crew. 



Sikora. Virginia 

Simmons. Pat 

Singhaus, Robert 

Mansfield, Ohio 

Barberton, Ohio 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Sikora. Edward 

Simitocolous, George 

Simons. Arthur 

Skoules, Angelo 

Barton, Ohio 

Canton, Ohio 

Kent, Ohio 

Cleveland, Ohio 

meltzer. Betty Jean 

Akron, Ohio 

Smith. Harold 

Akron, Ohio 

Smith. Leonard 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Smith. Mary Lou 

Akron, Ohio 

Snow, Worden 

leveland Hts., Ohio 

Snyder, Gene 

Barberton, Ohio 

Snyder, Harry 

Akron, Ohio 

Snyder, Harvey 

Akron, Ohio 

Soinski, Edward 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ray Moran, athletic faculty manager, and his staff. 





Stage, John 

Stein, John 



Warwick, N. Y. 

Hiram, Ohio 

Sprang, David 

Snyder, Paul 

SteHy. Robert 

Steve, Elizabeth 

illersburg, Ohio 

Paris, Ohio 

Hartville, Ohio 

Sebring, Ohio 

Stofsick, Stephen 

Akron, Ohio 

Stewart. Elizabeth 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Stover, Richard 

North Canton, Ohio 

Stonestreet, Jean 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Studer, Walter 

Navarre , Ohio 

Strauss, Bonnie 

Garretsville, Ohio 

Tedrick, Jean Swigart, Nancy 

Swanson. Charles Sullivan, James 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Russell, Penn. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Taylor, William Swartz, Donald 

Summergrad, Stanley 

Akron, Ohio Mogadore, Ohio 

Bronx, New York 

The stage crew working on the "Romeo and Juliet" set. 



Thanso. Pete 

Thayer. Robert 

Thomas, Dorothy Knopp 

Canton, Ohio 

Massillon, Ohio 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Terango, Larry 

Thard, Paul 

Theiss. William Thomas, Henry 

Nutter Fort, W. Va. 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Columbiana, Ohio Fancy Farm, Ky 

Thomas. James 

Canfield, Ohio 

Thomas, Wayne 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Thomas, William 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Thornbladh, Robert 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Thwing, Lucy 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Todeff. William 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Tamashira, Yoshino 

Hilo, Hawaii 

Trimeloni, Blanch 

Central City, Penn 

Torok, Charles 

South Bend, Ind 

Trimble, Kirk 

Kansas City, Kan. 

Students studying the Link Trainer. 



Ulrich. Peter 

Vogt. Christine 

Vogel, Frank 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Bay Village, Ohio 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Umbenhour, William 

Ulrey, Olin 

Vogenitz. Richard Vodenichar, John 

Canton, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio Sharon, Penn. 

a* A* sm. 

G O P 

Warner, Thomas Warman, Donald 

Waldman, John 

Waidelich. William 

Akron, Ohio East Cleveland, Ohio 

Canton, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio 

Warner, Arthur Walker, Charles 

Wainwright, Irving 

Barberton, Ohio Hartville, Ohio 

Elyria, Ohio 

Vaughan, Richard 


, Ohio 



Harrison, N. Y. 

Wagner, Charles 



Vandever, John 











Roy Eldridge, one of the stars of the Kappa Sig's Jazz concert. 


West. Harry 

Columbus, Ohio 

West Jessie 

Tampa, Fla. 

Wilkins. James 

fewton Falls, Ohio 

Williams. William 

Windham, Ohio 

Wilson. Betty 

Warren, Ohio 

Wise, Janet 

Kent, Ohio 


Weber. Charles 

Kent, Ohio 

Weimheimer, Robert 

Marietta, Ohio 

Waterman. Dorothy 

Frankfort, N. Y. 

Abraham, Richard 

New London, Ohio 

Young, Eileen 

Massillon, Ohio 

Zike, Eleanor C. 

Canton, Ohio 


Appleby, Joseph 

Baker, Ruth 

Bartchy, Richard 

Akron, Ohio 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Wooster, Ohio 

Alexander. Janice 

Avril. Lawrence Barrett, Martin 

Beachy, Robert 

Elyria, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio Springfield, Vt. 

Orrville, Ohio 

Burton, Donald 

Akron, Ohio 

Buckley, Robert 

Trenton, N. J. 

Cunningham, Jame: 

Washington, Penn.. 

Clark, Robert 

Kent, Ohio 

Hendrickson, Linwot 

Akron, Ohio 

Hemphill, Owen 

Canton, Ohio 

Hunter, Thomas 

Mac Donald, Douglas 

Naftzger, Claire 

Shirley, Charles 

Spring Valley, Ohio 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Medina, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio 

Hyatt, Eugene 

Morrison, Loe 

Perlitz, Joseph 

Canton, Ohio 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Youngstown, Ohio 



Activities of the Junior class were well under way 
following the fall quarter election of officers. Pres. Bill 
Jones took over his duties in December along with 
George Rybak, vice president, Gretchen Rader, treas- 
urer, and Jacqueline Duke, secretary. 

Plans were immediately set forth to sponsor the 
election of the most popular university man and woman. 
They were introduced at the annual 'Popularity Ball'. 

The second big task which is undertaken yearly by 
the junior class is the preparation for the junior-senior 
prom. An affair which is always number one social 
event of the year lived up to its expectations and was 
an immense success in 1949. 

Outstanding juniors in university activities were 
numerous and to name them all would take pages. 

Marilyn Taylor was elected by student vote to reign 
as queen at Homecoming which was a huge success 
despite the loss to Bowling Green on the football field. 
Ruth Ann Gallagher became the "Miss Kent State" of 
1949 in a close election. 

In the University Theatre production of "Peter 
Grimm" junior Ed. Shelton very ably portrayed Peter. 
In sports the junior class's outstanding donations were 
Wib Little in football and Dale Haverstock and Leroy 
Thompson on the basketball floor. 

Another year finished, the junior class now is 
looking forward to its last year at the university with 
as much enthusiasm as it showed upon entering the 
junior standing. 

Jackie Duke, George Rybak, Gretchen Rader, Bill Jones. 


FIRST ROW: Betty Jenkins, Lee McMillen. Deone FIRST ROW: Keith Gainey, John Kramer, Dorothy 

Ritter. Bolton. 

SECOND ROW: Robert Williams, David P. Anderson. SECOND ROW: Ralph Stork, Don Kagey. 

FIRST ROW: Charmaine Morgan, Wade Lessig, FIRST ROW: Dick Spilker, Jim Banks, Glenn Stockhaus. 

Edward Ruch. SECOND ROW: Ray Hickerson, Bob Flocker. 

SECOND ROW: Patrick Murphy, Jim Collins. 

FIRST ROW: Gretchen Rader, BUI Kal 


SECOND ROW: Bill Criswell, Tom Ritter. 

FIRST ROW: Pat Fowler, Ray Bickler, Betty Roessel. 
SECOND ROW: Chuck Cook. Bob Diednek. 

FIRST ROW: Caroline Bean, John Claggett, Walter FIRST ROW: John Ameling, Ernie Maur, Oswald 

Miller. Hartstock. 

SECOND ROW: William Baker, James Gillialand. SECOND ROW: Norman Rael. Ed Halas. 

FIRST ROW: George Borovicka, Bill Weir, John FIRST ROW: Weltha James, Shirley Marks, Marilyn 

Wilhelm. Jones. 

SECOND ROW: Marty Pfinsgraff, Sidney Fox, SECOND ROW: Frank Abbott, Frank Mikolich. 


FIRST ROW: Jennie Lou Keith, Bill Foulke, Elaine 


SECOND ROW: Ben Appel, Wayne Rush. 

FIRST ROW: Irv Wheatly, Elmer Pierce, Bev Stafford. 
SECOND ROW: Tom Spencer, Roy Longbottom. 

FIRST ROW: Mary Popovich, Jim Root, Joan Schilling. 
SECOND ROW: Jack Zoellner, George Ertler. 

FIRST ROW: James North, Patt Bowden, Catherine 


SECOND ROW: Richard Schlup, Richard McGeary. 



FIRST ROW: Elsie Jakubjansky, Phil Bjorson, Gordon FIRST ROW: George Case Robert Edixon, Ann 

Rice. Esh'ler. 

SECOND ROW: Don Fernandez, Robert Wissler. SECOND ROW: William Squires, Victor Naples. 

FIRST ROW: Jeanette Waltz, Cornelius Smolen, 

Charles Bodnar. 

SECOND ROW: Bob Case, Richard Jamison, Jr. 

FIRST ROW: Phyllis Miday, Ralph Strong, Jo 


SECOND ROW: Berwyn Guther, Floyd Watts. 

FIRST ROW: Janic. 


SECOND ROW: Bob Reese, Vincent Bologna 



FIRST ROW: Arlyn Hettinger. Fran Rigel. Vema FIRST ROW: Herman Banner. Dwight Strayer, Evelyn 

Bammerlin. Miller. 

SECOND ROW: George Hettinger, Harry Hanson. SECOND ROW: Rudie Rozano. Charles Vainer. 

FIRST ROW: Peg Kelsey, George Stein. William FIRST ROW: George Hoy, Arnold Whitten, Marilyn 

Dugan. Elizabeth Midler. 

SECOND ROW: John McMillen, Bob Horn. SECOND ROW: John Redmond, Joseph Wagner. 

FIRST ROW: James Bird. Edward Hanna, John Nolan. 
SECOND ROW: Lester Irwin, Eugene Grimm. 

FIRST ROW: Harry Higgins, Charles Nairn. Margaret 

Prentiss." ' 

SECOND ROW: Robert A. Lewis, Hank Newell. 



FIRST ROW: Ruth Khoenie, Harold Howell. Frank FIRST ROW: Joe Friedman. Ralph Cicinella. Naomi 

Belgan. Ovington. 

SECOND ROW: Santo Regalbuto, Allan Benson. . SECOND ROW: Tracy de Forest, Jim Luli. 

FIRST ROW: Jane Maybee, Chester Casagrande, Rucy FIRST ROW: Ronald Walsh, Andy Wilson, Marian 

Vannucci. Cleaton. 

SECOND ROW: Adam Rogalsky, Ross Whitemyer. SECOND ROW: Manuel Barreiro, Dick Knab. 

FIRST ROW: Dorothy Romanovich, Gerry Neikard, 

Larry Stith. 

SECOND ROW: Allan Larson, Jim Boettler. 

FIRST ROW: Mary Immler, Kathleen Cvengros, Harry 


SECOND ROW: Mike Ancik, Judy Douglas. 



FIRST ROW: Mary Jane Burton. Rosalia Fiorl, Bill 


SECOND ROW: Edward Rongone, Fred Talerico. 

FIRST ROW: Phyllis Province. Pat Sellais. Jean 


SECOND ROW: Howard Beilhart, Mary Baldridge. 

FIRST ROW: Steve Chaly. Jr.. Robert Longfellow. 

Arthur Koschny. 

SECOND ROW: William Fullerton, Charles Briggs, Jr. 

FIRST ROW: Charles Heflin, James Langan, Charles 


SECOND ROW: Winfield Clafterbuck, George W. 


FIRST ROW: Jan Galloway. Bee Jay Barllow, Mary 


SECOND ROW: Bob Fuehrer. Jean Kudrna. 

FIRST ROW: Judy Evans, George Baldridge, Bill H. 


SECOND ROW: Folden Stumpf, Don Naugle. 



FIRST ROW: Renie Brodbeck. Robert Welch. Jackie FIRST ROW: Del Kne. Don Kramer. Maxine Schoon- 

Duke. over. 

SECOND ROW: Salvatore Catti. SECOND ROW: George Pavlakovich, George Diniaco. 


l uMM 

FIRST ROW: Theodore Humbert. Rudolph 

James Bippus. 

SECOND ROW: William Fishel, Bob Gregory. 

FIRST ROW: Robert Doak, Jim Brown, Ed Lavery. 
SECOND ROW: William T. Heintz, Joseph S. Miller. 

FIRST ROW: Ken Jung. Pat Wiley, Tom Martin. FIRST ROW: David Hogg, James Wahl, Don Austin. 

SECOND ROW: Dean Becker, John Hadjian. SECOND ROW: Don Caiazza, Albert Sandorf. 



FIRST ROW: George Stephens. Lowell Wheeland, Bob 


SECOND ROW: Dick Kelly, Gordon Kellogg. 

FIRST ROW: Harold Ashton, Julius Kiss. Emil Masarik. 
SECOND ROW: Arthur Ziegler. William A. Ziegler. 

FIRST ROW: John Musyt, Ralph Livezey, Leona Lewi 
SECOND ROW: Frank Canavan. Fred McConnell. 

FIRST ROW: Edna Morehouse. Jean Griff 

William Brown. 

SECOND ROW: Jim Woodward, Gene Clair. 

#^ ^^ 

FIRST ROW: William Myers, William Curry, Mike 


SECOND ROW: Don Neville, David Nusbaum. 

FIRST ROW: Paul Yeager, Joseph Zsiga, William 


SECOND ROW: Ross Princiotto, Don Chionchio. 



FIRST ROW: Dottie Funk. Carol Domley. Joyce 


SECOND ROW: Llewellyn Knight, Forrest McCullough. 

FIRST ROW: Cecil Laraway. William Love. Ray 


SECOND ROW: Don E. White, Joe Pisani. 

FIRST ROW: Fendell Johnson. Roosevelt Buzz. 

Joseph Calvaruso. 

SECOND ROW: Nicholas Pisanelli, Thomas Allio. 

FIRST ROW: Lowell Hostetler, Kenneth Siebenaller, 

DeForest Jackson. 

SECOND ROW: Dick Hartman, Ernie Jackman. 

IB ttA jw ^fc 

" ^J ~u * IP-- > 

FIRST ROW: Marion Glawe. Jack Gulshen, Germane 


SECOND ROW: Art Andreoli, Bob Phillips. 



FIRST ROW: Ted Gaynor, Jerry Mekler, Dave Hyde. 
SECOND ROW: Jim Palmer, David Weiser. 


FIRST ROW: Myra May Owen. Norman Riegler. 

George Edwards. 

SECOND ROW: William F. Smith, Max Fye. 

FIRST ROW: Jean Bittner, John Shisler, Pat McCilister. 
SECOND ROW: Jim Van Giler. Paul Motiska. 

FIRST ROW: Joseph Sommer, Sheila Hirshberg. Paul 


SECOND ROW: Gilbert Green. Charles Bowersox. 

FIRST ROW: Elmer Dauphin, Roger Baele. Mary Ann 


SECOND ROW: Pat Schiavone, Nick Stelmashuk. 

FIRST ROW: Dick Hooley. George Moron Alan 


SECOND ROW: Dick Crowe. Steve Nestor. 

FIRST ROW: Betty Childress. Richard Rolfe, Nancy 


SECOND ROW: Mike Fuller, Al Lumsden. 



FIRST ROW: Grace Margret Woli. John Asperger, FIRST ROW: Nancy Heckman, James Rice. Dorothy 

Shirley Edwards. Jewell. 

SECOND ROW: Neal McCracken, Richard Loger. SECOND ROW: Jerry Hennis. Mike Misko. 

FIRST ROW: Marilyn Taylor. Ruth Warren. Alice FIRST ROW: Bob Eckelberry. Bruce Walker, Betty 

Rornanchuk. Biller. 

SECOND ROW: Pete Culler, Kenneth Webb. SECOND ROW: Phil Hartman, Mike Vinciguerra, 

FIRST ROW: Juamita Simmons, Alex Skoulis, Frank FIRST ROW: Patricia Godfrey, Pete Hehr, Carol 

Romeo. Moeller. 

SECOND ROW: Boyed B. Williams, George Callas. . SECOND ROW: Jim Crisp, Bill Seitz. 



FIRST ROW: Alfred Volio. Jean L. Miller, Edna Mae 


SECOND ROW: Norma Inscho, Margret Ann Black. 

FIRST ROW: Paul Gruich, Frank Zima, Phyllis 


SECOND HOW: Richard Foley, William Ayres. 

FIRST ROW: Ginny Horn, Herbert Kaley, Harriet FIRST ROW: Doris Branco, Fred Klaisner, Jerry Keller. 

Horllamby. SECOND ROW: Bernie Rickelman, Roland Mueller. 

SECOND ROW: Jack Young, Gene Berrodin. 

FIRST ROW: Helen Altman, Tom Dicola, Barbara 


SECOND ROW: Andy Jergens. Ned Graham. 

FIRST ROW: Juno James, Thomas White, Marge 


SECOND ROW: Al Denhaim, Emanuel Karinos. 




FIRST ROW: Mary Lou Mason. Billie Mae Worden. 

Melba DeScenna. 

SECOND ROW: Carl Weinke. Dick Ellers. 

FIRST ROW: Dolly Nyiry, Pat Buckson, Margaret 


SECOND ROW: Lewis Love, Charles Snyder. 

FIRST ROW: Robert Speno. Joe Hunt, Ralph Wuest. 
SECOND ROW: Ernest Knever, Vincent Becchino. 

FIRST ROW: Delbert Couts, Joseph Sherman, Clyder 


SECOND ROW: Dale Bollinger, Paul Howell. 

FIRST ROW: Norma Van Benthuysen, Paul Haney, 

Gloria Ulch. 

SECOND ROW: Frank Sloat, Paul Oberleitner, William. 


FIRST ROW: Pollie Potts, Terry Atkinson, Dee Dee 


SECOND ROW: George Means. Fred Scadding. 




¥i i ># 

FIRST ROW: Alice Kasabach, R. David Wright, 

Dorothy Hausch. 

SECOND ROW: Robert Spicer, Elliott Anderson. 

FIRST ROW: Miriam Mitchell. Frank Klein, Al Cosier. 
SECOND ROW: Bob Miller, Van Yaeger, John Hobart. 

FIRST ROW: Sue Liebermann, Bill McDevitt, Bob 


SECOND ROW: Rick Morris, Harry Yoak. 

FIRST ROW: Charles Kendig, Lee Miller, Barbara 


SECOND ROW: Harold Stoneman, Kenneth Haina. 

FIRST ROW: Mary Vale, George Taveling, Neil 


SECOND ROW: Robert Hughes, Alberta DeLeone. 

FIRST ROW: Lois Porter, Fred Allan, Mary Shuey. 
SECOND ROW: Arnold Chambers, Lalle Albert. 



FIRST ROW: Florence Howard, Paul Nist. William 


SECOND ROW: Kenneth Janota. Edwin Atzenhoter. 

FIRST ROW: Albert Carragher, Kevin Dahl. Margaret 


SECOND ROW: Frank Mikolich. James Ryan. 

FIRST ROW: Kay Yockey, Cleavon Robinson, Edward 

J. PauL 

SECOND ROW: William T. Zengler, Rudy Sutter. 

FIRST ROW: Doris Spencer, Stevans Manyo, Mrs. 

Penny Pistner. 

SECOND ROW: Marion Courtney, Bill Christenson. 

FIRST ROW: Ruth Ann Gallegher, Dora Lee Kriech- 

baum, Corbin Washington. 

SECOND ROW: Robert Hammer, Jack Carmony. 

FIRST ROW: Gloria Cody, Leota Williamson, Ruth 


SECOND ROW: Bill Joyce, Charles Elrick. 



FIRST ROW: Marilyn Kotis, Bernard Suhayda, Nancy FIRST ROW: Martha Keisler. Dorothy Gross. Ralph 

King. Brenner. 

SECOND ROW: Artie Gainey. Ray Brannon. SECOND ROW: Don Crammer. Paul Adiena. 

FIRST ROW: Charles Beckwith, lames Sitler, Jerry 


SECOND ROW: Bob Brown, Howard Simon. 

FIRST ROW: Marilyn Behm, Harvey Stililer. Peg 


SECOND ROW: Bob Rairigh. Jack Raymant. 

FIRST ROW: Joan Mannino. Paula Quinn, Don FIRST ROW: Marguerite Ritter, Sylvia Kronemer. 

Goldsmith. Kenneth Lord. 

SECOND ROW: Dick Wenger, Chuck Anderson. SECOND ROW: Betty Hull. Dale Young. 



FIRST ROW: Jean Klasgye. Don Scherer, William FIRST ROW: Thane Haryu, Eugene Koontz. Robert 

Gudenus. Evans. 

SECOND ROW: Paul Weitzel, Burton Goodrich. SECOND ROW: Stuart Barnes, Elwood Gibson. 

o & 

FIRST ROW: Thomas Fiedler. Ray Barno. Don FIRST ROW: Lea Baumann, Howard Hasking. Marilyn 

Whiteleather. Jenkins. 

SECOND ROW: Dominick Alessi. Theodore MiJa. SECOND ROW: Dick Beachler. Les Gamble. 

FIRST ROW: Bob Ryan. Dick Cope. Eugene Krent. 
SECOND ROW: George Kacarab. Jerry Moore. 

FIRST ROW: Dorothy Hackney, Richard Love. Martha 


SECOND ROW: Jack Espersen, William Kvaley. 



FIRST ROW: Shirley Peterman. Thadeus Stokes. Paul 


SECOND ROW: Lawrence La Viers. Jack Hudson. 

FIRST ROW: Marilyn Morey, Jim Coll, Pat Maglione. 
SECOND ROW: John Collins. Jerry Schneider. 

FIRST ROW: Dolly Gray, Charles Houch. Brian FIRST ROW: Rosemary Schroder, Bob Gordon, Marg 

McNamara. Dulaney. 

SECOND ROW: Morgan Hamlin, Al Raopnese. SECOND ROW: Melvin McClain. Francis Reynolds. 

FIRST ROW: Paul Pucht, Robert Wolf. Robert Tesmer. FIRST ROW: John Poor, Jay Larsen, Pat Wolcott. 

SECOND ROW: Joe Skafu, Dave Calvin. SECOND ROW: Erwin Becker. Don Gilford. 



FIRST ROW: Romelda Kolk, William Wright. John FIRST ROW: Virginia Kasik, Bernard Schrabel. 

Rodriquez. Carolyn Collin. 

SECOND ROW: John Schumacher. Harold Robinson. SECOND ROW: Les Tome. Elmer Poor. 

FIRST ROW: Kay Kaliszewski, Michael Occhlplnit. FIRST ROW: Amos Dunlap. Bill Baum. Hlldegarde 

Sally Schell. Boehm. 

SECOND ROW: Wayne Holt, Edward Johnson. SECOND ROW: George Reesman. Fred Lander. 




When the final votes were gathered and counted 
it was found that history had repeated itself. For Dick 
Rice, last year's Freshman class president, had been 
elected sophomore class president. 

His assistants in organizing the class included 
Cid Dettor, vice-president; Joanne Hall, secretary; and 
Stu Hull, treasurer. This group lead the class activities 
and planned for the class dance and picnic which 
was held. 

The sophomore class could rightfully boast the 
athletic prowess of such athletes as Joe Kotys, 1948 
Olympic gymnastic participant and letterman in wrest- 
ling, and swimming and gymnastics; Bob Pease, 
football; George Fulton, basketball; and Dean Johnston, 

Of the four members on the Assembly Committee, 
three of them were members of the Sophomore class. 
They were David Brand, Dot Marburger and Pat Sutton. 

In Student Council the sophomore class was repre- 
sented by Nancy Reddrop, who was a holdover from 
the previous year. 

Although late in organizing, the sophomore class 
rounded out in short order and was able to carry on 
the traditions that had been started by previous 

They are now prepared to take over some of the 
duties that will be bestowed on them as juniors and 
handle them with as much efficiency as they did their 
sophomore responsiblities. 

Richard Rice, Joanne Hall, Stu Hull, Cid Dettor. 







FIRST ROW: Harold Fried, Betty Mercer, Audrey Crishal. Ruth Clever, Robert Diedrick, Sam Kennell, Roy Gienke. 

Edward Rollerson. 

SECOND ROW: Harold Eaton, Tony Supinsky, John Holmes, Robert Vatilla, Max Love, Glen Ludick, Herb Stalzer. 

FIRST ROW: Libby Robinson, Phyllis Slack, Betty Bosnyark, Carol Orlikowski, Dora Michawl, Carol Sellars. 
SECOND ROW: Ruth Farn, Peggesean Ceruli, Dora Ruckle, Marth Filson, Virginia Fiell, Janet Redmond, Marge 
Schembechler, Sue Yocum. 

THIRD ROW: Louise Combus, Jack Good, Jim Monroe, Betty Peiifer, Dick Zboigy, Harold Rizor, Frank Linek. 
Harold Bright, Elva Younker. 






Hi " T fll ■&* < r^H 

■v«-« * : ^B 

ri" 1 ^ 

. .t - * 

MM ■'-■• 1 

H^ '**^ KB 

■fv " ! «T^m 

11 kV 

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^^m * Sfl 

BF " * AuKB jV ** " ^H| 

■*" * I L Jm^> 


T ff'*r *P^ 

^U»-#- ,1 ^^ 



^5 *«»*f 


^ w. I 

H-**-* 9^ 

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*jf\P 1 

mV US 

kjflQ if" «J«B bB "^™B 

• ,H / ^ J 


\.i , / >' " iy M? M 



ttj^" "" 'ii^Ntx 




Dick Wilson, Andrew Calderone, Paul Cerwill, L. Hord 

en, Thomas Pappas. 

SECOND ROW: Annette Boone, Marian 

Harwood, Viola Kaipainen, Dorthy Jeflers, 

Ginny Lepole, Marian 


anet Reynolds, Dorma Means 


Rudolph Corsi, Don Lake, George Soltysik, John Collins 

>, Elmer Rerme, Charles Frish, Robert Dwril, 

Dick Brunner 

Don Dornback. 

FIRST ROW: George Ryan. Q. Questel. J. R. Hampf. John E. lobes, Carl Nagle. Wib Johns. Ted Chernak. 
SECOND ROW: Alyce Godiray. Shirley Lees, Catherine Furino, Florence Gilmore. Robert Dovenbarger. Nanci- 
anne Martin. C. D. Dettor, Gloria Donnelly. 

THIRD ROW: Barbara Snell, Jaqueline Joyce Seagraves. Howard Bruce Lipely. Ruth Ann Chamberlin. N. A. 
Mulac, Jane Klee. Richard Pfund, Joanne Leiby. 

FIRST ROW: Sam Mujais. Donald Bolender, Dan Smear.nan. Stanley Cesen. 

SECOND ROW: Diane Wetty, Margery Boni, Marily Meacham, Phyllis Jones. Margaret Breth. Anna Marie 

Smith, Joan Reilly. 

THIRD ROW: Richard Fenley. William Porz, David Brainard, Edward Stecko, Robert Davis. Keith Haag, Gordon 











FIRST ROW: William Mohler, Marilyn Brennan, Jean Brew. Eleanore Krumpasky, John Contorakes. 

SECOND ROW: Josephine Robuich, Margaret Brown, Jean Ibele, Nancy Fithian. Rose Ann Mason, Majorle 

Berkley, Madeleine Bodnar, Marian Yearkey. 

THIRD ROW: Robert Sargent, Gordon Thomson, Armando Coperna, Bill Barry, Bill Barth. James Knox, Wayne 

Muranko, Richard Banker, Alfred Harris. 

FIRST ROW: Bill Sigenthaler, Jim Riedineer, Art Polen, Sandy Weiss, Richard Thompson. 

SECOND ROW: Mildred Matthews, Caroline Schupp, Florence Baker. Rolla Harmon, Jane Rial. 

THIRD ROW: Ed Mallett, George McClellan, Jerry Ott, Charles Henault, William Scharde, Albert Pearce, Russell 

Mitchell, Bob Mitchell, Gil Montague. 


FIRST ROW: Carroll Bliss, Robert iimmerman, Ben Hadley, Don Moulton, Felix Weil. 

SECOND ROW: Dante Gambaccine, Art Fischer, Marcella Elwood, Barbara Craig, Ruth Fleming, Ruth George, 

Dave Stanley, Thomas Miller. 

THIRD ROW: Alyan Staufer, Donald Sprail, Joe Stacltlander, John Stedronsky, James Stewart, Robert McLean, 

Robert Alexander. 

FIRST ROW: Natalie McKown. Carol Stilenbauer. Janet Sanow, Carol Taylor, Mary Alice Weller, Martha Jean 

Anderson. Adeline Rinas, June Clark. 

SECOND ROW: Ben Strange. Martin Cramp. Jeanne McKown, Jim Jirik. Mary Lou Ebinger. Jerry Haught, Edwin 






FIRST ROW: Becky Caldwell. Joanne Pallone. Jean Rondin. 

SECOND ROW: Majorie Deal, Donna Leavengood, June Lanese, Jeanne Zesiger, Kamcyo Miyaski, Lovietta 

Webster, Eileen George, Mary Riggle. 

THIRD ROW: Harold Frazier, Dick Hoover, John Zittle, Edward Williams, Bill Riley, Jesse McDowell, Bob Begany. 

FIRST ROW: Carol Crites, Carol Petti, Mary Bricker. 

SECOND ROW: Jane Claypoole, Wanda Harmon. Dot Weida, Phyllis Horn, Majorie Wheeler, Virginia Yeadon. 

Deborah Blumer, Joanne Koken. 

THIRD ROW: Frank Barraco. Kenneth Zorge, Bill Reppa, Gilbert Dubray, Henry Zaborniak, Donald Van Wagner, 

Gordon Knisley, Bill Davies. 







FIRST ROW: Sal Musitano. Tony DeGidio. Cam Caine. Jan Copley. Elsie Fellmeth, Judy Thatcher. Donna Lowry, 
Edward Criley. 

SECOND ROW: Harry Scheu. Donald Roche. John Bentley. Jack Jakubek. Edward Horvath. Jack Hoffman. Robert 
Detweiler, Dick McNeil. 

FIRST ROW: Ray Atheson, Phil Jueich, Hal Goetthe. Donald Harris. Tom Perrin. 

SECOND ROW: Colleen Gull. June Nemeth, Ethel Thorn, Beatrice Moss. Lila Urpee. Alice Spencer, Joanne 

Davidson, George Eaton. 

THIRD ROW: Joe Scavera, Ken Hottell. John MacLean. Robert Barton, Paul Timko. 


FIRST ROW: Frank Fidel, Bob Lowry, Gene Vanard, Richard Casper. 

SECOND ROW: David Fowler, Stanley Habowski, Harriet Travis, Alice Jilek. Pat Mize. Bill Talmage, John Fissell, 

Thos. Drovillard. 

THIRD ROW: Bob Burnett, Alan Peterson, William Parmelee, Clarence Fields, Parker Voll, Carl Isakson, Robert 

FIRST ROW: Kay Powell. Robert Stredney. Priscilla Babarick. Walter Kraus. Barbara Eicher. Don 
Hiebel, Vinnie Mittiga, John Stone. 

SECOND ROW: Betty McFarland. Ermand Miller. Edward Saxton. Dick Martinet, Bill Tinsman. 
Leonard Larrick. Leona Avery, Ray Morgan. 





Students climbing the hill for classes. 

The administration building in spring beauty. 



"Youth, Youth, why must it be wasted upon the 

We hate to disagree with GBS but it certainly hasn't 
been wasted upon this years 1300 freshmen. After the 
first hectic and confusing weeks the frosh put their 
shoulders to the wheel and nose to the grindstone and 
set down to work . 

At the first freshman class meeting President Bow- 
man spoke to the students informally about participation 
in extra-curricular activities. Introduced by Council 
President, Phil Dempsey, the Freshman class advisors 
Jo Haggerty and Chuck Fletcher explained class dues 
and balloting. 

The Committee of 40 led by President Dick Davis 
was organized under the Booster Club for the advance- 
ment of school spirit among the Freshmen. 

The Freshmen Players of the University Theater 
presented the hilarious English play, "Yes and No", by 
Kenneth Home featuring Jackie Gelbman, Vern Roberts, 
Mary Lou Home, Norma Remmy, Dick Johnston, and 
John Biggs in the major roles. The entire production was 
under the direction of Mrs. Katherine Moore Norton. 

After hectic campaigning the Freshman class went 
to the polls with the following results: Ralph Gunnar 
was elected president; John Stahlman, vice-president; 
Betty Naugle, secretary, and Margaret Menges, treas- 
urer. Gene Taggert, Larry Marchesano, Harry Mol- 
doven and Bill Roberts were elected Frosh posts in 
Men's Union while Pete Demos, Marge Buckles, Leroy 
Tunnel and Bonnie Sue Rader were representatives 
on the Student Council. 

Ralph Gunnar. Margaret Menges, John Stahlman. 


A scene from the freshman presentation "Yes and No' 

Hal Stoneman measures head sizes for freshman dinks. 

"To dink or not to dink", that 
was the question which con- 
fronted some 1300 puzzled 
freshmen this fall. 

However, after the butterflies 
left the stomachs of the "fright- 
ened and frustrated freshies" 
they set down to work, which is 
usually the case in all freshman 


Wherever there were ireshmen there were lines. 

Nancy Waterhouse doesn't seem very happy with her job. 


The Registrar's office was a crowded place during the week. Mr. Beck "shot" guite a few freshman during freshman week. 









223 East Main Street 
Founded in 1926 

Guy Shelley tickles the ivories. 

They must be waiting for the telephone. 


The Gammas . . . 

Have a new house and love it . . . 
Spend lots of time looking in the windows of 
their Alpha Phi Neighbors . . . 
Won a gold cup for fraternity football and 
another for volleyball . . . unusual . . . 
Drink Anisette and listen to Sarah Vaughn 
sing . . . 

Are proud of Swanson, Burr Editor and Stone- 
man, NTFC producer and various wheels in 
Blue Key and Men's Union . . . 
Are originators of the backstabbers club . . . 
Sometimes visit their sisters the Delta Gam- 
mas . . . 
Are prexied by Pete Culler who never sleeps 

Walked off with Pork Barrel trophy amid 

cheers . . . 

Sometimes say "hello" . . . 

Think they should have won Campus Nite 

Parade . . . 

Utilize advice of Mr. J. A. Fosdick of photo 

fame . . . 

Journey weekly to Twin Lakes or Peninsula 

for toboggan parties . . . without snow . . . 

Loaf in Varsity Shop or Brady when it gets 

too cold at the Gamma house . . . 

Want to change their name to Delta Tau 

Delta . . . 

ADVERTISE: By leaving fraternity sign on 
all night. 

FIRST ROW: Charles Schmid, Pete Culler, Bill McDevill. 

SECOND ROW: James May, Hal Stoneman, Prof. James Fosdick, advisor, 

Guy Shelley, Ben Johnson. 

THIRD ROW: Robert Buckley, Lee Miller, Ed Karakul, Robert Phillips, Al 


FIRST ROW: Frank Leonard, Paul Snyder, Gary Fox. 

SECOND ROW: George Groft, Roger Francy, Ted Burke, Russ Johnson. 

THIRD ROW: Neil Crandall, John King, Dick Stover, Calvin Logan. 

FIRST ROW: Gei inane Swanson, Philip Bjorson, Wes Kemp. 

SECOND ROW: Don Krammer, Jack Rehner, Bill Loeblein, Tom Crawford 

THIRD ROW: James Luli, Tracy De Forest, Gene Schmiedl, Ken Webb. 


Wk-fZZ " ' • Z ■ iJKZSmmZm* ^"' 

''■**" -**» > 

230 East Main Street 
Founded at Kent State in 1947 

Could the boys be talking about women? 

Mr. Weiskopf, honorary, joins in a discussion with some of the 


The A E's . . . 

Have a new house at 230 East Main Street . . . 

Put in lots of hours painting inside and 

outside their new home . . . 

Won the Booster Club trophy . . . 

Serve President Martin Leiman who is the 

Corresponding Secretary of IFC . . . 

Hold vacation meetngs in New York . . . 

Economize by giving pledges plenty of work to 

keep them happy . . . 

Thought their Homecoming party for the alums 

was the best event of the year . . . 

Hang pictures of outgoing presidents on the 

wall of the active room . . . 

Receive advice from Dr. Meinke . . . 

Have men in Blue Key, Who's Who, and the 

Stater staff . . . 

Phil Brustein was president of the Jr. class . . . 

Money holder is Henry Sternweiler . . . 

Try to beat the Gammas to the parking places 

on Main Street in front of their house . . . 

Wish to affiliate with Alpha Epsilon Pi. 

ADVERTISING: By moving every year. 

FIRST ROWs Dr. Meinke, advisor, Martin Leiman, Richard Lyons, Mr. Weiskop 
SECOND ROW: Ed Shindelman, Ben Appel, Sid Rosenthal, Hank Sternweiler. 

FIRST ROW: Robert Frieder, Sanford LeVine, Robert Lewis. 

SECOND ROW: Lowell Harwood, Bernie Epstein, Fred Guskind, Henry Kraver. 

FIRST ROW: Joe Friedman, Myron Gilbert, Phil Brustein, Frank Calvert. 
SECOND ROW: Al Golub, Herbert Goldberg, Al Greenberg, Irv Portman. Irv 
Spiclman, Barry Lazarus. 


227 East College Street 
Founded in 1931 

We wonder who holds the winning hand? 

Just an old fashioned barbershop quartet. 


The Betas . . . 

Live in seclusion on College Street . . . 

Are proud possessors of the Scholarship trophy 

Follow the leadership of Dr. Kochenderfer . . . 
Beat the Delts at Volleyball . . . 
Campaigned Mike Fuller into Student 
Council . . . 

Have Winter and Spring Formals annually . . . 
President Don Smith is a member of Blue Key 
and Psi Chi . . . 
Keep their pledges busy . . . 
Are big brothers to the Gamma Phi Betas . . . 
Know the address of the Moon Nite Club . . . 
Yearly select a Beta Queen who is feted at 
their Spring Formal . . . 
Are well known as good sportsmen . . . 
Annually give Beta Manhood Key to the out- 
standing graduating senior . . . 
Economize by partying at the fraternity 
house . . . 

Are noted for their fine serenades . . . 
Dislike exams, the new look, and high prices . . . 
Hope to win Scholarship trophy again and 
want to become a chapter of Zeta Psi 
f rat amity . . . 
ADVERTISE: By hard work and a will to win. 

FIRST ROW: Ervin Matthews. Joseph McGrail, Paul Weitzel. 

SECOND ROW: William D'Alexander, Glenn Fuller. James McGarry, Frank 


THIRD ROW: Elliott Anderson, John Kulnitzky. Roland Patzer. Richard Gardner, 

Malcolm Rockwood. 

FIRST ROW: Charles Corpus. Richard Cope, George Case, Stephen Byrnes. 
SECOND ROW: John Beles, John Corpus. Lloyd Thomas, John Bandi. 

FIRST ROW: Frederick Hawley. Russell Seitz. William Cooke. 

SECOND ROW: Major George Carter, Frank Wallis, Don Smith, Dr. C. C. 

Kochenderfer. . 

THIRD ROW: George Ebel, Louis Lautizar, John Lapunka, Eugene Krenl. 


262 Columbus Street 
Founded in 1924 

Which one has the Toni? 

Musi be an interesting story. 


The Delts . . . 

Live in castle on Columbus Street Hill . . . 
Have more lettermen than other fraternities 
put together . . . 

Spend plenty of time at the Delta Gamma 
house . . . 

Won trophy for fraternity wrestling . . . 
Have monopoly on the counter at the Brady . . . 
Use K sweaters to cover furniture not in use . . . 
Have the Alpha Phis for sisters . . . 
Think poker is the best game that was ever 
invented . . . costly though . . . 
Are well prexied by John "Mickey" Finn . . . 
Are proud of Milford and Wheatly on Coun- 
cil .. . 

Have long talks with Harold Lamb . . . 
Gave $125 to the Stadium Drive . . . 
Keep men in Blue Key and Varsity K Club . . . 
Call pledges "scummers" . . . 
Can't decide whether Engineers or 
Phys. Ed. majors won the war . . . 
Call Jr. Prexy Bill Jones brother . . . 
Share limelight with All-Ohio Frank Mesek . . . 
Anticipate another stack of intra-mural 
trophies . . . 

Hope to line up with Sigma Nu . . . soon . . . 
Accept advice from Dr. Williams . . . 
ADVERTISE: With corner on Stater sports page. 

FIRST ROW: Joe Zaludny, Jim Van Gilder, Tom Snyder, Frank Palichene. 

SECOND ROW: John Collver, Jack Young, Bill Osterlund, Irv Wheatly, Don 


THIRD ROW: Bob Van Keanel, Nick Tsoucalas, Dick Wenger, John Finn, Hank 

Uricky, Roy Weinsper, George Ulivid. 

FIRST ROW: Chuck Anderson. Art Davies, Bob Beachy. Joe Colonese. Lou 


SECOND ROW: Russ Gray, Jim Coll, Dr. Wendall Williams. Tom Katin, Mel 


THIRD ROW; Jerry Amico, Jim Busson, Bill Barton, Rudy Gerbitz, Fred Klaisner, 

Bill Fulmer, Bill Jones. 

FIRST ROW: Jack Shrimplin, Don Leahy, Pat Miladore. Bill Knight. Jim North. 
SECOND ROW: Joe Pisani, Ed Saxton. Al Smith, BUI Seitz, Roy Hein. 
THIRD ROW: Chuck Petty, Pres Knight, Wade Milford, Bernie Rickleman. Dick 
Schlup, Dick McAllister. 


132 South Lincoln Street 

Kent State University Chapter 

Established 1948 

Founded 1834 

Some of the brothers that missed the formal pictures. 

Gene plays the records for the boys. 


The D U's . . . 

Are Kent's first national fraternity . . . 

Live next to most expensive house in Kent . . . 

Were Kappa Mu Kappa . . . 

Share dates with brothers only . . . 

Annually paint the famous K . . . 

Wear sashes and shields for Campus Nite . . . 

Won Campus Nite song fest . . . 

Came in second in wrestling . . . 

Are proud of Kuhner, Follin and Tuttle on 

football squad . . . 

Are brothers of Alpha Xi Delta . . . 

Have Bill Becherer for President . . . 

Let pledges win their raffles . . . 

Take advice from Doc Roberts regularly . . . 

Thrive on tradition . . . 

Throw parties at Twin Lakes and Shady 

Lake . . . 

Captured first place in Rowboat Regatta . . . 

fust missed winning scholarship trophy . . . 

Economize by not handing in copy for the 

Burr . . . 

Had huge reception for DU installation . . . 

Received many gifts from others for affair . . . 

Hope to have more good years like the last 

one . . . 

ADVERTISE: By open smokers and stater 


FIRST ROW: Porter Hall, Dr. A. Sellew Roberts, advisor, John Wolcott. 
SECOND ROW: Gene Harrison, Bob Eckelberry. 

FIRST ROW: Phil Hartman, Bruce Walker. 

SECOND ROW: Bill Henry, Mike Vineiguerra, Ward Robison, Vince Griffin. 

THIRD ROW: Terry Atkinson, Bob King, Bud Barrett, Gene Vezie. 

FIRST ROW: Bill Becherer, Bob McGowan. 

SECOND ROW: Len Snider, Jim Crammer, Don Luck, Doug Krivoy. 

THIRD ROW: Kenny Cardinal, Bob Sheddon, Larry Vltsky, Tom Crawford. 


210 South Willow Street 
Founded in 1931 

Even the dog is interested. 

The "wheels" of the organization. 


The Kappa Sig's . . . 

Bought new furniture and a furnace this year . . . 

Think they serve the best food on campus . . . 

Sometimes listen to President Curt Sarff . . . 

Now own three fifths of Semlers . . . 

Wear the brightest ties on campus . . . 

Sing better than Fred Warings 

Pennsylvanians . . . 

Won Campus Nite Parade . . . ironically 

enough . . . 

Have Sam Dudra, VP of Booster Club . . . 

Would rather party and collect vets checks 

than sleep or eat . . . 

Have several men in Blue Key Honorary . 

Enjoy partes with their Beta Gamma sisters . 

Choose a Kappa Sig Sweetheart annually . 

Are glad Nick Fitzgerald is back in school . 

Meet many queens at their week-end parties . 

Had volleyball trophy until the game was 

played . . . 

Give annual Concert in Modern Jazz which is 

well attended by student body . . . 

Support anything and everything at anytime . . . 

Have Dr. Palmer for advice and guidance . . . 

Want to become a chapter of Kappa Sigma . . . 

Like wine, women and song . . .especially 

song . . . 

ADVERTISE: By making pledges wear signs. 

FIRST ROW: George Borovicka, Bill Schroedel. George Morar. Ralph Cicerella. 
SECOND ROW: Lee Andrews, Gene Ranize, Don Speicher, Don Cox, George 
Schuran, Frank Belgan, Al Serbanuta. 

FIRST ROW; Jim Crisp, Larry Avril, Van Yeager, John Kocher. 

SECOND ROW: Tom Walsh. Anthony Thomas, Don Renwand. John Wilhelm. 

Sam Dudra, Frank Zima. 

FIRST ROW: Don Pape, William Ramsey, Nick Fitzgerald, Dave Kidd. 
SECOND ROW: Victor Buehrle, George McClellan, Bill Kalaher, Peter Ulrich. 
Jerry Ott, Bill Weir. 


603 East Main Street 
Founded 1938 

Some of the boys check an interesting article in "Look". 

We hope he is playing the right card. 


The Phi Bete's . . . 

Live just across from the library and the 

nearest they get to it is the front porch . . . 

Started the year off by winning the Homecoming 

Decorations contest with a cloudy idea . . . 

Get ideas and drive from their zealous advisor 

Mr. Montgomery of the speech department . . . 

Insist that each member take a course in 

speech . . . 

Are proud of George Ertler of the football 

squad . . . 

Entertain lavishly and often . . . 

Refuse invitations to Harry Truman's 

shindigs . . . 

Produce good teams in all fraternity sports . 

Are noted for unique and original themes and 

floats . . . artists, no doubt . . . 

Loaned their house to the Chi Omegas for 

rushing . . . 

Serve more food than the university cafeteria . . . 

Follow the leadership of Owen McCafferty who 

is also President of the Sr. Class . . . 

Have Fletcher on student council and Neal 

Manning as head of Men's Union . . . 

Entertain underprivileged children during the 

summer and at Christmas time . . . 

Think a change to Sigma Chi would be great . . . 

ADVERTISE: With neon ... no less . . . 

FIRST ROW: Bob Morell, Chuck Fletcher. Fred Green. Jack Brady. 
SECOND ROW: John Kapioltas. Ed Olson, John ZHtle, Don Kagey. 

FIRST ROW: Dwight Swinton, Howard Gregory, Charles Daum, Bus Jenkins. 
Bill Christenson. 

SECOND ROW: Ernie Maver, Pete Howell, Dave Roth, Dick Erdley, John Lilley. 
THIRD ROW; Chuck Torok, Paul Lawson, Neal Manning, Bert Searls, Bill Piatner. 

FIRST ROW: Carl Weinke, Glen Woodson. Joe Abrutz. John Helleis. Dick Knab. 
SECOND ROW: Bill Reichard, Dave Calvin. Prof. John Montgomery, advisor, 
Owen McCailerty, Jerry Overholt. 
THIRD ROW: Ralph Wuest. Dick Frame. Tom White. Ralph Stark. Pete Hunt. 


623 East Main Street 
Founded in 1947 

It must be near the end of the month. 

Chris, Bill and the boys seem to be having some trouble. 


The Phi Gams . . . 

Are now located at 623 East Main Street . . . 

Spent much time redecorating new domicile . . . 

Have fifteen pledges . . . occasionally . . . 

Follow able advice of Prof. Wm. Taylor . . . 

Present a rugged basketball team . . . 

Hold down numerous berths on football 

squad . . . 

Have "Sparky" Dempsey as Student Council 

Prexy . . . 

Evans and Wise drop in on Council meetings . . . 

Knock themselves out at their annual 

"Corduroy and Tweeds" dance . . . 

Sing their lungs out for J. C. Cook . . . 

Enjoy a party at Leons . . . Morris, Dempsey, 

et al . . . 

Are headed by "Wild" Bill Theiss . . . 

Had trouble with Homecoming Decorations . . . 

Take pledges on nocturnal rides . . . 

Are well known for their friendliness . . . 

Supply cards, tables, chairs and cigarettes 

for Delta Gamma girls daily . . . 

Hold several booths in the Brady . . . 

Take pride in "Rabbit" Price, cage artist . . . 

Hope to affiliate with Phi Gamma Delta . . . 

ADVERTISE: By few big wheels, but many 

small cogs . . . 

FIRST ROW: Paul Loos. Jim Kline, George Hoy. 

SECOND ROW: Neal Nelson. Tom Wilhelm, Jack Urcheck. 

FIRST ROW: Hank Fusco, Phil Dempsey, John Morris. 
SECOND ROW: Bob Evans, Len Price. 

FIRST ROW: Charles Cook, James Criswell, Bill Theiss. 
SECOND ROW: Frank Klein, Warren Jevnikar, Dick Kotis. 

FIRST ROW: Bill Becherer, Martin Leiman, Ralph Wuest, Don E. Smith, 
Curtiss Sarff, Pete Culler, John Finn, William Theiss. 
SECOND ROW: Ward Robison, Richard Lyons, Tom White, Elliott 
Anderson, Don Renwand, Kenneth Webb, William Fulrner, Frank Klein. 


Seeing to it that there is better coordination 
among the fraternities on the campus is one 
of the primary aims of Inter-Fraternity Council. 

Membership in this organization consists of 
the president of each fraternity and one other 
member of the fraternity. Their meetings are 
held on alternate Wednesdays. 

For the past year Curt Sarff, Kappa Sigma 
Chi, was president, Don Smith, Alpha Phi Beta, 
was vice-president, secretary was Pete Culler of 
Gamma Tau Delta, and treasurer was John Finn 
of Delta Phi Sigma. 

One of the main projects for the group is 
the awarding of the scholarship cup to the frat- 
ernity with the highest point average. This cup 
is presented to the winning group at a special 
banquet held during the spring quarter. 

The council also controls rushing and pledg- 
ing, serving as a coordinating body between the 
campus fraternities and the administration. At 
present all clubswishing to be installed as 
fraternities on the Kent campus must be passed 
on by Inter-Fraternity council before they can 
operate as a recognized local fraternity. 



FIRST ROW: Dawn Kerkof, Carol Keidel, Lea Baumann, Margaret THIRD ROW: Marilyn Taylor, Shirley Baker, Marilyn Jones, Betty Mae 

Fitzgerald. Bertram, Marian Cleaton, Betty Reddrop. 

SECOND ROW: Ruth Horably, Pat Schaeffer, Elizabeth Steve, Bonnie 


Pan Hellenic council takes time out each fall 
from organizing rush lists and rules to sponsor 
the first tea of the rushing season, the annual 
Round Robin. 

A bridge tournament is also sponsored by 
the council which awards a trophy each spring 
to the sorority having the highest scholastic 
average for the year. 

Representatives from seven of the national 
sororities and one local sorority made up this 
year's council. 

All rules governing rushing, pledging and 
other interfraternity relations are acted upon 
by the group. 

Advisor for the council for the past year 
was Miss Rena Matson, assstant dean of 
women. This group works on close unity with 
the dean of women's office. 

Officers for the group were Elizabeth Steve, 
president, and she was assisted in her tasks by 
Bonnie Kaiser, secretary and Pat Schaeffer, 





<- t ,:.^ « v - / 


,/'•, ■■;■■•» , • r't i^£j 


220 North Lincoln Street 

Alpha chapter 

Established 1947 

Founded 1904 

It must be an interesting discussion. 

What a good opportunity for a bull session. 


The Alpha Gam's 

Beam on many members in Kappa Phi, Psi 

Chi, KP club and other campus organizations . . . 

Proud to claim "Miss America" as their sister . . . 

Held Feast of Roses Banquet . . . 

Like their newly decorated house . . . 

Displayed plenty of work and beauty on 

Campus Day parade . . . 

Love bridge and late hour snacks . . . 

Miss the familiar whistles when passing the now 

deserted Gamma house . . . 

Wove ribbons on Founder's Day . . . 

Reported a fine time at their annual Spring 

Formal . . . 

Miss the good old days of scholarship fame 

which they held for nine years . . . 

Are kept in line by Pat Shaeffer, president, who 

is also treasurer of Pan-Hellanic . . . 

Enjoy nightly chats with dear Mother Doe . . . 

Had a full year of teas, picnics, and coketail 

parties . . . 

Have a loyal sister in the President's wife, 

Mrs. Bowman . . . 

Hit the books to the tune of several three 

points . . . 

ADVERTISE: By wearing Alpha Gam sweat 


FIRST ROW: Maxine Schell, Sally Schell, Lois Ann Ball. 

SECOND ROW: Marcella Elwood, Joan Reymont, Alice Jilek. lane Infield. 

THIRD ROW: Margaret Sawyer, Evelyn Smith, Janet Copley. Pat Choff. 

FIRST ROW: Betty Jones. Dorothy Hellman. 

SECOND ROW: Katy Wells. Betty Mae Bertram, Pat Shaeffer. 

FIRST ROW: Wanda Harmon, Jane Claypool, Majorie Boni. 

SECOND ROW: Kay Kaliszewski, Ann Davidson, Mary Baldridge. Kitty Panis. 

THIRD ROW: Alberta De Leone. Pat Masky. Doris McEntire, Phyllis Province. 


227 East Main Street 

Beta Omega Chapter 

Established 1948 

Founded 1872 

Everybody decorates the tree at Christmas time. 

It must be the Phi's hour of musical appreciation. 


The Alpha Phi's . . . 

Started calling 227 E. Main St. home this year 

Having more new furniture than a Department 

store . . . 

Sponsor the All-Greek dance yearly . . . 

Were upset by a friendly telegram . . . 

Admit they won Pork Barrel with fewer props 

than any other organization on campus . . . 

Are proud of Honorary ROTC Col. Ginny 

Vaughn . . . 

Called their dog Passion . . . friendly little 

devil . . . 

Tagged Eleanore Kolk Grand Exalted 

Potentate . . . 

Finally bought some blinds . . . 

Entertained their National President at dinner . . . 

Boast Carol Stofco who was chosen Rowboat 

Regatta Queen . . . wow . . . 

Gave a party for someone at least once a 

week . . . 

Wore their hearts on a string during Nat'l 

Heart Week . . . 

Went Carsoning every Wednesday Nite with 

their brothers the Delta Phi Sigmas . . . 

Are represented in the Junior Class by Secretary 

Jackie Duke . . . 

Got their names in the Dirt Column thru Jan 

Kemp . . . 

Are scared to death by a little MOUSE . . . 

ADVERTISE: With the brightest sign on campus. 

FIRST ROW: Alice Betts. Nancy McGregor. 

SECOND ROW: Carol Volkman, Joan Milford. Mary Newberry, Mary Hoose. 

Carolyn Cochran. 

THIRD ROW: Pat Diamond, Betty Culley, Nancy Saxnpsell, Shirley Weber, 

Joan Higley. 

FIRST ROW: Jessica Perry, Pat Wolcott, Irene Brodbeck. 

SECOND ROW: Lois Ann Heller, Jo Ann Ackerman. Mrs. Saramons, Marilyn 

Hadiield, Betty Rowland. 

THIRD ROW; Agnes Hart, Dorothy Davey, Jackie Duke, Becky Culley, Delores 

Swanson, Eleanore Kolk. 

FIRST ROW: Charlene Arnold, Alice Sherman. 

SECOND ROW: Pat Maglione, Romaldo Kolk, Jean Milford, Lydia Mihok, Janet 


THIRD ROW: Shirley Baker, Jan Kemp, Eleonor Tomasik, Dorothy Marburger, 

Mary Catherine Scullion. 


516 East Summit Street 

Beta Tau chapter 

Established 1947 

Founded 1893 

Marianne gives "the group" the word. 

A session of music appreciation. 


The Alpha Xi's . . . 

Had a house till a gas fume and a spark became 

inseperable . . . 

Stopped buying toothbrushes since they went 

national . . . 

Turn out two billion pair of knitted socks per 

month . . . 

Developed their muscles for the leg-toss for 

Penny Carnival . . . and won the WAA trophy 

for '48 . . . 

Find week-ends are throe or four days too 

short . . . 

Think Lois Musick a good artist . . . and beauty, 

too . . . 

Gave contributions to Nordyck Fund for a 

hospital in Holland . . . 

Look forward all year to Gold Diggers dance 

and Rose Formal . . . 

Proudly point to Prexy Betty Reddrop . . . 

Enjoyed Mom Young's company BE (before 

explosion) . . . 

Are proud of "K" Girl Isla Schnauffer . . . 

their second in a row . . . 

Suffer from the sister bloc . . . Bowdens', 

Reddrops' and Torglers' . . . 

Were unique in raising money for the Stadium 

Drive ... by washing cars . . . 

Make frequent trecks to the Delt house at 

Kenyon . . . 

ADVERTISE: By blowing the back end out of 

their sorority house . 

FIRST ROW: Manly Thow. Nancy Wisman,- Mary Betz, Kathryne Trenner. Delora 
Kruse, Patricia Best. 

SECOND ROW: Becky Post, Ruth Lees, Arlene Dripps, Lois Bell, Viola Allyn, 
Bonnie Sue Rader. 

FIRST ROW: Lois Loeblein, Betty Reddrop. 

SECOND ROW: Janet Sanow, Elsie Jakubiansky, Shirly Marks, Mrs. Young, 

Marianne Bowden, Jean Miller, Bonnie Kaiser. 

THIRD ROW: Marian Torgler, Mary Lou Ebinger, Pat Bowden, Nancy Reddrop, 

Lillian Torgler. 

FIRST ROW: Carol Stilenbauer, Rose Ann Mason, Phyliss Horn, Martha Bissler, 
Alberta Gehring, Georgia Kennedy, Martha Chalfant, Sally Koch. 
SECOND ROW: Judy Thatcher, Carol Taylor, Virginia Yeadon, Ethelyn Ryder, 
Lois Musick, Alix Gradolph. 




: &m '■% 





213 University Drive 
Founded as Beta Gamma 
in 1939 

Jean plays the phonograph for the girls. 

Ruth and Pat check the photograph album. 


The Beta Gammas . . . 

Kept the kite sailing high with twenty-two new 
and larger pledges . . . 

Made room in their trophy case for Campus Nite 
Parade trophy . . . 

Ate leaves to buy new mattresses . . . 
Hail the merits for holding the corner on the 
pinning market . . . 

Have more pledges with short dark hair and 
bangs . . . 

Take pride in claiming Marilyn Taylor, Home- 
coming Queen . . . 

Relived their childhood at the "Lollipop 
Hop" . . . 

Commend Ray McKinly's choice of Kappa Sig 
Sweetheart . . . Pat Godfrey . . . 
Enjoy Housemother Moddy's sweet, soft 
voice . . . 

Honor their seniors with farewell banquet . . . 
Often mistake pert little advisor M. J. Rehder 
for one of the kids . . . 

Lead by able and worthy prexy, Jean Keller . . . 
Always look forward to their Spring Dinner 
dance . . . 

ADVERTISE: With vivacious and talented Jane 

FIRST ROW: Mary McConnehey, Vi Davidson, Pam Green. Joanne Mannino. 
SECOND ROW: Bonnie Malloy, Dorothy Pane, Patricia Godfrey, Patricia Adams, 
Connie Norris. 

FIRST ROW: Char Moreland, Carol Mohlar, Betty Peiffer, Joanne Hall. 
SECOND ROW: Alice Romanchuk, Nancy Benhan, Pat Roche, Dolores Homan, 
Joyce Marshall. 

THIRD ROW: Dottie Funk, Carol Weltner, Marge Ennes, Nancy Morris, Kacey 
Cvengros, Barbara Caldwell. 

FIRST ROW: Kathee Kotushr, Bette Shephard. Jane Jenkins, Ruth Horbaly. 
SECOND ROW: Joan Le Toerneur, Ruthie Davis, Betty Karg, Nancy Heckman, 
Jackie Parris. 

THIRD ROW: Betty Childress, Joann Eisele, Jean Tedrick, Mirian Mitchell lean 
Keller. Marilyn Taylor. J 


Lambda Delta Chapter 
Established 1947 
Founded 1895 

The Chi O quartette warbles a melody. 

Marian gives some instructions in knitting 160. 


The Chi O's . . . 

Still looking for a place to live, rent, buy 
or build . . . 

Are convinced gentlemen prefer blondes . . . 
Have about as many secretaries as the U. S. 
Gov't . . . 

Activities and parties on campus don't interfere 
with their winning the Scholarship cup . . . 
Revived the idea of "Duke of Kent" to raise mon- 
ey for the Stadium Drive . . . 
Had a successful season . . . perhaps it was 
because they used the Gamma and Phi Beta 
Phi house . . . 

Have more privileges at Moulton . . . 
Sponsor the annual "little girl" party for all 
sorority pledges . . . 

Follow faithfully gavel-holder, Eileen Young . . . 
Wind up the school year with annual Spring 
Dinner Dance . . . 

Annually give Scclil Science Award . . . 
Are loaded with ping-pong champs . . . 
Like the Gamma's serenade . . . 
Have 99 sister chapters throughout the U.S. . . . 
Gather oysters to get pearls for new initiation 
pins . . . 

Swear there is nothing their pledges can't do . . . 
ADVERTISE: By keeping two blonde spies 
stationed in the Brady at all times. 

FIRST ROW: Mary Jane Kerwin, Betty Herrmann, Lee Adams. 

SECOND ROW: Maxine Schoonover, Eileen Young, Jean Stonestreet, Carol 


THIRD ROW: Barbara Henry, Shirley Qualman, Elizabeth Robinson, Madelyn 

Goddard, Christine Vogt. 

FIRST ROW: Nancy King, Mae Schenffler, Alice Jones. 

SECOND ROW: Marian Cleaton, Gretchen Rader, June James, Jan Caldwell, 

Carol Peterson. 

THIRD ROW: Toni Mittiga, Hlldegarde Boehm, Lois Baisley, Vivian Houff, Char 


FIRST ROW: Mary Lou Masin, Billie Mae Worden, Mary Lou Riley, Suzanne Burns. 
SECOND ROW: Virginia Radu, Mary Lou Smith, Dora Michael, Carol Orlikowski, 
Helen Garrison. 

THIRD ROW: Nancy Pinkerton, Margaret Ann Martin, Anne Gifford, Phyllis 
Persons, Marion Yearkey. 



543 East Summit Street 

Gamma Epsilon Chapter 

Established 1947 

Founded 1874 

The girls spend an evening shining trophies. 

Those girls 'wield a mean pillow. 


m o^ 

The Delta Gam's . . . 

Weigh anchor at 548 East Summit Street . . . 
Leave a trail of honors for 1948 trophies for 
Song Fest . . . Homecoming and Pork Barrel . . . 
Remember the underprivileged kids at Christ- 
mas with many gifts . . . 

Like their house much better since it has been 
newly decorated . . . 

Live alone up on a hill, but they love it . . . 
Bought 30 copies of "Anchors Aweigh" last 
year, love that song . . . 

Find Prexy Marilyn Jones cute and efficient . . . 
Mighty proud of Ruth Ann Gallagher, Miss K. 
S. U. and Homecoming Queen attendent . . . 
Enjoy annual early a.m. Christmas serenade 
with their brothers, the Gammas . . . 
Unique entertaining of fraternities at after- 
noon parties . . . 

Can't wait till Friday and the great migration . . . 
Are capably advised by Dr. Mona Fletcher . . . 
Have lovely window serenades . . . 
Have Sight Conservation and Aid to the Blind 
as Philanthropic project . . . 
ADVERTISE: By wearing Delta Gam hats. 

FIRST ROW: Nancy Swigart, Ruth Ann Gallagher, Patricia Sutton, Carol Keidel, 

Phyllis Young. 

SECOND ROW: Gloria Ulch, Roberta Wedewen, Nancy Seffing, Mary West, 

Sallie Wheeler. 

THIRD ROW: Mary Lou Carson, Geraldine Tarmichael, Camilla Caine, Dorothy 

Kline, Eleanor Brace, Sallie Wagoner, Margery Green. 

FIRST ROW: Barbara Berg, Mary Hoover, Marilyn Jones, Betty Jean Bartlow. 
SECOND ROW: Janice Galloway, Barbara Truelove, Mrs. lima Chesnutt, Jean 
Kudrna, Delores Kne, 

THIRD ROW: Pat Buckson, Doris Branco, Martha Patchen, Anne Baldwin, 
Geraldine Keller, Virginia Horn. 

£>^f> fa 

FIRST ROW: Carolee Stone, Ruth Ann Love. 

SECOND ROW: Corinne Torer, Barbara Leary, Jorean Meister, Holly Gier. 

THIRD ROW: Janet Scott, Joan Layne, Barbara Crawford, Patricia Long. 


Meet at 
450 West Main Street 

Founded 1903 

Gamma Kappa Chapter 

Established 1947 

Dora Lee and Elizabeth seem very interested in that telephone call. 

Connie, Cid, Katherine and Betty spend a quiet evening around the fire. 


The Delta Zeta's . . . 

Won the bridge trophy . . . 

Are prexied by Margaret Fitzgerald, who pulled 

a Harry Truman and came into office when 

Marilyn Brust resigned to teach school, but 

again become president when the regular 

elections were held . . . 

Vibrate between Brady and the Hub to keep 

up on the extracurricular activity known as 

"socializing" . . . 

In the line of public relations entertained the 

Deans of Women . . . 

Wearers of the Roman Lamp are guided by Mrs. 

Eric T. Griebling and Mrs. H. F. Raup . . . 

Have Betty Naugle in charge of freshmen 

class dues . . . 

Had annual party for the foreign students . . . 

Have Cid Dettor aiding the sophomore 

president . . . 

Are proud of Julie Ross and Angie Scourcos in 

Cardinal Key . . . 

Have Kay Prichard in University Choir and 

Ruth Ann Crawford writing for the Stater . . . 

ADVERTISE: By wearing crew hats of white 

with green D Z letters. 

FIRST ROW: Marty Keisler, Angie Scourcos. Margaret Fitzgerald. Marian 


SECOND ROW: Peg Brown, Thelma Waddell, Betty Naugle, Mrs. Eric T. 

Griebling, Kay Prichard. • 

FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Raup, Betty Hull, Joan Schringer, Ruth Ann Crawford. 
SECOND ROW: Dora Lee Kriechbaum, Doris Foster, Adele Rinas, Dr. W. 
Lesilie Garnett. 

FIRST ROW: Cid Dettor, Connie Colucci, Katherine Sawyer, MaTy Shuey. 
SECOND ROW: Dorothy Parker. Betty Madison, Shirley Drake, Ruth Paul, 
Mrs. Robert I. White. 


520 South Lincoln Street 
Beta Zeta Chapter 
Established 1947 
Founded 1874 

The girls practice a serenade under their lamppost. 

Lea shows her sisters important information in "The Crescent. 


The Gamma Phi Beta's . . . 

Boast of 100 per cent Booster membership . . . 
Are proud of warbling Marilyn Orr . . . 
Found their new street lamp useful for Home- 
coming as gateway to heaven . . . 
Celebrated their Diamond Jubilee Reception 
with much extravagance . . . 
Found it hard to lose the W.A.A. trophy, but 
are coming back strong . . . 
Gabe contentedly at their new rug and furni- 
ture . . . 

Were entertained at Christmas party given by 
Kent Alums . . . 

Excel in use of flowers during rush week . . . 
Are lead by Elizabeth Steve also prexy of 
Pan-Hellenic . . . 

Are proud of their many sisters in different 
activities in the university . . . 
Follow the able advice of their advisor Miss 
Laura Hill . . . 

Are known for their friendliness (drop in) . . . 
ADVERTISE: By lighting their street lamp when 
the first star comes out. 

FIRST ROW: Pat Casto, Elizabeth Steve. Ruth Mason. 

SECOND ROW: Lea Baumann, Peg Buher, Mary Jane Averill, Pat Sellars. 

FIRST ROW: Jane Greer, Marianne Gay, Jackie Burrell, Becky Caldwell. 
SECOND ROW: Beverly Bowman, Jane Lais, Mary Marsh, Mary Dulaney. 
THIRD ROW: Marie Link, Eileen Shinn. Delores Clark, Jackie Gelbman, Mary 
Ann Dora. 

FIRST ROW: Mary Margaret Madigan, Phyllis Peebles, Franke Mathis, Jeanne 


SECOND ROW: Barbara Greene, Marilyn Orr, Teddy Scott, Dana Danforth. 

THIRD ROW: La Verne Santa, Ruth Baker, Pat Lieberth, Margaret Breth, June 



Trevor Rees 


It's been a long road since Athletic Director 
Trevor Rees revived football at Kent State in 
1946, but in those three years, "Trev" and his 
staff have brought this school to a position of 
high esteem in state football circles. 

This year the Flashes invaded the East coast 
for the first such trip in school history and 
humbled the Huskies of Connecticut worse than 
the Yale Bulldogs, Levi Jackson and all, could 

Trev has added some fine frosh and sopho- 
more talent which will make the Flashes strong 
for many years to come. 

Starting with a group of war veterans in 1946, 
Rees built his machine into a growing organi- 
zation. The peak performances from that crew 
have not been reached yet, since most of them 
will still be around come next fall. 

Rees, an All-American end at Ohio State in 
1935, is assisted in his football chores by line- 
coach Wesley Stevens, ex-Purdue luminary, 
guard coach Karl Chesnutt of Ohio University, 
end coach Dave McDowell, one of the all-time 
greats of Muskingum college and George Lynn, 
captain of the national champion grid team at 
Ohio State in 1942. 


COACHING STAFF: Trevor Rees, Wes Stevens, George Lynn, Dave McDowell, Karl Chesnutt. 


FIRST ROW: Ed Smith, John Vodenichar, Bill Seitz, Chuck Kelley, Joe 

Hotchkiss, Joseph Keefe. 

SECOND ROW: Harold Parsons, Dwight Follin, Lou Federico, Bob 

Miller, Dick Kotis, Frank Mesek, Captain George Kovalick, Don White, 

Lee Kuhner, Pete Guster, Ray Hyser, Pete Ahern. 

THIRD ROW: Head Coach Trevor Rees, Jerry Tuttle, Joe Pisani, Don 

Pape, Mario Nolfi, Frank Klein, Dick Paskert, John Hughes, Bill 

Blakenship, Charles Parsons, Boghus Mooradian, Neal Nelson, Bill 

Barton, assistant coach Wesley Stevens. 

FOURTH ROW: Faculty and business manager Ray Moran, Wilbur 
Little, Bob Beachy, Jim Betteker, George Ertler, Rudy Gerbitz, Bob 
Davis, Jim Coll, Roy Snyder, Don Radabaugh, Bob Evans, Fred Russell, 
Howard Wolfgram, John McGinley, assistant coach George Lynn. 
FIFTH ROW: Dick Deinehr, Ned McKee, Bob Pease, Gene Vanard, 
Gene Hudson, Don Kratzer, Vic Mclntire, Lou Bragg, Jerry Miner, Joe 
Barna, Ed Capri, Jim O'Brien, Ben Appel. 

■' $§!?"<• " 


* l f*Z?jfe , ' s '- i 

BB \ kSI 


2^\EB 74 ^2c76 ^' ° V 9 ^73^ 77^ 75 jb ao^lS 



Bob Evans 

Neal Nelson 

Joe Barna 

Don Radabaugh 

Starting the '48 season off with a win over Mount 
Union, the Golden Flashes broke the Purple Raiders 
two-year record of not having been beaten on their 
home field. 

All-Ohio Wilbur Little continued as in '47 by 
scoring all three of KSU touchdowns in the tilt with the 
final score being 18-0. 

Working from the short punt formation, the Blue and 
Gold worked the two team system, offensive-defensive, 
to perfection. The Raiders were held to a net ground 
gain of 42 yards and picked up 66 yards via the aerial 
route. Kent picked up 338 yards. 



Bob Pease tries to elude a Mt. Union tackier. 


Bob Pease slips by a Wooster tackier. 

Opening their home schedule, the Golden Wave 
rolled up a 39-0 win over a hapless Wooster eleven 
before a crowd of over 8,000. 

Starting slowly, the Blue and Gold rolled for 32 
markers in the second period. Two recovered fumbles 
and pass interceptions accounted for three of the second 
stanza six-pointers. 

The victory broke a two game jinx held over KSU 
gridders by the Scots. In their only two previous 
meetings, 1937 and 1947, the Wooster club entered the 
clashes as underdogs and won both times. 



Don Pape 

Lou Bragg 

John Hughes 

Bob Pease 


^r ^^B 

W 1 

P ^ ** ^ 

Bp *, « ^ 


i • ^ ,m 5 T» 

fSm "'"i " ^ ^^H 


r " 




Gene Hudson 

Bill Blankenship 

Ed Capri 

Pete Ahern 

The Yellow Jackets of Waynesburg College were 
next on the Blue and Gold victim list. Again waiting until 
the second quarter to move, the Flashes pushed over 14 
points in that period and finished on the long end of a 
34-7 count. 

Kicking the first extra-point of the game, Frank 
Mesek started on a continuous successful place- 
kicking mark that reached 23 straight before the final 
curtain dropped on the season. 

Despite a field wet from rain, the Blue and Gold 
moved 303 yards under the lights against only 74 for 
the Pennsylvanians and completed 6 out of 13 passes. 



Wib Little opens up on an end around run. 

*. *Ak 

' mm, \ 

■<3 f^ JjH^ 

/KM ^H: ^K 


A Golden Flash tackier stops a Woosterite for no gain. 

Sparked by Wib Little, the Golden Wave rolled for 
their fourth straight win of the year when they treked 
to Central Michigan to take the measure of the Chip- 
pewa's 28-0. 

Hitting for 332 yards on the ground and 37 in the air, 
the Flashes held the Chips to 98 yards. Ishen Williams, 
passing ace for the Chips, was held to only five 
completions for a total of 34 yards due to the fine 
defensive work of ends Radabaugh and Jim Betteker. 

Two touchdowns were scored by Little, and Gene 
Hudson and Bob Beachy scored the remaining two for 
the day. 



Mario Nolfi 

Boghus Moradian 

Rudy Gerbitz 

Fred Russell 

72* 75 



Lou Federico 

Dick Paskert 

George Ertler 

Roy Snyder 

Instead of notching their fifth victory over the Red 
Cats of Western Reserve, the Reesmen picked up a 14- 
14 tie on a rain soaked League Park field before 3,400 

Little again supplied the punch for the Blue and Gold 
as he slipped loose for 42 yards in the second quarter 
for the first score. Ray Hyser, defensive center inter- 
cepted a Red Cat pass and charged 36 yards for the 
final Flash score of the game. 

Taking a second-half kick-off, Reserve speedster Len 
Corbin bulled from his own 3-yard stripe, straight up 
the field for the score. The game was tied in the final 
period by the Cats. 



Mesek makes good Ihe extra point against Reserve. 


Bragg cuts loose on an end run against Youngstown. 

Still gunning fcr their fifth win, the Flashes hosted 
Youngstown College in a night tilt, but with the help 
of two pass interceptions, lost the battle, 19-7. 

Lacking the services of Wib Little due to an ankle 
injury, the Flashes couldn't roll themselves, and also 
couldn't stop Al Campana, Penguin ace. Scoring two of 
the visitors touchdowns, Campana proved to be the 
same thorn in the Blue and Gold's side that he was in 
'47 when he also scored twice. 

Holding their own in the statistical department, the 
Reesmen averted a shutout on a pass from Jerry Tuttle 
to Fred Russell. 



Bill Barton 

George Kovalick. Capt. 

Bob Davis 

Frank Mesek 

P2f, 55**80 


Dwiqht Follin 

Joe Pisani 

Howard Wolfgram 

Ray Hyser 

With 12,000 Homecoming fans in the stands, the Blue 
and Gold fell before a powerful BeeGee combine as the 
Falcons continued their unbeaten skein. 

In the first five minutes of the clash, the BeeGees 
capitalized on a fumble and a blocked kick to push over 
14 points and eventually win the ball game, 23-14. 

After the initial scoring, the Blue and Gold fought 
back and dominated the clash after the halftime inter- 
mission. Russell and Little each tallied but the Falcons 
were never headed. They picked up another six-points, 
and a safety rounded out the day's scoring. 



Little breaks through for a short gain against BG. 


Capra stops Scruggs for a short gain. 

Despite the lack of pre-game uprising in either camp, 
the annual meeting of the Blue and Gold with its arch- 
rival Akron U. was one of the best games of the year 
from the KSU standpoint. 

Pushing over four touchdowns and one field-goal, 
the Golden Wave handed the Zippers a 31-0 defeat with 
Wib Little scoring three times. 

Playing before 14,000 Rubber Bowl fans, the Flashes 
outclassed the Zips all the way as Little and former 
defensive back Fred Russell rolled up the yardage 
which totaled 341. 



Frank Klein 

Don White 

Bob Miller 

Dick Kotis 


Bob Beachy 

Lee Kuhner 

Jerry Tuttle 

Wilbur Little 

Sent on their way East by a crowd of over 1,000 
faithful followers, the Golden Wave made their first 
invasion of Eastern football circles and came home with 
a 42-26 win over the UConns of Connecticut university 
on the record books. 

Playing at Storrs, Conn, in the season finale, the 
Reesmen bagged six touchdowns and Frank Mesek 
added six extra-points. Little led in the Flash scoring 
with two tallies and Beachy, Bob Pease, Neal Nelson 
and Roy Snyder each contributed one marker. 

The Flashes held a half-time lead of 21-7. 



Little snags a long pass to score a TD. 


Joe Begala 


For 17 years, the university wrestling team 
has been in the hands of one man, Joe Begala. 
Back in 1929 Coach Begala came to Kent State 
and took over the mat squad from "Doc" Rob- 
erts and since then, except for war-time duty 
with the United Stated Navy, the Flash grap- 
plers have been coached by him. 

Including last year's decisions, the Blue and 
Gold matmen have an all-time percentage of 
.841 wins and three of the editions from "Be- 
gala's Beach" have gone through a season un- 
defeated, which has won KSU quite a reputation 

in wrestling. 

In his undergraduate days at Ohio university, 
Begala gained the title of "Iron Man" after 
winning both the 175-pound and heavyweight 
bouts in a match against Purdue university. His 
college activities also extended to the gridiron 
where he earned himself an All-Ohio title at 

Under Coach Begala's tutelage, the Flash 
squads, in addition to dual meet competition, 
have notched eight wins out of 1 1 tries at the 
annual inter-state meets held at Cleveland. 


John Milkovich 

Mike Slepecky 

Gil Montague 

Armando Caperna 


FIRST ROW: Jack Shrimplin, Gil Montague, Rick Mihaleye, Tom 
Hansen, Sandy Le Vine. 

SECOND ROW: Ben Appel, Joe Klosterman, Mike Slepecky, John 
Milkovich, Nate Simon, Armando Caperna, Gil Dubray. 

THIRD ROW: Joe Begala, Warren Sanders, Bob Irwin, Ray Sanders, 
Charles Presson, Dick Lindhe, Muzio Roberto, Santo Regalbuto, Larry 
Krinsky, Dave Makinson. 
NOT PICTURED: Ralph Wilson, George Andrus. 


■ >* «& * • A' f ■ A /"• • A 1 /*■ ■ "A*' ff >* H» *• • A v 

*/l ^ -4' 



||S( 'W^U£M |M '.\v r, * u ( 

Ben Appel 

Ralph Wilson 

Joe Kotys 

Gil Dubray 

The Golden Flash grapplers won eight out of eleven 
meets this year and place third in the Interstate meet 
in Cleveland. 

The outstanding wrestlers for Coach Begala this 
year were captain John Milkovitch and Ralph Wilson 
with additional strength coming from Gil Montague, 
Warren Sanders, Mike Slepecky, Gil Dubray, Joe 
Klosterman and Ben Appel. 

Tom Hansen 
Joe Klosterman 
Warren Sanders 

Dave McDowell 


Taking over the reins of a college basketball 
team for the first time in his career, Dave Mc- 
Dowell turned out one of the best Blue and Gold 
hardwood squads of all time. Coming to the 
university in September, McDowell took the 
place of ex-Flash mentor Harry Adams who 
resigned last June. 

The 235-pound, 27-year-old native of Cuya- 
hoga Falls, has been mixed up in athletics 
since he entered school. At Falls high he par- 
ticipated in three sports and later at Muskingum 
college he captained both the basketball and 
football teams. 

While at Muskingum in 1942 he was named 
to both All-Ohio and All-Ohio Conference 
basketball teams. Working with last year's 
squad with the exception of Bill Sudeck and 
Harry Anderson, McDowell has built this year's 
combine into one of Ohio's best hardwood 

Dale Haverstock, Fred Klasiner, Leroy 
Thompson, Jerry Amico, John Colliver and 
George Fulton, were the mainstays of Mc- 
Dowell's 1949 issue of the Flash quintet. 

The same players will be back again next 
year to form a strong team with quite a bit of 


Kent 53 

Akron Goodyear 33 

Kent 60 

Baldwin Wallace 50 

Kent 50 

Westminister . 64 

Kent 79 

Western Reserve 66 

Kent 70 

Miami 55 

Kent 72 

Adrian 41 

Kent 69 

Muskingham 56 

Kent 67 

Youngstown 59 

Kent 63 

Bowling Green 70 

Kent 67 

Buffalo State 38 

Kent 51 

St. Bonaventure 67 

Kent 59 

Waynesburg 66 

Kent 66 

Muskingham 63 

Kent 45 

Akron 53 

Kent 66 

Baldwin-Wallace 59 

Kent 58 

Wooster 44 

Kent 63 

Youngstown 52 

Kent 69 

Western Reserve 58 

Kent 76 

Westminster 58 

Kent 62 

Marietta 69 

Kent 59 

Mt. Union 44 

Kent 84 

Waynesburg 59 

Kent 84 

Adrian 30 

Kent 59 

Akron 52 

Kent 84 

Heidelberg 56 

Kent 46 

Mt. Union 47 


Kent 54 

Mt. Union 47 

Kent 60 

Akron 71 




Fred Klaisner 

George Fulton 

Jerry Amico 

Bob Hersman 

Hank Urycki 

Leroy Peoples 








»£m -,:•-•«--• "'"•'"• ; ; 


FIRST ROW: Dale Haverstock, John Collver, Jerry Amico, Bob Hers- 
man, Fred Klaisner, Hank Urycki, Leroy Thompson, Mel Bogard, 
Bernie Conely. 

SECOND ROW: Howard Gray, Bill Bertka, George Fulton, Leroy 
Peoples, Bill Cox, Len Price, Dick Schlup, Dave McDowell, coach, 
Karl Chasnutt, assistant coach, Joe Keefe, trainer. 

The 1948-49 basketball season was the best 
in the history of Kent State University, and it did 
a great deal to further the university's policy of 
endeavoring to inaugurate the "new era" in 

Coach Dave McDowell's men achieved a rec- 
ord of 20 wins in 28 games, including the two 
Ohio conference tournament games, in which 
Kent won the first one against Mt. Union, but 
couldn't hit their stride in the following game 
and lost to Akron. 

The team was led in scoring by All-Ohio 
Leroy Thompson, with Fred Klaisner, Captain 
Dale Haverstock, George Fulton and John Coll- 
ver contributing heavily to the offensive power 
of the team. 

Coach McDowell will have the starting five 
back again next year along with Jerry Amico 
and numerous other fine varsity men, which 
should give Kent another record breaking sea- 
son to better the record achieved by this year's 

Although the Golden Flashes didn't win the 
Ohio conference tournament, they were runners- 
up and received a fine trophy for their efforts. 

In the Youngstown tournament held during 
the Christmas holidays the Flashes proved to 
be the toughest of the four teams and walked 
off with the championship and trophy without 
too much trouble. 

Considering their won and lost record and 
these two tournament records, the coach, squad 
and student body can well be proud of this 
year's team. 

In their three games with the arch rival Akron, 
the Flashes lost the first one on the Goodyear 
floor, but came back strong in the next game 
at Wills gym to win. The final game was 
played on the Wittenberg floor to determine the 
Ohio conference tournament champion. Akron 
proved to be the better of the two teams that 
night and won the championship. 

The Flashes lost only one game on their 
home floor this season and that was to the 
powerful Falcons from Bowling Green. 


Wes Kurtz scores a big one for Kent. 

Highlighting the 1948 baseball season were two 
wins over the Akron university Zippers. Winding up 
their schedule with a mark of 12 wins against 7 losses, 
the victories over Akron made complete the year's 
athletic dominance over the Zippers. 

The Blue and Gold nine also broke a record of nine 
years' standing. In 1939, the university nine rolled up 
seven wins. In the pitching department, big Hank Bur- 
meister tossed six straight victories for the Flash com- 

A 13-0 beating handed to Baldwin-Wallace was the 
highest scoring tilt of the 20-game slate, and sparking 
the Wes Steven's coached outfit was hard-hitting short- 
stop, Chuck Gromely. 


Joe Pisani scores again ior the Kent Nine. 


FIRST ROW: Rudy Gerbitz, Dick Wolfe, Dick Frame, Richard Mowery, 
Steve Eschuk, Dick Eroskey, Tom Clark, Jim Brainard, Sandy Le Vine. 
SECOND ROW: Joe Begala, Dan Kratzer, Bill Pistner, Bill Cox, Bob 
Mitchell, Dick Sandford, Harold Bright, Herman Speck, George Muffley, 
Bob Sargent. 

THIRD ROW: George Mills, Frank Garfield, Ollie Schnieder, Bob 
Rairigh, George Morar, John Waiser, Frank McClimon, Henry Clark, 
Dick Mac Allister, John Helleis, Glenn Stockhaus. 


Nineteen forty-eight's edition of the Kent State 
Golden Flashes turned in one of the finest set of records 
in university history as they racked up a five win, two 
loss mark and picked up third position in the Ohio 
conference meet held at Ohio Wesleyan. 

Opening the season with two losses, Coach Joe 
Begala's thinclads bounced back to win the remainder 
of their scheduled dual meets. Bowing only to Muskin- 
gum and Bowling Green, the Flashes stopped Mt. Union, 
Case, Western Reserve, Hiram, and Fenn. 

Sparking the squad were Henry Clark, Steve Eschuk, 
Tom Clark, Dick Mowery and George Morar. 


FIRST ROW: Joe Kotys, Don Wilson, Ward Van Orman, Murray Schneider, Paul Thompson. 
SECOND ROW: William Oslerlund, Tom Saltsman, Harry Fusselman, Richard Hoover, John Wieck, 
Richard Hempf. 

THIRD ROW: Robert Von Kaenel, Mgr., Kenneth Brown, Mgr., Dean Johnston, Lee Baker, Ned 
McKee, Tom Weigle, William Hoover, Coach. 


The swimming team coached by Bill Hoover 
ran up against some tough luck at the start of 
the season when a couple of the crack mem- 
bers were lost for the season, but the team 
came through in fine style to record a seven 
win, five lost record. 

In the Fenn relays held in Cleveland, the 
team did better this year than they did last 
year when they copped a third in the relays 
compared to the fifth place of last year's team. 

In the Ohio conference meet held at Kenyon 
this year, the natators captured third place. Joe 
Kotys won the Ohio conference diving crown. 

This year's team was KSU's first entry in the 
National collegiate swimming meet held at 
Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

Coach William Hoover 



Not since 1934 has the university had a golf 
team comparable to the '48 edition of the Flash 
linksmen. In addition to piling up eight wins 
against one loss in dual competition, the golfers 
took third place in the Ohio conference meet 
at Denison. 

They also tied the university record of six 
consecutive wins. The original mark was set 
in 1934. 

Falling before the on-slaught of the Flashes 
clubs were Mt. Union twice, Youngstown, West- 
ern Reserve, twice, Hiram and Akron. 

In the Ohio State tournament, the Flashes 
notched seventh place. 

Youngstown college spoiled the dual match 
record for the golfers of Coach Harry Adams as 
they turned the Flash linksmen back with a 
10-6 defeat in the seventh meet of the year. 

The golf team poses for the Burr photographer. 


Reorganized for the first time since pre-war 
days under Karl Chesnutt, the Blue and Gold 
tennis team moved through a nine dual match 
schedule with a six win, three loss mark. 

The victories came in pairs over Mt. Union, 
Kent State University Canton, and Hiram. West- 
ern Reserve took two decisions from the Flashes 
and Mt. Union's Purple Raiders copped the 

Jim Kline and Dick Brownsberger trekked to 
Kenyon to represent the university in the Ohio 
conference match but failed to get past the first 
two days' competition. 

Two shut-outs were effected by the squad as 
they blanked Mt. Union 9-0 and KSUC, 5-0. In 
their two wins over the Hiram Terriers, the 
combine gave up only one point each time as 
they triumphed 4-1 and 8-1. 

Coach Doyle Nutter and Hank Newell going over some of the rules. 


TOP LEFT: Everybody is up in the air for the ball. 
BOTTOM LEFT: The winning fraternity football team, 
Gamma Tau Delta. 

TOP RIGHT: Joe Begala gives his wrestlers some instructions. 
BOTTOM RIGHT: Working out on the trampolene. 


Working with more organizations and teams, Vic 
Moore directed and guided all phases of competition 
between the various fraternities and independent groups 
on the campus in another year of intramural sports. 

Coming through as a dark horse, the Gamma Tau 
Delta fraternity copped the first place in interfraternity 
football competition, and then came back strong to win 
the all-university championship in volleyball, and cap- 
ture the trophy in the fraternity swimming competition. 

Maintaining their dominance as a basketball power, 
the Delta Phi Sigma's captured the all-university cham- 
pionship and also won games from the independent 
championship team from Hiram and the intramural 
champs from Akron university. 

The Delts also were the winners of the interfraternity 
wrestling crown to give them two of the coveted trophies 
by mid-season. 

In the track meet held last spring the Kappa Mu 
Kappa's pulled a first to win the trophy. 


The Gammas in action in the 
championship volleyball game. 

Fraternity swimmers wait for the 
starting gun to get the swimming 
meet underway. 


Modern dance class goes through a routine. 
Two members of the shark club give a demonstration. 

A class in water ballet. 
Del Kne gets ready to serve in a badminton game. 


Under the auspices of the Women's Athletic Asso- 
ciation board composed of representatives from each 
sorority and dormitory, university women participate in 
athletics in a program similar to men's intramurals. 

They engage in ping-pong, soccer, badminton, 
volleyball, basketball, bowling and various other ath- 
letic events. The organization or sorority accumulating 
the most points receives the Women's Athletic Associa- 
tion trophy that is presented each year. 

Last year the trophy was won by the Alpha Xi 
Delta's. This year the competition seems to be much 
keener and it is an open race so far which any team 
might win. 

Advised by Miss Beverly Swidel, instructor in physi- 
cal education, the WAA attempts to present a suitable 
intramural athletic program in which any woman in 
residence is eligible to participate. 


Marian and her partner seem to 
be doing all right in their ping- 
pong game. 

The girls are all out when it 
comes to a good volleyball game. 





The initial chapter of the nationwide dramatic hon- 
orary, Alpha Psi Omega, was founded at Kent in 1926 
by E. Turner Stump and Paul Opp. The honorary now 
totals 245 chapters. 

Membership is by invitation based on points re- 
ceived for work in radio or theater. 

Nick Bozeka headed the honorary while the other 
officer was Dominic DeSimio. Nick was president while 
Dominic was secretary-treasurer. G. Harry Wright was 

Social activities include a banquet for Alpha Psi 
Omega members and the speech staff. 

FIRST ROW: Eddy Mauro, Jim Sharp, Bob 

Wallace, Wilbur Adams. 

SECOND ROW: Bob McDonald, Janet Gillespie, 

Nick Bozeka, Delores Clark, Dominick De 


THIRD ROW: Helen Mitrovka, Prof. John 

Montgomery, Russ Gillis, Prof. Walton Clarke, 

Prof. G. Henry Wright, Prof. Eleanor Gray. 

FIRST ROW: William Hunter, Charles Finley, 
Ernie Czetli, Ruth Ann Crawford, James Root, 
Rosemary Acierno, Prof. James A. Fosdick, 

SECOND ROW: Henry Shapiro, Roger Baele, 
Emmanuel Karbeling, Betty Rowlen, Gordon 
Goldsmith, Sonya Goldsmith, Doris Carpenter, 
David Kaplan, Jean Stage, Robert McMaken, 
Robert Kidd. 

Landscapes, fashions, animals and color photo- 
graphs marked the high spots in this year's salon ex- 
hibits of the Lens and Shutter club. 

All-day as well as evening field trips were made by 
the group in order to give the shutterbugs a chance at 
better pictorial material. 

Social gatherings are not neglected by these camera 
enthusiasts who turned out for parties during the holiday 
season, the short course and the spring quarter. 

Membership is open to any university student inter- 
ested in photography either as a hobby or a profession. 

Robert Kidd served as president with Rosemary 
Acierno and Roger Baele assisting him. Prof. James 
Fosdick was advisor for the group. 



Die Deutsche Gesellschaft since its founding last year 
has expanded in membership to 27 students who have 
an interest in the German language and the culture of 

A foreign language program was given by the 
German Club in conjunction with the other foreign 
language clubs. 


The officers for the past year were Paul Schall, 
president of the club, with E. H. Schott assisting him as 
vice-president. Charmaine Hubrich was secretary with 
the treasurer's position being filled by Peter Chase. 

The faculty advisor for the German Club for the past 
year was Walter L. DeVolld, assistant professor of 

FIRST ROW: Frank Ostrowski, Frank Calvary, 

Ed Schott, Felix Weil, Hank Sternweiler, Robert 


SECOND ROW: Charles McAllister, Betty 

Winter, Virginia Kasik, Edna Mae Blanar, 

Charmaine Hubrich, Betty Jane Abbott, Peter 


THIRD ROW: William Squires, Jack Smeltzer, 

Paul Schall, George Eaton, Dick Harrick, Robert 

Wright, Lee Sample. 

FIRST ROW: Mr. Hippie, Advisor, Lucille 
Hyman, Doris Merton, William Akus, Miss 
Helen Machan, advisor. 

SECOND ROW: Margie Harbaugh, Clarisa 
Perez, Mary Ellen Hoffman, Anthony Toras- 
kiewicz, June Steigerwald, Harvey Cummings, 
Mary Hogan, Betty Jane Abbott, Sylvia Spade, 
Vincent Maddamma. 

Adoption of a French family to which food and 
clothing are sent twice a month is a worthwhile charity 
of Le Cercle Francais. 

The French club, whose purpose is to increase inter- 
est in the French language and culture, was reorganized 


in its present form in 1935 by Helen Machan and Belle 

From the original 3, the organization has grown to 
a maximum of 30 and was active throughout the war. 
For the past year the organization has been guided by 
Doris Merton, president, with the assistance of Lucille 
Hyman, Betty Abbott, June Steigerwald, and Harvey 
Cummings. Advisors are Helen Machan and John 



Encouragement and recognition of high scholarship 
in the business field is one of the principle aims of Zeta 
Iota, women's business honorary. In keeping with this 
aim they award a plaque to the member with the highest 
scholastic rating. 

Eighteen members of the honorary sponsor open 
meetings and parties for all the women in business 
administration, secretarial science and business edu- 


Eileen Young, president, heads the list of officers 
which includes, June Hirka, vice-president; Angeline 
Scorcous, secretary and Dorthea Helman, treasurer. 
Miss Louise Wheeler is the active advisor of the 

New members of the organization are chosen pri- 
marily on the basis of scholastic achievement. 

FIRST ROW: Ruth Snyder, Charlotte Grimes, 

Carolyn Collin, Eileen Horner. 

SECOND ROW: Aurelia Adams, Miss Louise 

Wheeler, advisor, Eileen Young, Angeline 

Scorcous, Dorthea Helman. 

THIRD ROW: Marilyn Woodling, Gerry Olewin- 

ski, Jean Milford, Pat Hess, Shirley Edwards. 

FIRST ROW: Donald Sabath, Phyllis Slack, 
Gabriel Mocilnikar, Raymond Perez, Manuel 
Barreiro, Dolly Gray, Teresa Edgar. 
SECOND ROW: Doris Merton, June Steiger- 
wald, Mary Jackson, Clarisa Perez, Margaret 
Martin, Joyce Marshall, Betty Jane Abbott, 
Jean Dvorak. 

THIRD ROW: Dr. F. D. Amner, Mr. Kirk, David 
Brainard, Miss Machan, Jean Klasgye, Miss 
Bernice Wicks, Sue Liebermann, Dorthy 
Romanavich, John Goudeau, Dr. Albert Pamies. 

La Tertulai was recently founded for those students 
who are interested in the Spanish language and our 
neighboring country. 

Two medals are presented each year by the club 
to outstanding students of Spanish. 

Speakers are invited to the meetings which are also 

made up of student participation in Spanish games 
and songs. 

Betty Abbott directs the activities of the club, 
assisted by Doris Merton, Jean Klasgye, Ray Perez, 
and Jean Dvorak. Dr. F. D. Amner is advisor. 




FIRST ROW: Yoshino Tamashiro, Phyllis Miday. 

SECOND ROW: Maria Fiori, Lucille Hyman, Mrs. Estella Striplin, Charlotte 

Caldwell, Deane Ritter. 

THIRD ROW: Charlotte Grimes, Carol Shindledecker, Barbara King, Lois Dorsey, 

Jerry Rigby. 

Engleman Hall, named lor the former presi- 
dent of the university, houses 235 upperclass 

Along with individual participation in all 
campus activities, the residents of the hall par- 
ticipate as a group in Pork Barrel, Campus 
Day parade, and Penny Carnival. This year 
Engleman was awarded the Homecoming Deco- 
ration trophy and the Pork Barrel trophy in the 
dormitory division. 

Governing the hall this year were Lucille 
Hyman, Charlotte Caldwell, Maria Fiori, Lois 
Dorsey, Joshino Tamashiro, and Phyllis Miday. 

Mrs. Striplin is head resident. 

The members of the hall held a winter formal 
this year in Akron and according to all reports 
it was a gala affair. 



One of the university's most important groups is the 
Allocations Committee which allots money to various 
campus organizations from the student activity funds. 
This amount totalled approximately $85,000.00 this year. 

After this money is allotted it must be approved by 
student council. 

Composed of 18 representatives and four advisors 

appointed by student council, the committee chairman 
was Warren Lashley and secretary was Rosemary 

Advisors to the committee are Drs. Donald Anthony, 
Stanley Corey, Kenneth Kelly, and Mr. Paul Beck, 
business manager of the university. 

Kent State's unit of the American Newspaper Guild 
is the largest collegiate chapter in the country. It boasts 
sixty members who actively participate on the various 
student publications. 

Picnics, dances and other social events fill the social 
calendar of the year old organization. 

The guild assists its members with their preparation 

for the newspaper field. It also provides a chance for 
students to become acquainted with prominent members 
from the various fields of the newspaper industry. 

Jerry Mekler performed the presidential duties dur- 
ing the absence of Larry Vitsky in the winter quarter. 
Other officers were Bill Kalaher, Gloria Sherrets and 
Clarence Peoples. 




To further interest in chemistry among KSU students 
is the purpose of the Chemistry club and also the 
"Chemistry Club News" pamphlet published by the 

Several members have been cited by the American 
Chemical Association for "Excellence in Chemistry". 

The club has men from industry and the faculty as 
speakers at their business meetings, which also are in 
the form of field trips to neighboring cities. 

The officers are James Buzard, president, and James 
Butcher, Joan Schilling, Audrey Kana, and Charles 
Bammerlin. Dr. C. Carroll is advisor. 

Thos. F. Drouillard, C. R. Bammerlin, Tony 
DeGidio, Joan Schilling, Mary Misko, Marjorie 
Miller, Audrey Kana, Joyce Bates, Kathryn 
Panis, Robert L. Perraud, George Skocic, Burton 
Goodrich, Jom Boettler, Erwin Pollack, Irving 
Blackman, Jim Buzard, Jim Butcher, Robert 
Rumberger, Albert Kloes, John Hadley, Ben 
Hadley, George Reesman, Kenneth Lange, 
J. C. Carroll. 

FIRST ROW: Gerald Beeman, Al Pfouts, Bill 

Girgash, Jack Gulshen. 

SECOND ROW: Murray Powers, John Stage, 

Bob Steffy, Bob West, Jim Smith, Arthur 


THIRD ROW: Phil Dempsey, Clarence Peoples, 

Don Warman, Jerry Meekler, Bob Weymueller, 

Bill Baum, George Scriven. 

Arrangements for two of the Journalism department's 
activities, the publications banquet and the N.E.O.S.P. 
clinic, are handled by Chi Pi, men's journalism honor- 

A local, the fraternity is working hard for the attain- 
ment of one of its chief goals, to become affiliated with 
Sigma Delta Chi, the national fraternity. 


Nineteen men, active on campus publications and 
with high scholastic ratings, comprise this year's mem- 
bership roll. 

Special guest speakers of the profession are featured 
at both the regular and dinner meetings. 

Larry Vitsky and Bill Girgash served as president 
and vice-president respectively. They were aided by 
Clarence Peoples, secretary and Bill Baum, treasurer. 



FIRST ROW: Wally Bijak, Glenn McFarland, Don Moneton, James Batie, Eugene Wollensleigel, 

Bob Reese. 

SECOND ROW: Marilyn Kotis, Peggy Cook, Louise Jones, Ann Irons, Barbara Swartz, Pat Knott, 

Eleanor Zika. 

THIRD ROW: Jean Sessions, William Workman, Fred Talerico, Sybill Ellinwood, Bob Alexander, 

Nancy Wyatt, Le Roy Erickson, Norma Remnell, Jack Loney. 

Wally Katouch, Nancy King, Douglas McDonald, Richard 
Pope, Richard Kirchner, Miss Cicerello. 

Abstract paintings, white pillars, spun glass 
and dry ice combined to form the unique back- 
ground for this year's most original dance, the 
Masque Ball. 

Sponsored by the Art club, the dance is an 
annual event. This is not the only dance the 
group decorates. Their artistic talents are fre- 
quently called upon to transform Wills gym or 
Moulton music room into an "out-of-this-world" 

Thirty-four active members have worked to- 
gether this year under the direction of Richard 
Pope, president. Other officers were Wally 
Katouch, vice-president, Nancy King, secretary, 
Douglas McDonald, treasurer and Dick Kirch- 
ner, social chairman. 

Miss Cicirello, instructor of art, acted as 
faculty advisor to the group. 



FIRST ROW: Pat McGrail, Art Davies, Leo Damore, Pat Diamond, Janet Copley, Don Dornback, Holly 

Gier, Len Dockus, Dick Rice. 

SECOND ROW: Joe Friedman, Michael Bibee, Bonnie Sue Rader, Jane Greer, Marilyn Hall, Chuck 

Charlesworth, George Wilson. 

THIRD ROW: Roland Patzer, Dick Chapman, Terry Atkinson, Bill Weir, Paul Timko, John Brandy, 

Bob Moore, Dick Frame, Roy Matheson. 

Sam Dudra, Joan Clark, Lt. Col. Wall, Miriam Mitchell, 
Al Lumsden. 

Pep rallies, fight show, stadium drive, mem- 
bership drive, assemblies — yes, the Booster 
club has had a busy year. 

Over 1200 students, faculty members, and 
friends of Kent State university comprise the 
group that prides itself in the fact that it is 
boosting a great university. 

During the fall quarter, the greatest pep 
rallies in the history of the school highlighted 
the grid campaign of the Golden Flashes. 
Torches lighted the way, guest speakers were 
on hand, the university band paraded, throngs 
of enthusiastic Flash followers were awed by 
the spectacles. 

The winter quarter of 1949 brought Bill 
Reichard, one of the school's outstanding Boost- 
ers, in as president. Bright prospects fill the air 
for the coming year. 



FIRST ROW: Lawrence Avril, Roger Howard, Paul Snyder, Curt Sarff, Donald Warman, John Finn, 
David Kaplan, Philip Brustein, Warren Lashley. 

SECOND ROW: David Freed, Irving Wheatley, Nick Bozeka, Harold Stoneman, Larence Vitsky, 
Fred Scadding, Wade Milford, Wallace Kotouch, Owen McCafferty, Philip Dempsey, Richard Paskert, 
Myron Gilbert, Charles Whitehead, Robert Weymueller, Neal Manning, William Becherer, Don E. 
Smith, Germane Swanson, Neil Crandall, Irving Hahn, Martin Leiman, Louis Federico. 

Paul Snyder, Dean Manchester, Don Warman. 

Publishing the student directory was again 
undertaken by the members of Blue Key. This 
is sold to the students without profit by the Blue 
Key as an example of the services offered by 
the men's national honorary. 

The organization is now in its seventeenth 
year on the campus and numbers approximate- 
ly thirty-five members. 

Blue Key upholds its motto, "Serving I Live", 
by taking charge of Frosh Week and helping 
with the Stadium drive and voting details. 

Cardinal Key, the women's national honor- 
ary, assists Blue Key in staging the annual 
Penny Carnival each year. 

The president for the Blue Key for the past 
year was Don Warman aided by Curt Sarff. 
Paul Snyder was secretary and John Finn was 
treasurer. Faculty advisor for the honorary 
group is Raymond E. Manchester, Dean of Men. 



FIRST ROW: Maria Fiori, Carol Hart. 

SECOND ROW: Elaine Brown, Martha Lansinger, Rosemary Grzincic, Lois Musick, Joan McDermott, 

Rosemary Acierno. 

THIRD ROW: Angeline Scourcos, Lea Baumann, Doris Merton, Joyce Bates, Gloria Sherrets. 

FIRST ROW: June Hirka, Lucille Hyman. 

SECOND ROW: Sally Yingst, Ann Irons, Eilleen Young. 

Outstanding is an apt description of one of 
the campuses leading honoraries, Cardinal Key, 
women's national service honorary. The word 
also fits the projects sponsored by the organi- 
zation as well as the members who are chosen 
to wear its key. 

Among their red letter events are Campus 
Day, Family day and Penny Carnival. 

The most outstanding senior woman receives 
a cup awarded by the honorary. 

Participation in campus activities, high schol- 
arship and character form the basis for election 
to membership in the honorary. 

Capably handling the presidential duties this 
year was Ann Irons. Assisting her were Lucille 
Hyman, vice-president; Sally Yingst, recording 
secretary; Eilleen Young, corresponding secre- 
tary, and June Hirka, treasurer. 



FIRST ROW: Guenveur Harper, Laura Perniece. 

SECOND ROW: Rosalia Fiori, Eleanor Krempaski, Donna DuRivage. 

THIRD ROW: Joan Borts, Barbara Lightfoot, Kameyo Mujasaki. 

Having the distinction of being the oldest 
dormitory on the Kent campus, Lowry Hall 
houses 150 students. 

Until the cafeteria in the new Student Union 
is completed, Lowry is serving as eating quar- 
ters for all dormitory women on the campus. 

During the year the hall has many social 
activities and is also a keen competitor in 
Penny Carnival, Campus Day Parade, Pork 
Barrel and Homecoming. 

Rosalia Fiori was Lowry president, assisted 
by Eleanore Krempasky, vice-president; Mary 
Donna DuRivage, secretary; Kameyo Jujasaki, 
treasurer; Guenveur Harper was social chair- 

Lowry Hall is the interlude between frosh 
and upperclass houses. Mrs. E. M. Russell is 
head resident. 



FIRST ROW: LaVerne Schick, Gweneth Jones, Holly Gier. 

SECOND ROW: Bernadine Hardesty, Martha Buckels, Mrs. Eleanor Lallance, 

Ruth Watson, June Smith, Thelma Petro. 

This is home for the 200-odd Freshmen for 
their first year here at KSU. Although most of 
the girls are inexperienced to the ways of col- 
lege life, the girls at Moulton carried on a full 
program of social activities equal to that of 
either of the upperclass dorms. 

Officers for the Moultonites for the past year 
were LaVerne Schick, Gweneth Jones, Holly 
Gier, Bernadine Hardesty, Martha Buckels, Ruth 
Watson, June Smith, and Thelma Petro. 

A Christmas dance, the Mint Prom, was held 
in Moulton Music Room prior to the holidays 
for the members of Moulton. 

Mrs. Eleanore Lallance was housemother at 
the freshman dorm for the fourth year. 



FIRST ROW: Fred Scadding, Larry Marchasano, Paul Snyder, George McClellan. 
SECOND ROW: Myron Gilbert, Bill Kalaher, John Finn, Jim O'Brien, Harry Moldovan. 

FIRST ROW: Dean Manchester, Neal Manning. 

SECOND ROW: Bob Beachy, George Groft, Tom Welsh, 

Guy Shelley. 

Presenting one of the biggest shows, Pork 
Barrel, on the campus is only one of the tasks 
carried on by Men's Union. 

These shows are sponsored in cooperation 
with Women's League. Planning for rehearsals, 
the final program, judges, and other small de- 
tails are just part of the tasks connected with 
presenting this show. 

Also this year, Men's Union working with 
Women's League and the Art club presented the 
annual Masque Ball. 

The organization is headed by Neal Manning 
as president and the faculty advisor is genial 
Dean Manchester, dean of men. 



FIRST ROW: Eleanore Krempasky, Dawn Kerkhof, Dolores Kne, Barbara Berg. 

SECOND ROW: Peg Boone, Holly Geir, Charlotte Caldwell, Priscilla Thompson, Dr. Ada V. Hyatt. 

THIRD ROW: Marilyn Woodling, Shirley Edwards, Elizabeth Robinson, Jo Haggerty. 

SEATED: Dean Ada V. Hyatt, Peg Boone. 

STANDING: Shirley Edwards, Elizabeth Robinson, Joan 


To promote closer relations among women 
students and between women students and their 
school through representatives of every wo- 
men's organization on campus is the purpose 
of the Women's League. 

The Big-Little Sister Tea, at which upperclass 
women meet the freshmen who they will aid 
throughout the coming year, and the Senior 
Women's Banquet are given by the League. 

The Executive Council of 15 members repre- 
sent the woman enrollment. Margaret Boone 
served last year as president while Ann Irons 
was vice-president; Shirley Edwards, secretary; 
Jo Haggerty, treasurer; and Elizabeth Robinson, 
student court chairman. 



FIRST ROW: Andy Mangione, Frank 
Romeo, Dwigh! Strayer, Neno Venetta, 
Sal Gatti, Ed Sikora. 

SECOND ROW: Wally Kraus, Bob 
Hughes, Ton Zengler, Marty Hannigan, 
Bob Duncan, Ernie Port, Gene Barchick. 
THIRD ROW: Bob Roawden, George 
Caso, Al Rohaley, Mel Bradich, Ed 
Macejko, Henry Eagen. 

FIRST ROW: Leo Morley, Bob Downer, 

Joe Broz, Kenny Haina, Mark Carroll, 

Dick Abrahams. 

SECOND ROW: Vinnie Bocchino, Bob 

Fuehrer, Prof. John Goudeau, advisor, 

Larry Calby, Paul Mathews, Dick Dzurec, 

Bernie Suhayda. 

THIRD ROW: Tom DiCola, Louis Fazzi, 

Louis Spinetti, John Finn, Gus Contrera, 

Tom Drouillard, Dick Logan, Tony Weiss- 

garber, Dave Sebesta. 


Sal points out an interesting subject to Larry. 

TOP: Disc jockey, Bob Roawden spins the platters for the 


BOTTOM: Paul shows the boys some of his pictures. 

The Friars' Club was formally organized on 
January 27, 1948, by twenty students interested 
in forming a fraternity for Catholic men. With 
this aim in mind the members have developed 
one of the most prominent organizations on 

Now having a membership of sixty men, the 
Friars have been very active socially. Each of 
the eight sororities on campus has been a guest 
in their home at 225 East College street where 
they have been residing since June, 1948. 

Although the Friars are still in their infancy, 
they have already set the precedent for future 
members with the traditional "Gold Cup" formal 
dance to be held each winter quarter. For each 
quarter since their founding, the Friars have 
had a formal dance. 

Other traditions which the club has formu- 

lated are "The Friar", a monthly publication by 
the club, and Communion Sunday. The first 
Sunday of each month all of the brothers receive 
Holy Communion in a body at St. Patrick's 

Contributing their donation toward the sta- 
dium drive, the Friars' Club brought Spike Jones 
to K.S.U.'s campus. For two and one-half hours 
the audience split their sides with laughter at 
the "Big Nail" and his City Slickers' musical 
madness in his "Musical Depreciation Review". 

Realizing the potentialities for a group of 
young men having one common belief, Catho- 
licism, the members of the Friars' Club are 
whole-heartedly striving to promote intellectual 
and social inspiration on the campus. They 
look forward to becoming a local and someday 
a national fraternity. 



Promotion of Christian ideals and closer fellowship 
of college men is the aim of one of Kent's newest 
organizations, Delta Sigma Theta, national Methodist 
men's fraternity. 

The local chapter, Sigma, was officially installed 
June 5, 1948 when 21 men were initiated. Membership 
is now at 28. 

Following the initiation of the fall pledge class the 

fraternity's attention was focused on the Valentine 
Sweetheart dance. They also participated in many of 
the social activities of Wesley Foundation. 

William H. Saltsman directed the fraternity's activi- 
ties. Assisting him were Charles Kendig, David Sprang, 
Hobart Adams, John Collins, Bill Nicol, William Barth 
and Harold Province. 

C.A.R.E. packages were sent to the Europeans by the 
Elementary Education club which also co-operated in 
the European Teacher's aid program this year. 

Approximately 50 elementary education majors 
comprise the membership of the organization. 

Social highlight of the year was the spring banquet. 

Monthly meetings frequently feature outstanding speak- 
ers in the profession. 

Marion Brunswick performed the presidential duties 
for the organization. Janet Crawford served as secretary- 
treasurer and social chairman. Miss Susanne Koehler 
acted as faculty advisor to the group. 




Campus Night 1948 is well remembered for the 
trophy it brought to the recently organized Daughters 
of Mary club. The club was only two months old when 
it captured the Independent trophy in the annual parade 
of floats. 

Efforts of the members are directed toward a com- 
mon goal — to become a local catholic sorority. 

Meanwhile the club is participating in various uni- 
versity activities including Pork Barrel and the Row 
Boat Regatta. 

Directing the club's activities were Joan Beckman, 
assisted by Betty Buckley, Frances Stone, Delores 
Volpe, and Phyllis Cye. Miss Mellert and Rev. Cun- 
ningham acted as advisors to the group. 

FIRST ROW: Frances Stone, Miss Mellert, Jean 


SECOND ROW: Mary Popovitch, unidentified, 

Evelyn Kalesar. 

FIRST ROW: Geraldine Carroll, Cletus Fisher, 

Warren Lashley, Robert Benjamin, Louise 


SECOND ROW: R. L. Kent, Eugene Berrodin, 

Herbert Kaley, Roger Howard, John Gallagher. 

Host to different debate tournaments is only one of 
the many activities carried on by the Forensic Club 
here at the university. 

Traveling around to different area high schools and 

Ohio intercollegiate events were also sponsored by the 
local group headed by the student forensics director 
Warren Lashley. 



Raymond DeMattia, Francis Stone, Margaret Breth, Donna Jean 
Fullerton, Corinne Morris, Mary Kay Powell, Harry Yeagley, David 
Shaffer, Robert Smith, Lester Logan, Robert Jackson, John Salomone, 
Lee McMillen, Joseph Chidley, Rose Marie Black, Francis Weisbeski, 
Betsy Wooddell, Rolland Miller, Inola Wegman, Ralph Schmotzer, 
Amelia Espinosa, Joseph Schiavone, Dorothy Simpson, Don Winkle- 
man, Samuel Topper, Dorothy Jeffers, John Dingledine, William 
Shuba, Virginia Brand, Jean Fritchley, Viola Kaipaninen, Don 
Fessenmeyer, Charles Parson, John Bonar, Barbara Warlters, Wade 
Joseph, Wanda Fields, Glenn Cowgill, Richard Greenfield, Charles 

Whitehead, Joseph Chidley, Raymond Bliss, Esther Hahn, Dorothy 
Young, Earl Waggoner, William Battista, Donald Karolian, Gordon 
Muthersbaugh, Harvey Heiss, James Boettler, Elio Agresta, Joseph 
Glorioso, Edward Ribinska, Mary Lou Farrell, Ruth Watson, Alice 
Hoover, Donald Erb, Georgia Dubbs, Leslie Girton, Herbert Bacon, 
Henry Schlaeppi, Harold Eckart, Richard Hoover, Donald Leine, Glenn 
Stephen, Elvin Simshauser, Richard Banker, Mary Alice Weller, 
Charles Bowers, Charles Hairston, James La Marsh, Joseph Nohejl, 
Roland Gamble, Clayton Chisholm, Walter Chisholm, Richard McNeil, 
Edward Murphy, Dorothy Schramm, Joseph Grabski, Alberta Kortze. 


The concert band, now celebrating its twen- 
tieth anniversary of continuous existence, was 
conducted by its founder, Roy D. Metcalf, in the 
spring performance at James Ford Rhodes high 
school auditorium in Cleveland during the sea- 
son. Featured was the Poem by Griffes, with 
Raymond DeMattia, flutist, as soloist. 

Officers of the band for the past year were 
John Bonfar, president; Charles Parsons, vice- 
president; and Joe Chidley, secretary. 


Girls from the trombone section. 

The band makes a K formation at a night game. 


Definitely adding a colorful attraction to the 
football games last fall was the marching band, 
whose routines were both clever and well- 

The band also helped the booster club in 
making their spirited pep-rallies such a success 
by playing for them and leading the parades 

The band, under the direction of Roy D. 
Metcalf, consists of the women's and men's 
band, student directed by Joyce Conkle and 
Ralph Faulk. 

larilyn Grecni, one of the majorettes. 

Swinging out in a V formation. 

Four of the members pose for a picture. 

1 ^ 1 ) l [j H I , „^ l, ,yn l S f J,^.* ' ^ ' 



Winners of the independent division trophy for Pork 
Barrel for two successive years is the Industrial Arts 

Activities of the club are many and varied. Besides 
sponsoring speakers, movies and field trips concerned 
with the profession they participate in many social 
affairs co-sponsored with the Home Economics club. 

The 40 members also find time to enjoy barn dances 
and a spring banquet. 

Another function of the organization is the publica- 
tion of the "NEOIAN", North Eastern Ohio Industrial 
Arts News, each quarter. 

The official roster lists Joseph Bell, president, assisted 
by William Myers, Robert Hammer, Warren Foley, and 
Delmar Olsen, advisor. 

FIRST ROW: John Kalo, Claire Noftzgen, Victor 

Naples, Jerry Haught, John Riddell, Kenneth 


SECOND ROW: Delmar Olson, Richard Horden, 

Robert Hammer, Richard Foley, Joseph Bell, 

William Myers, Thomas O'Brien, Richard Ger- 

her, Russell Gander. 

THIRD ROW: Adolph Frehs, Paul Cernel, 

James Ervin, Joe Knapp, Charles Lux, Raymond 

Hotchkiss, Aliven Payne, Mathew Dolence, 

George Goethen, Richard Fannin, Charles 


FIRST ROW: Bill Christenson, Juanita Simmons, 
Olin Ulrey, Grace Margaret Wolf, Carl Black- 
burn, Tom Spencer, Dorothy Clinkscales, Jim 

SECOND ROW: Ruby Ulrey, Jean Brew, 
Eileen Hopkins, Teresa Edgar, Alice Spencer, 
Lois Porter, Evelyn Miller, Jean Apitz. 
THIRD ROW: Donald Rhinemiller Jr., Ted 
Perry, John Deaver, Marian King, Charlotte 
Moon, Barny Hoanish, George Way, Richard 

"To know Christ and to make him known" is the 
primary aim of the Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship. 
This group was founded in 1946 and has grown from a 
daily prayer meeting of three students to a recognized 
university organization of about 35 active students. 

The activities of this group consist of student con- 

ducted daily prayer meetings and weekly Bible studies. 
Occasionally, veteran missionaries speak. 

Herbert Wilbur, head of the accounting department, 
is faculty advisor. Carl Blackburn is president; Tom 
Spencer, vice-president; and Grace Margaret Wolf, 




The Interdenominational Student Christian Council's 
main objective is to promote and plan cooperative 
religious programs and activity on the campus. 

The group spent a great deal of time in publicizing 
and collecting money for the World Student Service 
Fund. At present there are fourteen members in the 

organization representing seven different groups. 

The president for the past year was Jack Loney. His 
assistants were Joan Schilling, secretary; June Hirka, 
treasurer, with Rev. Don Barss, Rev. Forest Bond, Rev. 
Laten Carter and Prof. Edward Pake acting as advisors 
for the group. 

FIRST ROW: June Hirka, Joan Schilling, 
Dorothy Clinkscales. 

SECOND ROW: Rev. Laten Carter, Rev. Don 
Barss, Prof. Edward Pake, Jack Loney, Ed. 
Paul, Charles Nairn, Harold Luxon. 

FIRST ROW: Marilyn Woodling, Jean Barnum, 
Paula Quinn, Elizabeth Jones, Beverly Stafford, 
Pat West, Martha Lansinger, Edna Brown, 
Carol Peterson, Martha Shingler, Pat Buckson, 
Larraine Crenshaw, Gertrude Moss, Phyllis 
Spillman, Joan Schilling, Jean Stonstreet. 
SECOND ROW: Dean Infield, Edward Trautz, 
Lester Towe, Irving Hahn, Ray Giannamore, 
Hobart Adams, Maria Fiori, Kathryn Frase, 
Gerald Read, John Prebish, Milan Pavkov, 
Wallace Kotouch, Joan Gebhardt. 
THIRD ROW: G. H. Cooke, Tom Spencer, 
Amos Heer, George Groft, Clayton George, 
William Caskey, Dr. A. W. Stewart, John 
Ervin, Fred Klaisner, James Ervin, Joe Knarpd, 
Adolph Frehs, Eileen Young, Marie Heupel, 
Phyllis Mikula, Lucille Hyman, Fren Mussel- 

Recognition of future teachers outstanding in schol- 
arship was continued this year by Kappa Delta Pi. 
Upper-division students with a cumulative average of 
B or better in the departments of kindergarten-primary, 
elementary, or secondary education are eligible in this 

The organization had for a special activity this year 
the sponsorship of a Future Teachers of America chap- 

ter at Kent. 

Outstanding scholarship students in the various 
colleges of the university are recognized by Kappa 
Delta Pi at its annual tea on Scholarship Day. 

The honorary was led in its activities by Maria Fiori, 
with the assistance of Robart Adams, Kathryn Frase 
and Chris Artale. Advisor is Gerald Read. 



Residents of Unit A 


With the beginning of the winter quarter, 1947, 
approximately 250 unsuspecting male students 
of Kent State university deposited their meager 
belongings in the living quarters known as 
Terrace Lodge. 

Since its opening, Terrace Lodge residents 
have participated in all forms of campus activi- 
ty, including varsity and intramural sports, the 
theater, musical groups, and to varying degrees 
scholastic undertakings. 

The Lodges are divided into five separate 

Recently inaugurated has been the "Dean 
Manchester Scholastic Trophy", a circulating 
award granted to the unit attaining the highest 
point average each quarter. The initial award 
was made to unit E covering the Fall quarter 

Although it has no constitutional govern- 
ment of its own, the various units are ably 
supervised by resident upper-classmen, desig- 
nated as Proctors, who have as one of their 
main responsibilities mediation between resi- 
dents and school authorities. 

Residents of Unit B 


Residents of Unit C 

Residents of Unit D 

Residents of Unit E 



Kappa Phi's and their guests danced amid a pro- 
fusion of valentines at their annual formal dance on 
February 18. 

A winter banquet for their pledges was another 
highlight in the national Methodist sorority's social 

A special program, often featuring an outstanding 
speaker, is planned for each semi-monthly meeting. 

Activities for the 41 members have been under the 
direction of Phyllis Province. Jean Davidson acted as 
vice-president with June Hirka, recording secretary; 
Marjory Miller, corresponding secretary and Audrey 
Kana, treasurer. Other officers were Joan Davidson, 
Juanita Colston and Carolyn Schupp. Sponsor of the 
group is Mrs. Dale Hostetler. 

FIRST ROW: Phyliss Province, Ceeba Copland, 
Dorothy Schramm, unidentified, Daisy Taylor. 
SECOND ROW: Kay Powell, Ruth Jean George, 
Carolyn Schupp, Joann Davidson, Pat Fletcher, 
Mary Farmer, Audrey Ohler, Charmaine Mor- 
gan, June Hirka. 

THIRD ROW: Rhea Evans, Joanne Pollone, 
Eileen George, Charlotte Cauldwell, Madelaine 
Goddard, unidentified, unidentified, unidenti- 
fied, Jean Davidson, Ruth Fleming. 

FIRST ROW: Rosemary Acierno, Gloria Sher- 
rets, Jan Kemp. 

SECOND ROW: Norma Van Bethuysen, Carol 
Hart, Ruth Hoagland. 

Entertaining high school students at the annual high 
school press clinic is one of the many services given by 
Lambda Phi, women's journalism honorary. 

At present the local is on their second probationary 
period prior to going Theta Sigma Phi, women's jour- 
nalism national honorary. 

Besides entertaining high school students, the hon- 

orary edits "Jargon", a publication for all journalism 
students and alumns, and they award a cup for the 
outstanding woman journalist every year at the annual 
publications banquet. 

Gloria Sherrets was the president, and she was 
assisted by Jan Kemp, Rosemary Acierno and Norma 
Van Bethuysen. 




Psi chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, national history 
honorary, was formed from the local historical society 
at Kent State in 1938. 

The members of Phi Alpha Theta are juniors and 
seniors who have taken at least eighteen hours of 

history, with grades of B or better. 

The presidential chores for the past year have been 
handled by Joe Appleby. Advisor for the national 
honorary was Dr. Gertrude Lawrence. 

FIRST ROW: D. Erlewine, W. Dugan, C. Hall, 
M. Ancik, D. Infield, C. Bammerlin, G. Ulvild. 
SECOND ROW: H. Belden, L. Hyman, G. Bird, 
J. Buzzard, J. Bates, B. Marty, Dr. Dexter. 
THIRD ROW: T. Mittiga, M. Miller, J. Butcher, 
J. Hadley, A. Kloes, F. Stumpf, V. Lockert, 
V. Cone, B. Strauss, L. Porter, M. Immler. 

Field trips to the Akron-Canton and Akron airports 
highlighted the activities of Phi Sigma Xi last year. 

The science honorary held for its 30 members a 
banquet and picnic this spring. 

James Buzzard directed the activities of the honorary, 

whose goal is to further interest in the field of biology, 
chemistry, mathematics, and physics. Assistance was 
given by Joyce Bates, Garnett Bird, and Robert Marty. 
Doctors G. K. Shoepfle, R. W. Dexter, and John Kaiser 
were faculty advisors. 



Germane Swanson, Editor 

David Kaplan, Business Manager 


Publishing a year book was a new experience for the 
1949 Chestnut Burr Staff. 

Editor Germane Swanson started working on the 
dummy last June to start the wheels of progress rolling, 
while business manager David Kaplan was busy setting 
up a budget and talking to engravers and printers about 
the contracts. 

Bob Phillips was associate editor, who saw to it that 
the photographers turned their pictures in on time. 

The different sections m the book were handled by 
different editors. 

B. J. Bartlow and Betty Rowlen handled the organiza- 

tions section. Neil Heaslip was editor of the sports 
section, with Frank Leonard and Ruth Horably handling 
the fraternities and sororities. 

In the art department, Ed Karakul was editor and 
he was assisted by Don Bickel, Dick Rice, Mary Jane 
Burton and Ted Burke. 

Robert Kidd was chief photographer and he headed 
the photography crew, with Vic Werner and Ernie Czetli 
doing the portrait work. 

Assisting David Kaplan was Chet Arnold and Fred 

Sue Lieberman, Bob Phillips, Carol Taylor check some copy. 

Carleton J. Smyth, Faculty Advisor 


Photography staff: Bob McMaken, Jim Root, Vic Werner, 
Ernie Czetli, Don Goldsmith. 

Photography staff: Chuck Finley, Roger Baele, Jack Gulshen, 
Bob Kidd, Brian MacNamara, John Stage. 

Art staff: Mary Jane Burton, Dick Rice, Ed Karakul, Don 

Editorial staff: B. J. Bartlow, Elsie Jakubjansky, Neil Heaslip, 
Frank Leonard, Janet Sanow. 

Business staff: Fred Nader, Chet Arnold, Pat Buckson. 

Business staff: Joe Miller, Bill Reichard. 



Outstanding psychology majors comprise the mem- 
bership of Psi Chi, national psychology honorary. 

Members are selected on the basis of scholastic 
standing and the completion of at least 18 quarter hours. 

The advancement of the science of psychology is 
the principle aim of the organization. 

Donald Ferguson served as this year's president. 
Assisting him were Jack Bernhardt, vice-president; 
Marvin Goer, treasurer; Barbara Thomas, corresponding 
secretary; Milton Kenngiff, recording secretary and Don 
Smith, program chairman. Miss Mary Jane Rehder, 
psychology instructor acted as advisor. 

FIRST ROW: Jack Bernhardt, Irving Hahn, 
Robert Knapp, James Wilkins, James Zinger, 
Dean Infield, Robert Brown, Marvin Gilbert 
SECOND ROW: Barbara Caldwell, Betty Jones, 
Wanda Lashley, Irene Brock, Cecelia Elson, 
Barbara Thomas, Jeanne Keller, Lois Jones, 
Mary Jane Rehder, Dorothy Davey. 
THIRD ROW: Donald Ferguson, John Tilton, 
Tom Powers, Marvin Goer, Frank Fedorka, Dr. 
Charles Winslow, Dr. Raleigh M. Drake, 
Frederick Davidson, William Williams, Kannel 
Ireland, Stanley Ratner, Don Smith. 

FIRST ROW: Bess Constantine, Louis Jones, 
unidentified, Elis May, Carol Shindledecher. 
SECOND ROW: Edna Brown, unidentified, 
Marilyn Morey, unidentified. 

Collections of clothing for overseas, and contribu- 
tions to the World Friendship among children were 
made by the home economics honorary, Psi Lambda 
Omicron. These projects are carried on in accord with 
one of the purposes of the organization. 

Latest developments in the allied field of nutrition, 
textiles, interior decorations, etc., are of special interest 
to these future home economists. 

High scholastic standing in the major field and par- 
ticipation in the various departmental activities are the 
basic requirements for election to membership in the 

Carol Shindledecher, president, was assisted by Elis 
May, secretary, and Edna Brown, treasurer. Miss Nona 
Jordan was advisor. 




An appreciation of and an interest in Russian litera- 
ture, music and art has drawn together members of the 
Russian arts club. 

Since its founding two years ago by Bernard Mikof- 
sky, a professor, and Clem Scerbeck, a university stu- 
dent, the club has presented several slavic programs. 

Picnics and dances dot their social calendar while 

their meetings are highlighted by movies and special 

Guiding the club's activities this year were Chris 
Lardis, president; Frank Fedorka, vice-president; Paul 
Klubert, secretary and Joe Biros, treasurer. Mr. Mikofsky 
acted as faculty advisor to the group. 

FIRST ROW: B. Mikofsky, D. Koncos, F. Fe- 
dorka, C. Lardis, L. Howard, T. Labik, R. 
Niedzialek, B. J. Abbott. 

SECOND ROW: J. Biros, C. Kolasinski, P. 
Pastilong, E. Mulica, B. McNamara, S. Bizic, 
R. Berndt. 

FIRST ROW: Robert Reider, Edward Kollor, 
Edwin Minar, William Brown, Lawrence Hock- 
man, Donald Zimmerlin, Maj. George Carter, 
Willard Rogers, George Reesman, Richard 
Mack, Phillip Mack, Phillip Smith, Lt. Col. 
Thomas Wall. 

SECOND ROW: Robert McGowan, Paul Mo- 
tiska, John Lilley, John Webb, Paul Oberlietner, 
Jerome Andrews, Albert Greene, Jr., Robert 
Greenberg, Robert Doak. 

THIRD ROW: Henry Mianowski, James Busson, 
Gale Livengood, Harold Mayfield, Joseph 
Sherman, James Rice, George Simitacoulos, 
Richard Love, Franklin Kelly. 

Donating their services as honor guard for the Home- 
coming queen is one of the services given to the Uni- 
versity by the Scabbard and Blade honorary. 

The organization also presented a queen at their 
Uniform dance held at East Market Gardens in 

At present there are 37 members in the organization. 
Richard Mack is the president and he is assisted by 
James Busson, vice-president; Charles Corpus, treasurer, 
and Bill Rogers, secretary. 

Lt. Col. Wall and Maj. Carter are the faculty advisors 
for the members of Scabbard and Blade. 



Fall editor Bob Weymueller and winter ednor Bill Girgash. 

Fall business manager Neil Crandall and winter business 
manager Ken Webb. 


Giving coverage of all campus activities requires 
nearly full-time work of the dozen or so workers on the 
daily Kent Stater. Published four times weekly, the 
paper requires the services of three editors throughout 
the school year. 

The three editors for the past year were George 
Heaslip, for the summer term, Bob Weymueller in the 
fall quarter and Bill Girgash in the winter quarter. 

The business end of the paper was handled by Stan 
Summergrad in the summer, Neil Crandall in the fall 
quarter and Kenneth Webb in the winter quarter. 

Covering the sporting events for the Daily Stater 
were George Scriven, Neil Heaslip, Bob Morrison, Jay 
Evans and Bill Dunbar. 

Features for the paper were handled by Al Post, 
Robert West, Sylvester Nemes and Leo Damore. 

The Kent Stater again took honors at the Ohio Scho- 
lastic Press Association, and was represented at a 
national conference in the Fall. 

"Putting the paper to bed" was the job of the different 
edition editors and page editors, and it wasn't until 
late at night when the final page proofs were pulled. 

George Heaslip, summer editor, discussing a page lay-out 
with his feature editor, Al Post. 

Winter business manager, Kenneth Webb, and his assistant, 
Sig Thorsen. 


Ruth Ann obtains some help from her co-workers. 

Bob Morrison points out some mistakes in the copy to staff 

Editorial staff members: Bill Girgash, Myron Abood, Dan 
Oana and Bill Kalaher. 

Norma seems to be getting some good news over the phone. 

Bob Steffy, camerman for the Stater, checks over his camera. 



FIRST ROW: William Hoover, advisor, Len 

Pigat, Joe Keefe, Bill Seitz, Jack Shrimplin, 

Bob Beachy, Don Pape. 

SECOND ROW: Larry Snyder, Lou Bragg, Paul 

Thompson, Don Wilson, George Kovalik, Dick 

Frame, Bill Knight, Charles Aherne, Gene 


THIRD ROW: Tom Howells, Bill Reppa, Bill 

Barton, Dick Paskert, Lee Baker, Frank Mc- 

Climon, Fred Klaisner, John Finn, Hank Urycki, 

John Collver, Frank Mesek, Mario Nolfi, Eddie 


FIRST ROW: Jim Betteker, Joe Pisani, Don 
White, Lee Kuhner, Bob Miller, Lee Kot, Loreto 
George, Sandy LeVine. 

SECOND ROW: Bill Cox, Roy Snyder, George 
Morar, Dick Kotis, Bob Pease, Lou Federico, 
Paul Hehr, Howard Wofgram, Bill Hoffman, 

THIRD ROW: Trevor Rees, advisor, Joe Barna, 
Bill Osterlund, Len Price, Bob Evans, John 
Hughes, Dr. Elizabeth Leggett, honorary, Rudy 
Gerbitz, Jim Coll, Bill Parmelee, Don Kratzer, 
Max Harsh, Jerry Tuttle, Bill Blankenship. 

FIRST ROW: James Clark, David Fowler, Les 
Gamble, Leonard Bosworth, Paul Preising, Jack 
Good, Bill Nicol. 

SECOND ROW: Rev. Don Barss, Barbara Craig, 
Donna Barman, Pat Hendrix, Beatrice Moss, 
Juanita Colston, Leona Avery, Betty Stewart, 
Peg Boone, Lujetta Webster, Audrey Kana, 
Rev. Joseph Henderson. 

THIRD ROW: Garrett Gable, Betsy Wooddell, 
Maynelle Fahuny, Shirley Keevert, Phyllis 
Province, Charlotte Moon, Marjorie Miller, 
William Barth, William Love, Don Davis, Ed 
Durr, Robert Benjamin, Richard Banker, Robert 
Street, Gaines Lawrence. 

Taffy pulls, talent shows, square dances, banquets 
and a Christmas party for underprivileged children 
were just a few of the many social events sponsored 
by Wesley Foundation for its members. 

Approximately 165 Methodist preference students 
comprise the membership of the foundation which 
meets every Sunday evening at the church. 

The organization's business was carried on this past 
year by its officers June Hirka, president; Bill Nicol, 
vice-president; Phyllis Province, secretary and Hobart 
Adams, treasurer. 

Director and minister to the students was Rev. 
Donald E. Barss. 




FIRST ROW: Helen Davis, Marily Kotis, Abigail Dickerson, Julie 
Evans, Doris Donovan, Eris May. 

SECOND ROW: Carole Peterson, Helen Garrison, Alice Jones, 
Phyllis Province, Bess Constantine, Bonnie Strauss, Setsuka Tami- 
shiro, Mary Bricker, Helen Bishop, Sarah Johnson, Joan Griffui. 
THIRD ROW: Carole Orlikowski, Nancy Pinkerton, Joanne Pitting- 

ton, Edna Morehouse, Laura Binghave, Eleanore Roush, Peg 

Kelsey, Shirley Lees, Donna Leavengood, Catherine Silon, Jean 


FOURTH ROW: Lois Baisley, Molly Lou Bender, Marily Miller, 

Rosemary Schrader, Pat Hatchel, Marlyn Jenkins, Genea Shick, 

Marily Morey, Marge Engrem, Edna Brown. 

FIRST ROW: Setsuko Tamashuro, Phyllis Province, Bess 

Constantine, Bonnie Strauss. 

SECOND ROW: Mary Bricker, Helen Garrison, Alice Jones. 

"The power behind the throne" aptly de- 
scribes the Home Economics club which is 
responsible for much of the social life of the 

Every fall term is opened with a "buddy" 
picnic. A dinner at Christmas, a fun night in 
the kitchen and a Valentine party with the in- 
dustrial arts club highlighted the social calen- 
dar. The year's activities were climaxed in the 
spring with a Senior Honor Breakfast. 

Not only a social organization but also a 
service one, the club presented Christmas gifts 
to the Kent Child Welfare association for needy 

Officers of the organization were Bess Con- 
stantine, president; Bonnie Strauss, first vice- 
president; Setsuko Tamashiro, second vice- 
president; Alice Jones, recording secretary. Dr. 
Alice Ryder was the club advisor. 



FIRST ROW: William Taylor, Hubert 
Howes, Howard Severns, William 

SECOND ROW: Ervin Matthews, Jr., 
Owen McCafferty, Charles Daum, Stuart 
Barnes, Joseph Mittiga, Robert Parmenter. 
THIRD ROW: Charles Haag, Edgar 
Karaffa, George Gibbons, John Ameling, 
Raymond Renaud, Robert Zengler. 

FIRST ROW: Henry Bury, Lloyd Coxe, 

Edward Johnson, Edward Schlosser, 

John Shimrock. 

SECOND ROW: Albert Lalle, Robert 

McClelland, John Loveless, George 

Borovicka, Charles Needles, Robert 


THIRD ROW: Alexander Serbanuta, 

Allan Benson, Frank Vogel, Winton 

Koch, Gerald Scott, John Grimaldi. 


FACULTY MEMBERS: FIRST ROW: Victor Gravereau, Merle 
Wagoner, Eugene Bigler, Stanley Miller, Theodore Krum. 
SECOND ROW: Smith Line, Charles Taff, Lawrence Dixon, Henry 
Ford, Clifford Hancock. 

At present there are 50 active undergraduate 
members in Delta Sigma Pi, international pro- 
fessional business fraternity, and 26 alumni- 
faculty members on the campus. 

Pre-registration red-tape is simplified in the 
College of Business Administration through the 
cooperation of the Beta Pi local chapter here at 
the university. 

Membership in the honorary fraternity is open 
to those male students regularly enrolled in the 
College of Business Administration, with a 
scholastic average of at least 2.5 at the time 
of application. 

The aims of this organization are to foster 
the study of business in universities, encourage 
scholarship, promote closer affiliation between 
the commercial world and students in commerce 
and to further a higher standard of commercial 
ethics and culture. 

The headmaster for the past year was Vincent 
Hudec, and he was assisted by Lawrence Avril, 
William Underwood, Leonard Jarvis, Jay Larsen 
and Morris Galloway. 

The faculty advisor was Professor Charles 



The Newman Club, a federation of Roman 
Catholic college students, has as its aim the 
deepening of the spiritual and enriching of the 
temporal lives of its members through a bal- 
anced program of religious, intellectual and 
social activities. 

Mass, Communion, and a yearly retreat are 
offered in order that members may practice 
their religion in a group. 

Other activities include communion break- 
fast, two all university dances and an installa- 
tion banquet. 

Frank J. Zima directed the activities of the 
club with the assistance of Kenneth Haina, 
Dorothy Paul, Amabile Venetta, Maria Fiori, 
and Geraldine Carroll. George J. Altman is 
advisor and Rev. Father John Cunningham, 



FIRST ROW: Frank Whitley, David Duff, Dimitar Krustev, Dean 

Infield, Sam Jumais, Dave Brainard, Roy Christopherson, Charles 

Flowers, Paul Cerull. 

SECOND ROW: Robert Hamilton, George Czech, John Johnson, 

George MacKay, Dottie Cross, Alice Mountcastle, Dick Pfund, Joan 

Duff, Jay Brown, Ray Fatig, Ann Irons, Phylis Mikula. 

THIRD ROW: Virginia Gilcrest, Gertrude Moss, Larraine Crenshaw, 

Barbara Myers, Dorothy Clinkscales, Alberta Kortz, Rose Black, 

Dora Lee Kreichbaum, Marilyn Hayes, Gweneth Jones, Dorothy 
Lehet, Joan Schilling, Garnet Bird, Carol Crites, Roberta Doven- 
barger, Janice Flickinger. 

FOURTH ROW: Sarah Dunning, John Wise, Joyce Conkle, Richard 
Fawcett, Pegge Jean Cerull, Jean Miller, John Amling, Jack 
Cockran, Dick Hungerford, Elizabeth Raup, Betty Naugle, Lucille 
Steele, Dawn Gerasimo, Caroline Schupp, Rose Raber, Jean 
Fritchley, Ellen Tucker, Rev. Edward Wilcox. 

Officers of UCF. 

The United Christian Fellowship is a pro- 
gram sponsored by six churches to provide a 
ministry to students in the university environ- 

The cooperating denominations are: Baptist, 
Congregational, Christian, Reformed, Universal- 
ist, and Presbyterian. If you hold membership 
in one of these churches or if you do not have 
a church home, you may become an active 

The purpose of UCF is to foster the expres- 
sion of religious values in all areas of the 
university, encourage students to develop pur- 
poseful Christian living, help students grow in 
churchmanship, xtnd to maintain a Christian 
student fellowship. 

At present there are 125 members in the 
organization. President is Sidney Mountcastle 
and he is assisted by Pegge Cerull and Gordon 
Koeckert. : . 



FIRST ROW: Edward Soinski, Frank 

Kase, David Kaplan, Dave Sprang, 

Richard Bartchy. 

SECOND ROW: Francis Herzog, Nick 

Bostos, Frank Kromar, Paul Weitzel, 

John Lapunka. 

THIRD ROW: Wilbur Beal, Lloyd Gfeller, 

Evan Lemley, Thomas Shubert, Charles 

Swanson, Jack Waggoner, Robert Kidd, 

Francis Mull, advisor. 

FIRST ROW: Erwin Becker, Harry Burk- 

hart, William Gulish, Fred McConnell, 

Gerald Furbish. 

SECOND ROW: Bruce Humphries, Ned 

Dewey, Kenneth Webb, Eugene Mul- 

doon, Jr., Robert Brown. 

THIRD ROW: Charles Walker, Stanford 

Bryan, Richard Gebhart, Fred Green, 

Tracy de Forest, Martin Juhn, Jr., Francis 


FIRST ROW: Robert Carney, Daniel 

Trouten, William Zengler, Sanford Le 

Vine, Angelo Skoulis. 

SECOND ROW: Bruce Abbey, Ross 

Whitemeyer, William Hawkins, Arthur 

Simons, Pete Thanos. 

THIRD ROW: Elmer Dauphin, Raymond 

Perme, Lloyd Butler, George Shields, 

Evan Akers. 

To give its members added training in man- 
agement by speakers in the field of business 
and also by movies is the worthwhile goal of 
the Society for the Advancement of Manage- 

Two banquets were held last year at the 
Mayflower hotel in Akron for the members and 
guests of SAM. 

The Society for the Advancement of Manage- 
ment is the recognized national professional 
society of management people in industry, com- 
merce, government and education. 

This organization represents no special inter- 
est, it is motivated by a selfless zeal to spread 
the benefits of scientific management. 

This recently founded organization has in two 
years increased its membership from 16 to 60 
upper-division students in the college of Busi- 
ness Administration. 

President of the organization was Thomas L. 
Shubert; Martin Barrett was vice-president; 
William Gulich, secretary; and David Sprang, 
treasurer. Professors Francis Mull and Ardin 
Hayes were advisors. 


ORCHESTRA PERSONNEL: Ethel Bakay, Albert Hirzel, Majorie 
Stewart, Dean Infield, Leon Carapetyan, Herbert Kaley, Clayton 
Chisholm, Louise Dillon, Stanley Guise, Harold Greenwald, Martha 
Lansinger, Caroline Arnold, Stylvia Beeman, Catherine Questel, 

Robert Rehula, Robert Smith, Robert Fields, Joseph Chidley, Charles 
Whitehead, Alice Hoover, Donald Erb, Harvey Heiss, Walter 
Portmann, Richard Cooley, Walter Chisholm. 


Highlighting the concert season the past year 
was the joint performance by the university 
orchestra and choirs. The audience enjoyed 
Beethoven's "Coriolanus Overture", Schubert's 
"Symphony No. 5", and Haydn's "The Im- 

In other appearances, the orchestra conducted 
by Walter Cerveny, provided the background 
music for the "Messiah". 

Albert G. Hirzel was president of the group 
and Catherine Questel, secretary. 



FIRST ROW: Steve Barchalk, Al Denholm. 

SECOND ROW: John Harp, Bob McClelland, Phil Graham, Gene 

Guthrie, Bob Colson, Fred Kloos. 

THIRD ROW: Dick Davis, John Jobes, Dick Chapman, Tom 
Hefferon, John Kordas, Bill Brown, Bob Stredney, Bill Drabelich. 

Recognition as the ninth fraternity on the 
Kent State campus was given this year to the 
Tau Kappa club. Founded two years ago, the 
group now consists of 28 members. 

Among other social activities the club spon- 
sored the Snowball dance with benefits going 
to the Stadium Drive. 

President Charles Wagner led the group in 
its activities with the assistance of Wayne 
Thomas, George Hettinger, Tom Caldwell, John 
Born, Jim Tisci, and Wes Karas. 



Sperry Glenn, Jim Shaw, Bill Saltsman, 
Bob Hampton, Dick Hyer, G. E. Feezel, 
Bill Spittle, Rudy Bilder, Bob Reese, 
Richard Kirchner, Robert Wissler, Jack 
Ovington, Dick McGill, James Sullivan, 
Warren Downing, Douglas MacDonald, 
Robert Schobert, Frank Fetchet, Wayne 
Beatty, John Brandy, Lewis Bowers, Ray 
Bickler, John Nolan, James Bippus. 

Q Q '^ 9 » 

Bill Sigenthaler, Bill Fesler, Dick Crowe, 
Al Wagner, Elmer Poor, Skip Maxson, 
Dave Burke, Dick Wear, Harry Snyder, 
John Poor, Bob Horn, John McMillin, 
Keith Haag, Jim Post, Don Bernhart, 
Mike Scalara, Dave Sprang, Bill Irvin, 
Ed Correia, John Campbell, Bob Moore, 
Tom Saltsman, Bob Case, Dale Leven- 
berger, Truman Sumner. 


The boys give out with a melody. 

TOP — The officers of the club hold a discussion. 
BOTTOM — Looks like a bull session to us. 

The growth of the Phi Kappa club since its 
founding two years ago has been indicative of 
its active and increasing participation in cam- 
pus functions. Founded by Harry Snyder, 
Richard Hyer, and Donald Clough, the member- 
ship in the organization now totals 53. The club 
was awarded the songfest cup of 1948 in the 
independent division. 

Among the various social activities engaged 
in by the members of the Phi Kappa club for the 
past year has been a Founders Banquet, plus 
participation in the many athletic events held 
on the campus throughout the year. 

Organized on the same basis as local fraterni- 
ties on campus, this organization aims to pro- 
vide an outlet to develop the talents, abilities 
and character of its members. 

Harry Snyder headed the club this year while 
Robert Hampton was vice-president; Richard 
Hyer, secretary; John Poor, treasurer; Jack 
Nolan, assistant treasurer; and William Salts- 
man, corresponding secretary. Serving as ad- 
visors were Dr. Foster Brooks, professor in the 
mathematics department; Mr. Robert Esser, pro- 
fessor in German; and Mr. William C. Darrah, 
professor in Business Administration. 




FIRST ROW: James Sitler, Phyllis Jones, Leonard Price, Dale 

Ballinger, Joan Rayment, Sam Mujais. 

SECOND ROW: Alex Gradolph, Carl Jordan, Dora Kriechbaum, 

R. Brown, Sally Lou Schell, Don Roche, Pat Caliguire, Beverly 

James, David Sprang, Beverly Stafford. 

THIRD ROW: Tom Crawford, Mearl Eisenhart, Betty Mae Beriram, 

Clayton George, Richard Kleinhaus, Dottie Cross, Kenneth Hanson, 
Richard Kell. 

FOURTH ROW: John Stahlman, Gerald Beeman, Russell Gray, 
Wilbur Beal, Raymond Fatig, Jay William Brown, Don Smith, Bill 
McLain, William Caskey, Donald White. 

FIRST ROW: Sam J. Mujais, Joan Rayment, Phyllis Jones. 
SECOND ROW: James Sitler, Dale Ballinger, Leonard Price. 

Every Tuesday noon members of the Square 
and Compass club gathered at the Robin Hood 
for their weekly luncheon meetings. 

Recent changes in the membership rulings 
make any member of the Rainbow Girls, Eastern 
Star, Jobs Daughters and De Moley, eligible for 
membership in the organization, formerly open 
only to Masons. 

Among the social events of the year were 
card parties, banquets and scruff dance. 

This year's slate of officers was headed by 
Dale Ballinger. Len Price was vice-president, 
Phyllis Jones, secretary; Samuel Mujais, treas- 
urer; John Stahlman, chaplain and Joan Ray- 
ment, assistant secretary. Mr. and Mrs. Arden 
Hayes served as advisors to the group. 



FIRST ROW: Gerald Ott, Wallace Kotouch, Bonnie Sue Rader, 

Irving Wheatly, Charles Fletcher. 

SECOND ROW: Nancy Reddrop, Ruth Mason, Martha Lansinger, 

Barbara Berg. 

THIRD ROW: Wade Milford, Bob Evans, Jo Haggerty, 

Buckles, Glen Fuller, Leroy Tunnell. 


Harry Wise, Phil Dempsey, Clarence Peoples. 

Probably the most important organization on 
campus is student council. 

Traditional campus elections, such as Most 
Popular, Miss Kent State, and council elections 
themselves were handled by this important 

Student council was under the leadership of 
Phil Dempsey this year, who was assisted by 
Harry Wise and Clarence Peoples. Roger 
Howard handled the duties of chairman of the 
social committee with Irving Wheatly being in 
charge of elections committee. 

This group is called on in case of any left 
over money in the allocating funds, and the 
matter of late hour permits for women on the 


J. Jevnikar, E. Kolesar, I. Brodbeck, C. Hollingsworth, B. Hildreth 
E. Stone, J. Douglass, C. Shindledecker, D. Swanson, R. Warren, J 
Rice, L. Wagner, P. Hruby, R. Gallagher, A. Adams, C. Wennerstron 
B. Brett, J. Waltz, J. Alten, M. Orr, C. Orlikowski, J. Stonestreet, J 
Leatherman, E. Burge, L. Kastens, C. Collin, M. White, M. Young 
J. Fiocca, E. Zika, K. Prichard, M. Barrett, C. Taylor, M. Maske 
J. Douglass, C. Bienko, J. Klasgye, L. Fasco, B. Lilley, E. Knippenburg 

J. Steiger, J. Greenwood, P. Snyder, J. Hennessey, P. Wilhelm, B. 
Weber, D. Johnston, R. Stone, R. Patzer, D. Johnson, L. Carapetyan, 
D. McClary, G. Hennis, D. Erdley, C. Hall, C. Cooke, B. Gordon, G. 
Forbes, D. Petti, W. Mueller, W. King, R. Jamison, G. Hollingsworth, 
H. Moore, R. Bliss, G. Curley, W. Rush, P. Ulrich, A. Carapetyan, 
C. Hildebrecht, R. Henning, A. Hirzel, N. Davis, M. Lenenski, D. 
Sanderson, G. Gloss, G. Pavlakovich, D. Herman. 


Caro M. Carpetyan 

The university can weil be proud of the A 
Cappella choir, for it has achieved heights 
acclaimed by many in the professional music 
circles as unparalleled in college groups. 

The credit for this honor belongs to Director 
Caro M. Carpetyan. 

Concerts in every major northeastern Ohio 
City were given this year. 


FIRST ROW: Mary Popovich, Dorothy Clinkscales, Lorraine Grenshaw, 
Marian Karantanes, Anne Rezos. 

SECOND ROW: Mrs. White, Garnett Bird, Joan Schilling, Miss Matson, 
Shirley Edwards, Roberta Dovenbarger, Mrs. Hungerford. 

THIRD ROW: Lois Dorsey, Beverly Stafford, Virginia Gilcrest, Marilyn 
Woodling, Mary Lilley, Jean Louise Miller, Peggy Cerull, Margaret Ann 
Black, Helen Belden, Jean Barnum, Kathryn Silon. 


One of Kent's hardest working service organizations 
is the Young Women's Christian Association. Members 
distributed Christmas baskets, collected clothing to send 
to Europe and volunteered time for hospital work. 

Officers were Shirley Edwards, president; Jean 
Miller, vice-president; Alice Godfrey, secretary and 
Garnett Bird, treasurer. 

The K-P Club, established as the fourth U. S. student 
branch of the International Association for Childhood 
Education, is open to kindergarten-primary majors. 

The club's activities consist of one social and one 
business meeting each month. National speakers and 
field trips are featured. Caroline Jansen headed the 
club assisted by Ann Eshler, Mary Roberts, Pat Godfrey. 
S. Hazel Swan is advisor. 


K-P PERSONNEL: Pat Adams, Janice Alexander, Viola Allyn, Conlon 
Anderson, Jean Anderson, Florence Baker, Marion Ashton, Jean Becker, 
Barbara Berg, Pat Best, Martha Bissler, Alice Betts, Rose Black, Annette 
Boone, Martha Boss, Doris Bronco, Margaret Brown, Pat Buckson, Jean 
Buescher, Shirley Burington, Helen Carey, Martha Chalfant, Betty 
Childress, Joan Clark, Becky Culley, Jean Davidson, Mary Dickson, 
Arlene Dripps, Ruth Davis, Teresa Edgar, Jo Ann Eisele, Ann Eshler, 
Evelyne Fellows, Josephine Ferrel, Gertrude Fiorese, Ruth Fleming, 
Kathryn Frase, Ruth Ann Gallagher, June Gardner, Joan Gebhardt, 
Alberta Gehring, Eileen George, Alyce Godfray, Pat Godfrey, June 
Griffin, Marilyn Hadfield, Marian Harwood, Margaret Hissem, Pat 
Hooper, Moubina Kouatly, Caroline Jansen, Carol Johnson, Gweneth 

Jones, Lois Kehl, Jean Leatherman, Joanne Leiby, Lucille Limili, Sally 
Loth, Nancy MacGregor, Janice McCallister, Mary Lou McCaskey, 
Patricia McClister, Rose Ann Mason, Marily Miller, Helen Mooney, 
Frances Morgan, Mary Newberry, Annabelle Nock, Winifred Oberline, 
Audrey Ohler, Joanne Pallone, Laverne Partridge, Louise Petro, 
Elizabeth Pierce, Rose Marie Raber, Mary Lou Radak, Lenore Rees, 
Mary Alice Roberts, Janet Robson, Laverne Santa, Georgene Schaeffer, 
Caroline Schupp, Joan Sehringer, Grozie Smith, Jean Stonestreet, 
Nancy Stumpf, Beverly Thomas, Virginia Tomlinson, Barbara Truelove, 
Ellen Tucker, Gloria Ulch, Lila Urpi, Dorothy Waterman, Doris Watson, 
Mary Alice Weller, June Welshan, Carol Weltner, Dorothy White, 
Elaine White, Merilyn Whitehorn, Joan Williams, Inola Wegman, 
Phyllis Young, Carol Moeller, Joanne Mannino, Anne Zucker. 

t f * 


Compliments oi 


144 S. Water St. Kent, Ohio 

Phone 3861 



734 S. Main Street 
372 S. Maple Street 

FRanklin 1671 
FRanklin 5014 


Abbey, Bruce D 65, 234 

Abbott, Betty J 65, 197, 198, 225 

Abbott, Franklin P 99 

Abood, Myron 226 

Abraham, Richard 210 

Abrutz, Joseph 65,143 

Acierno, Rosemary 65, 196, 205, 220 

Ackley, Donovan 65 

Adams, Aurelia 157, 198 

Adams, Hobart 65, 217 

Adams, Wilbur 60, 61, 196 

Adams, Patricia J 155 

Akers, William 197 

Ahem, Charles 167 

Albu, Carl 65 

Allard, Clarence 65 

Allio, Thomas 106 

Allyn, Viola 152 

Altman, Helen 109 

Ameling, John 98 

Amico, Jerry 137, 182, 185 

Angikm, Mike 102, 221 

Anderson, Charles B 65 

Anderson, Charles W 65, 137 

Anderson, David 65, 98 

Anderson, Elliott Ill, 135, 146 

Anderson, Jean 65 

Anderson, John 65 

Anderson, John W 65 

Andreoli, Arthur 106 





Andrews, Jerome 65, 225 

Andrews, Richard 141 

Apitz, Wanda 215 

Appel, Benjamin 99, 132, 133, 167, 178, 179 

Arko, Robert 65 

Armitage, Jeanne 65 

Arnold, Allan 65 

Arnold, Charlene 151 

Arnold, Richard 65, 223 

Ashton, Harold 105 

Asperger, John 1 08 

Atkinson, Terry 110, 139, 203 

Austin, Donald 1 04 

Averill, Mary Jane 163 

Avery, Leona 228 

Avril, Lawrence 141, 204 


Badia, Dominick 65 

Baele, Roger 107, 196, 223 

Bailey, Robert 65 

Baisley, Jean 157 

Baker, H. Lee 188, 228 

Baker, Ruth 163 

Baker, Shirley 147, 151 

Baker, William 98 

Baldridge, George 103 

Baldridge, Mary 103, 149 

Baldwin, Anne 1 59 

Ball, Lois 1 49 

Ballenger, Dale 1 10, 240 

Bammerlin, Charles 65, 201, 221 

Compliments of 


Bakers of 







National Bank 


Refute Craft 






Designers & Manufacturers 



1579 Milwaukee Avenue 


University Service 

"Convenient Corner" 


E. Main & Lincoln 

Kent 3031 

Bammerlin, Verna 101 

Bandi, John 65, 135 

Banks, James 98 

Banner, Herman 101 

Bantum, Harold 65 

Barchalk, Steve 237 

Barchick, Eugene 210 

Barna, Joe 167, 168, 228 

Barnum, Jean 217 

Barreiro, Manuel 102, 198 

Barrett, John 139 

Barrett, Lawrence 139 

Barry, John 65 

Bartchy, Richard 234 

Barth, William 228 

Bartlow, Betty J 103, 159, 223 

Barton, Charles 137, 167, 228 

Barton, Robert 65 

Bates, Joyce 65, 201, 205, 221 

Baum, William 201 

Baumann, Lea 61, 147, 163, 205 

Bauschlinger, Harry 102 

Beachy, Robert 137, 167, 176, 208, 228 

Bean, Carolyn 98 

Beatty, Wayne 65, 238 

Beazel, George 65 

Becherek, William 139, 146, 204 

Becker, Dean 1 04 

Becker, Irwin 234 

Beckwith, Ray 66 

Beeman, Gerald 66, 201, 240 

Beithart, Howard 103 

Beles, John 66, 135 

Belden, Helen 221 

Belgan, Francis 141 

Belknap, William 66 

Bell, Joseph 215 

Bell, Lois 1 53 

Bendure, Molly 229 

Benfield, Robert 66 

Benham, Louise 155 

Benjamin, Robert 213, 228 

Benson, Allan R 1 02, 230 

Benson, Norman 66 

Berg, Barbara 34, 159, 209, 241 

Berndt, Robert 225 

Bernhardt, Jack 224 

Bernhardt, Donald 238 

Berrodin, Eugene 213 

Bertka, William 183, 185 

Bertram, Betty Mae 147, 149, 240 

Best, Patricia . . 153 

Betteker, James , # 228 

Betteker, Robert 157 

Betz, Mary . . 153 

Bibee, Michael jQ5 203 

Bible, Maxwell 66 

Bickel, Donald 223 

Bickler, Ray 98, 238 

Bigley, William 66 

Bijak, Walter 202 

Bilder, Rudolph 238 

Biller, Betty . . 1 08 

Bingham, Laura 66, 229 

Bippus, James 104, 238 

Bird, Garnett 66 

Bird, James 101 

Biros, Joseph 225 

Bishop, Mrs. Helen 67, 229 

Bissler, Martha 1 52 

Bittner, Daisy 107 

Bjorson, Phillip 100, 131 

Black, Hilda 67 

Black, Margaret 108 

Blackburn, Carl 215 

Blockman, Irving 67 

Blair, Clare 67 

Blanar, Edna 108, 197 

Blankenship, William 167, 170, 228 

Bloom, Gerald 67 

Bocchino, Vincent 210 

Bodnar, Charles 100 

Boehm, Hildegarde 157 

Boettler, James 102, 201 

Bogard, Millard 137, 185 

Bologna, Vincent 100 

Bolton, Dorothy 98 

Boone, Margaret 67, 209, 228 

Borovicka, George 99, 141, 230 

Bostos, Nicholas 234 

Bosworth, Leonard 228 

Bourn, George 67 

Bowden, Marianne 1 52 

Bowden, Patricia 99, 152 

Bowen, Albert 61 

Bowers, Robert 238 

Bowersox, Charles 107 

Bowman, Beverly 163 

Boyle, Glenn 67 

Boyle, Margaret 67 

Bozeka, Nick 60, 61,196, 204 

Brace, Eleanor 1 59 

Brady, Jack 143 

Bragg, Louis R 167, 169, 173, 228 

Brainard, David 198 

Brainard, James 187 

Branco, Doris 1 59 

Brandy, John 203, 238 

Brew, Jean 215 

Bricker, Mary 229 

Briggs, Charles 103 

Bright, Harold 187 

Brock, Irene 67, 224 

Brooks, Keith 67 

Brown, Bill 103, 237 

Brown, Edna 67, 217, 224, 229 

Brown, Elaine 205 

Brown, James 104 

Brown, Jay 105, 240 

Brown, Kenneth 188 

Brown, Margaret 161 

Brown, Robert 68 

Brown, Robert R 67 

Brown, Vernon 68 

Brown, William G 225 

Browning, Harley 67 

Brownsberger, Richard 68 

Broz, Joseph 210 

Brustein, Phillip 133, 204 

Bryan, Stanford 68, 234 

Buckles, Martha 207, 241 

Buckson, Patricia 110, 159, 217, 223 






146 N. Water Street 

Kent 5615 







"Your Friendly Music Store" 

211 S. Chestnut Street RAVENNA, OHIO 

Phone 7618 




112 S. Lincoln 

KENT 7158 

Buckwald, William 68 

Buehrle, Victor 141 

Bumgartner, Louis 68 

Burke, Harvey 238 

Burke, Leonard 68 

Burke, Ted 44, 131 

Burkhart, Harry 68, 234 

Burns, M. Suzanne 1 57 

Barton, Mary J 103, 223 

Bury, Henry 68, 230 

Busson, James 68, 137, 225 

Butcher, James 68, 201, 221 

Butler, Lloyd 234 

Butler, Robert 68 

Buzard, James 100, 201, 221 

Buzzelli, Roosevelt 106 

Byrd, Edward 68 

Byrnes, Stephen 68, 135 


Cacioppo, Dominick 68 

Cadwell, Thomas A 68 

Cahil, Joanne M 68 

Caine, Camilla R 159 

Caiazza, Donald T 104 

Caldwell, Barbara J 68, 155, 224 

Caldwell, Becky M 163 

Caldwell, Charlotte M 199, 209, 220 

Caldwell, Jeanette 157 

Caliquire, Joe 69 

Caliquire, Pat 69, 240 

Callahan, Carol A 69 



for the 


Calvaruso, Joseph H 106 

Calvary, Frank L 69, 197 

Calvin, David T 143 

Campbell, John H 238 

Campbell, Marian H 161 

Canavan, Frank T 105 

Caperna, Armando J 178 

Capri, Eddie J 167, 170, 228 

Cardinal, Kenneth 139 

Cardwell, Harold 69 

Carney, Robert 69, 234 

Carroll, Geraldine 213 

Carroll, James 201 

Carroll, Mark 210 

Carson, Merry 159 

Casagrandl, Chester 102 

Case, George 135 

Case, Robert 100 

Caskey, William 69, 217, 240 

Caso, George 100, 210 

Cassidy, Donald 69 

Casto, Patricia 163 

Ceglia, Pat 69 

Cerull, Paul 215 

Chalfant, Martha 152 

Chaley, Steve 103 

Chapman, Richard 237, 203 

Charlesworth, Lloyd 203 

Charnas, Gust 71 

Charnas, Stephan 69 

Chase, Peter 69, 197 

Cheetham, Wilfred 69 

Cheurco, Ida 70 

Cheyney, Arnold 69 

Cheyney, Jeanne 69 

Childress, Betty 107, 155 

Chionchio, Donald 1 05 

Chisholm, Walter 69 

Christenson, Alfred 143, 215 

Christean, Robert 69 

Christensen, Eiviend 69 

Cibula, Betty J 69 

Clagett, John G 98 

Clair, Eugene E 1 05 

Clark, Clyde L 110 

Clark, Dolores E 163, 196 

Clark, Henry W 187 

Clark, Joan W 203 

Clark, Tom M 187 

Clafterbuck, Winfried C 103 

Cleaton, Marian R 102, 147, 157 

Clinksales, Dorothy J 215, 217 

Clouse, Michael P 69 

Cochran, Charoyn J 151 

Cochran, Robert 70 

Coagn, Russell E 70 

Cole, Richard C 70 

Cole, James L 167, 228 

Collier, John A 137 

Collin, Carolyn A 198 

Collins, John A 98 

Collver, John M 182, 185, 228 

Colonese, Joseph S 137 

Colson, John R 237 

Colston, Juanita M 228 

Colucci, Constance 161 









Home Furnishings 

Comer W. Main 

Gougler Ave. 

Funeral Directors 


Invalid Car Service 

628 W. Main St. 

PHONE 5300 





414 Gougler Ave. Kent, Ohio 


& Tuxedos # Tails 

& White Dinner Jackets 

Rented complete with accessories 


84 E. Mill St. 



BL 5422 AKRON 

2 Doors East 

of Masonic Temple 






Colvin, Claude R 70 

Cone, Richard H 70 

Cone, Vernon C 70, 22 1 

Conley, Bernard P 185 

Constantine, Bess V 70, 224, 229 

Contrera, Augustine 210 

Craig, Barbara L 228 

Cramer, James H 139 

Crandall, Neil H 131, 204, 226 

Crawford, Barbara Jean 159 

Crawford, D. Thomas 70, 139 

Crawford, Janet B 70 

Crawford, Ruth Anne 161, 196 

Crawford, Thomas F 131, 240 

Crenshaw, Lorraine 217 

Crisp, James S 108, 141 

Criswell, William C 98 

Crosetto, Carl P 70 

Cross, Dorothy L 240 

Crowe, Richard 107, 238 

Crumrine, William D 70 

Culler, Grover N 108, 146 

Culley, Becky A 151 

Culley, Betty J 151 

Cummings, Harvey J 197 

Curry, William 105 

Cvengros, Kathleen M 102, 155 

Czech, George B 70 

Czetli, Ernest 196 


D'Amico, Arnold 71 

Damore, Leo J 203 

Daxford, Robert E 71 

Darko, Mike L 71 

Daun, Charles H 71, 230 

Dauphine, Elmer V 107, 234 

Davey, Dorothy A 151, 224 

Davidson, Jean M 220, 229 

Davidson, Violet M 155 

Davidson, Joanne E 220 

Davies, Arthur M 137, 203 

Davies, Donald E 228 

Davies, Helen J 229 

Davies, Mitchell G 71 

Davies, Richard A 237 

Davies, Robert B 167 

Davies, Robert C 173 

Davies, Ruth E 155 

Deaver, John S 215 

Dudman, Tom E 71 

DeForest, Tracy L., Jr 47, 102, 131, 234 

DeGidio, Anthony 201 

DeLeone, Alberta 149 

DelVal, Michael T 71 

Dempsey, Philip A 71, 201, 204, 241 

DeScenna, Melba J 110 

DeSimio, Dominic G 196 

Dewey, Ned R 71, 234 

Diamond, Patricia E 151 

Dickerson, Abigail 71, 229 

DiCola, Thomas V 109, 210 

Dilling, John W 71 

DiLucca, Henry E 71 

Diniaco, George 104 

Doak, Robert R 104, 225 

Dockus, Leonard D 203 

Doland, Robert L 71 

Dombroski, Eugene 71 

Donovan, Doris M 229 

Dorh, Mary Ann 163 

Dornback, Donald L 202 

Dorsey, Lois J 1 99 

Douglass, Janet 72 

Douglass, Judith H 102 

Downer, Robert G 210 

Downing, Warren A 238 

Drake, Shirley R 161 

Dripps, Arlene T 1 53 

Drouillard, Thomas T 201, 210 

Dubar, Jules R 72 

Dubray, Gilbert G 178, 179 

Dudra, Samuel 72, 141, 203 

Dugan, Ralph E 72 

Dugan, William F 101, 221 

Duke, Jacqueline W 44, 48, 97, 104, 151 

Dulaney, Mary L 1 63 

Duncan, Robert C 210 

Dunlap, Thomas E 72 

Durr, Edward H 228 

Dvorak, Jean F 100, 198 

Dzurec, Richard L 72, 210 


Eadon, Dorothy M. . 72 

Eagens, Henry H 210 

Earley, Vernon A 72 

Earley, Robert S 72 

Eaton, George F 197 

Ebel, George, Jr 72, 135 

Ebermen, Nancy J 107 

Ebinger, Mary Lou 152 

Eckelberry, Robert W 108, 139 

Edgar, Teresa M 198, 215 

Edixon, Robert J 100 

Edwards, George A 107 

Edwards, Shirley E 108, 198, 209 

Eisel, Joanne M 155 

Eisenhart, Mearle G 240 

Ellers, Richard G 110 

Ellinwood, Sybil B 72, 202 

Elson, Cecelia E 72, 224 

Elwood, Marcella C 149 

Engel, Kenneth F 72 

Engren, Marjorie D 72, 229 

Ennes, Marge L 109, 155 

Epsten, Bernard 133 

Erdley, Russell R 143 

Erickson, LeRoy C 202 

Erlewine, Donald E 72, 221 

Eroskey, Richard E 187 

Ertler, George F 99, 167, 172 

Erwin, James E 72, 215 

Erwin, Archer E 72 

Eshler, Ann 100 

Evans, John F 145 

Evans, Julia M 102, 229 

Evans, Robert L 167, 168 

Evans, Robert L 241 


Fahrny, Moynelle 228 

Fang Li, Hisdo 72 

Fannin, Richard C 73, 215 

Farmer, Mary F 72, 220 


















Authorized Warranty Service 




116 S. Depeyster St. Phone 3777 


107 N. Sycamore St. Phone 4227 





Two Fine Stores 



110-112 East Main St. RAVENNA, OHIO 



Dealers in 





Franklin Avenue Phone 4512 


Famsworth, Robert H 73 

Farrara, Francis J 73 

Fatig, Raymond 240 

Faulk, Ralph H 73 

Fazzi, Louis C 210 

Fedirico, Louis J 73, 137, 167, 172, 204, 228 

Fedorka, Frank 224, 225 

Feezel, Gerald E 238 

Ferguson, Donald G 73, 224 

Ferguson, Ralph K 73 

Ferguson, Robert E 73 

Fernandez, Don L 100 

Fernandez, Harry R 73 

Fealer, William L 238 

Fetchet, Frank 238 

Finley, Charles W 196, 223 

Finn, John L 137, 143, 204, 208, 210 

Finn, John W 228 

Fiori, Maria G 73, 199, 205 

Fiori, Rosalia T 103, 206 

Fisher, Cletus G 213 

Fitzgerald, Margaret A 147, 161 

Fitzgerald, Nicholas M 141 

Fitzgerald, William T 100 

Flask, Marjorie J 73 

Fleming, Ruth E 220 

Flesher, Patricia L 73, 220 

Fletcher, Charles M 143, 241 

Fluckinger, Janice J 1 00 

Flocker, Robert J 98 

Florek, John A 73 

Fogarty, William T 73, 230 

Foglesong, Leonard E 73 

Foldessy, Russell D 73 

Foley, Richard B 108, 215 

Foley, Warren C 73 

Follin, Dwight C 53, 167, 174 

Ford, Earl D 73 

Foster, Doris R 161 

Foulke, William 99 

Foutts, Alton 73 

Fowler, David W 228 

Fowler, Patricia L 98 

Fox, Gerald L 74 

Fox, Sidney J 99 

Foy, Neil C 73 

Frame, Richard L 187, 228, 263 

Francy, Roger C 74, 131 

Francis, Frank 74 

Frase, Kathryn V 74, 217 

Freed, David P 204 

Freeman, John C 74,131 

Frehs, Adolf P 74, 215 

Freiter, Robert J 133 

French, Robert F 74 

Freidman, Joseph 102, 203 

Fuehrer, Robert W 103, 210 

Fuller, Glenn 135, 241 

Fulmer, William 103, 137, 146 

Fulton, George 182, 185 

Fulweber, Jeanne 74 

Funk, Dorothy 106, 155 

Furbish, Gerald 74 

Furst, William 74 

Fusco, Henry 1 45 

Fusselman, Harry 188 


Gainey, Keith 98 

Gallagher, John 213 

Gallagher, Ruth A 42, 159 

Galloway, Janice 103, 159 

Galloway, Morris 74 

Gamble, Lester 228 

Gander, Russell 215 

Gardner, Richard 135, 201 

Gardner, William 74 

Garfield, Frank 74, 187 

Garner, Virgil 74 

Garrison, Helen 1 57, 229 

Gaug, Francis 74 

Gauger, Evan 74 

Gaynor, Teddy 105 

Gazdik, John 74 

Gebhardt, Joan 217 

Gebhardt, Richard 234 

Gedeon, Lester 74 

Geising, Edgar 75 

Geisinger, Robert 74 

Gelczer, Robert 75 

George, Clayton 75, 217, 240 

George, Eileen 220 

George, Loreto 228 

Gerber, Richard 215 

Gerbitz, Rudy 137, 167, 187, 228 

Gfeller, Lloyd 75 

Gfeller, Mary 75 

Giannamore, Raymond 75, 217 

Gibbons, George 75, 230 

Gibson, Warren 75 

Gier, Alice 159, 203, 207 

Gifford, Donald 75 

Gifford, George 75 

Gifford, Ruth 75 

Gilbert, George 75 

Gilbert, Myron 75, 132, 133, 204, 208 

Gilcrest, Virginia 75 

Gillespie, Janet 151, 196 

Gilliland, James 98 

Gillman, William 75 

Ginter, Rhoda 75 

Girgash, William 75, 201, 226 


Haag, Charles 76, 230 

Haag, Everett 238 

Hadfield, Marilyn 76, 151 

Hadjian, John 104 

Hadley, Ben 201 

Hadley, John 76, 201, 221 

Haggerty, Elizabeth 209, 241 

Hahn, Irving 76, 204, 217, 224 

Haina, Kenneth 210 

Halas, Edward 98 

Hall, Carroll 221 

Hall, Joanne 155 

Hall, Porter 76, 139 

Halterman, Kenneth 76 

Hammer, Paul 77 

Hammer, Robert 215 

Hammitt, Charles 77 

Haney, Paul 110 

Hanna, Edward 101 

Hannigan, Martin 201 








You'll be hard to beat 

if your clothes are neat 



303 N. Water Street KENT, OHIO 

Phone 4433 

The Best in Light Lunches 
Dinners served 4:30 p.m.- 8:00 p.m. 





408 E. Main Street 

Kent 3074 


Down t own 




Just off the Campus 

Hansen, Thomas 179 

Hanson, Harry 101 

Harbaugh, Marjorie 197 

Hardesty, Bernardine 207 

Harkins, James 77 

Harmon, Wanda 149 

Harp, John 237 

Harper, Guenveur 206 

Harrick, Richard 197 

Harrington, Patricia 77 

Harris, George 77 

Harris, Russell 77 

Harrison, Gene 139 

Hart, Agnes 48, 53, 77, 151 

Hart, Carol 205, 220 

Hart, Robert 77 

Hartman, Fred 77 

Hartman, Philip 108, 139 

Hartman, Richard 106 

Hartstock, Oswald 98 

Harwood, Lowell 133 

Haught, Gerald Benton 216 

Hausch, Dorothy 77, 110 

Haverstock, William 182, 185 

Hawk, Jean 77 

Hawkins, William 234 

Hayes, Richard 77 

Heaslip, Neil 223 

Heckman, Nancy 108, 155 

Hefferon, Thomas 237 

Heflin, Charles 103 

Hehr, Paul 108,228 

Hein, Roy 137 

Helleis, John 187 

Heller, Lois 151 

Helman, Dorothea 77, 149, 198 

Hennis, Gerald 108 

Henry, Barbara 157 

Henry, William 139 

Herdzik, Joseph 77 

Herrmann, Betty 157 

Hersman, Robert 183, 185 

Herzog, Francis 77, 234 

Hess, Patricia 77, 198 

Hettinger, Arlyn 101 

Hettinger, George 101 

Heupel, Marie 77, 217 

Hickerson, Raymond 98 

Higgens, Harry 101 

Hinderschied, Mary 44 

Hinkle, Vernon 97 

Hirka, June 77, 205, 217, 220 

Hirshberg, Sheila 107 

Hirzel, Edward 77 

Hissem, Margaret 78 

Hoagland, Ruth 78, 220 

Hobart, John 110 

Hockman, Lawrence 225 

Hoffman, Mary 197 

Hoffman, William 228 

Hoffman, William C 78, 228 

Hogan, Mary 197 

Hogg, David 104 

Hollingsworth, George 78 

Homan, Delores 155 

Hooley, Richard 107 

Hooper, Robert 78 

Hoose, Mary 151 

Hoover, Mary 53, 103, 159 

Hopkins, Charles 78 

Hopkins, Eileen 215 

Horbaly, Ruth 51, 147, 155 

Horden, Lawrence 215 

Horn, Phyllis 152 

Horn, Robert 101- 238 

Horn, Virginia 1 59 

Home, Elizabeth 78 

Horner, Ethel 198 

Hosfield, Kathryn 78 

Hostetler, Lowell 106 

Hotchkiss, Ray 215 

Houff, Vivienne 157 

Howard, Leslie 225 

Howard, Roger 43, 204, 213 

Howdyshell, Alvin 78 

Howell, Harold 102 

Howell, Paul HO 

Howells, Thomas 228 

Howes, Hubert 78, 230 

Hoy, George 101, 145 

Hubrich, Charmaine 197 

Hudec, Lois 78 

Hudec, Vincent 78 

Hughes, John 228 

Hughes, John R 167, 169, 228 

Hubhey, Robert 210 

Hull, Elizabeth 161 

Humbert, Theodore 104 

Humphries, Bruce 234 

Hummell, Charles 78 

Hunt, Joseph 1 10, 143 

Hunter, Bill 196 

Huprich, David 78 

Hutton, Carl 78 

Hyde, David 105 

Hyder, Richard 238 

Hylton, Ralph 78 

Hyman, Lucille 78, 197, 199, 217, 221 

Hyser, H. C 167, 174 


Ignaut, Raymond 78 

Immler, Mary 102, 221 

Infield, C. Kean 217, 221, 224 

Infield, Jane 149 

Inscho, Norma 108 

Inscho, Ray 78 

Ireland, Kennal 224 

Irons, Ann 78, 202, 205 

Irvin, William 238 

Irwin, Lester 181 

Israel, William 110 

Istnick, Edward 79 


Jacobs, Ronald E 79 

Jakmices, Thomas 79 

Jakubjansky, Elsie 100, 152, 223 

James, Beverly J 240 

Jackman, Ernest 106 

Jackson, DeForest, Jr 106 

Jackson, Mary 1 79, 198 

James, June E 109, 157 

Jamison, Richard J 100 


"Everything in Linen" 

Established 1911 

19-21-23 Wabash Avenue AKRON, OHIO 
HEmlock 9127 

Compliments of 


127 W. Main Kent, Ohio 

Phone 4312 






Prop. W. C. "POP" MYERS 
Phone 3033 

N. Water St. 






• Keeps master 
cylinder at 
correct level. 

o 100% Reserve. 

© Unconditionally 






PHONE 6628 



Flowers For All Occasions 

We Telegraph Flowers Everywhere 


1312 N. Mantua Street 

Jarman Harold L 79 

Jarvis, Leonard C 79 

Jenkins, Betty R 98 

Jenkins, Everett C 79 

Jenkins, Leslie B 143 

lenkins, Marlyn K 79, 229 

Jevnikar, Warren J 79,145 

Jewell, Dorothy 108 

Jilek, Alice R 149 

John, George H 79 

Johnson, Edward L 230 

Johnson, Fendell W 106 

Johnson, Harry J 79 

Johnson, Richard C 79 

Johnson, Russell L 48, 131 

Johnson, Sarah J 79 

Johnson, Mary L 79 

Johnston, Dean E 1 88 

Jonaitis, Eleanor J 79 

Jones, Alice B 79, 157, 229 

Jones, Elizabeth L 79, 149, 217, 224 

Jones, Gweneth R 207 

Jones, Lois 224 

Jones, Louis 224 

Jones, Louise 79, 202 

Jones, Marilyn A 43, 99, 147, 159 

Jones, Phyllis H 240 

Jones, Walter D 80 

Jones, Willian E 137 

Jordan, Carl E 80, 240 

Juhn, Martin, Jr 80, 234 

Jung, Kenneth W 104 

Jungquist, George E 80 

fust, Wilford M 80 


Kagey, Donald F 98, 143 

Kaiser, Bonnie S 80, 147, 152 

Kalaher, William J 98, 141, 208, 226 

Kaley, Herbert 213 

Kaliszewski, Catherine E 149 

Kalo, John 80, 216 

Kampfer, Vernon L 80 

Kana, Audrey R 80, 201, 228 

Kane, Robert J 105 

Kapioltas, John 143 

Kaplan, David L 80, 196, 204, 222 

Karaffa, Edger 80, 230 

Karakul, Edward 223 

Karbeling, Emanuel 196 

Karg, Betty L 155 

Karinos, Fay 1 00 

Kasabach, Alice Ill 

Kase, Donald R 80 

Kase, Frank J 80, 234 

Kasik, Virginia M 197 

Katin, Thomas J 80, 137 

Keifer, John 80 

Keevert, Shirley J 228 

Keidel, Carol 1 147, 159 

Keisler, Maratha L 161 

Keith, Jennie J 99 

Kell, Richard A 240 

Keller, Geraldine M 53, 159 

Keller, Jeanne R 155, 224 

Keller, Karl N 80 

Kelley, Franklin E 225 

Kellogg, Jordon H 105 

Kelly, Richard C 105 

Kelsey, Marguerite A 101, 229 

Kemp, P. Joann 151, 220 

Kemp, Wesley R 131 

Kennedy, Georgia R 1 52 

Kennell, Mary J 80 

Kennington, Charles 80 

Kerkhof, Dawn 80, 147, 209 

Kerwin, Mary J 1 57 

Khoenle, Ruth E 102 

Khoenle, Virginia K 80 

Kidd, Robert R 80, 196, 223, 234 

King, Barbara 199 

King, John W 131 

King, Marian R 80, 215 

King, Nancy J 157 

King, Robert S 139 

Kirchner, Richard T 238 

Kirkpatrick, Donald M 80 

Kiss, Julius M 105 

Kissack, Edward L 80 

Kodd, David J 141 

Koschny, Arthur 103 

Koshar, John R 141 

Kot, Leo S 80 

Kotarski, Katherine 155 

Kotis, Richard J 145 

Kotovch, Wallow F 80 

Kotys, Joseph 179, 188 

Klaisner, Fred E 185, 217 

Klein, Carol L 80 

Klein, Frank S 1 1 1, 145, 146, 167 

Klein, William L 80 

Kline, Dorothy J 159 

Kline, James E 145 

Kloes, Albert 201, 221 

Kloos, Frederick 237 

Klosterman, Joseph J 178, 179 

Knab, Richard J 102, 143 

Knapp, Joseph 80, 215 

Knapp, Robert L 224 

Kne, Dolores E 104, 139, 209 

Knever, Ernest F 116 

Knight, Llewellyn 106 

Knight, Preston J 137 

Knight, William B 80, 137, 228 

Knopf, Ronald R 80 

Knott, Patricia E 202 

Koch, Winton C 80 

Koeing, Albert 80 

Kohl, Jack F 80 

Kakozka, Florian T 80 

Kolk, Eleanore 80 

Kollar, Earl W 225 

Koncos, Daniel 225 

Kovalty, Margia 82 

Kramer, John E 98 

Kras, Jennie 80 

Kratzer, Daniel 167, 187, 228 

Kraus, Walter L 210 

Krause, Verna D 80 

Kramer, Don F 104, 131 

Krauer, Henry N 133 

Krempasky, Eleanore A 206, 209 

Krent, Eugene P 135 

Kriechbaum, Dora L 161 

Krivoy, Douglas 139 

Krohar, Frank E 234 

Krush, Delora J 1 53 

Kudrna, Jean R 1 03 

Kuhner, Lee S 80, 167, 176,228 

Kulnitzky, John 135 


Labyk, Tary 82, 225 

Lais, Jane M 153 

Lalle, Albert J 230 

Lanban, James J 103 

Lange, Kenneth P 20 1 







Prescription Drug Store 

Friendly Pleasing Service 
at Its Very Best 

119 W. Main Street 

Phone 4141 



Commercial Printing 

138 East Mam Street 






124 E. Main 

Phone 4316 



110 Gougler Ave. 


Lansinger, Martha 43, 205, 217, 241 

Langdorf, Henry J 82 

Lapunka, John 82, 135, 234 

Laraway, Cecil 106 

Lardis, Chris S 225 

Larimore, Keith F 82 

Larson, Allan S 102 

Larson, Gordon K 82 

Larson, Ralph 82 

Lashley , Warren 204 

Lantizer, Louis J 135 

La Very, Edward M 104 

Lawrence, Gaines J 228 

Lawson, Paul H 143 

Lawther, Donald B 82 

Lazarus, Barry D 133 

Leary, Barbara J 159 

Leavengood, Donna Mae 229 

Lees, Ruth M 153 

Leiman, Martin 133, 146, 204 

Lemley, Evan L 82, 234 

Leonard, Frank B 223 

Lessig, Wade D 98 

Le Tourneur, Joan R 155 

Le Vine, Sandford W 82, 133, 178, 187, 228 

Lewis, James W 82 

Lewis, Leona A 1 05 

Lewis, Robert A 101, 133 

Liebermann, Sue Ill, 198, 222 

Lightfoot, Barbara L 206 

Lilley, John T 143 

Lingruen, Russ L 82 

Link, Marie P 163 

Linsmaier, Emil A 82 

Little, Thomas R 82 

Little, Wilbur K 167, 170, 174, 176 

Livingood, Gale 225 

Livezey, Donald W 82 

Lockert, Vernon R 82, 221 

Lodge, Price B 83 

Loeblein, Lois J 152 

Loeblein, William G 131 

Logan, Calvin E 83, 1 3 1 

Logan, Richard H 210 

Logan, Thomas J 83 

Lohman, Richard C 83 

London, Robert C 83 

Loney, Jack T 83, 202 

Long, Patricia A 1 59 

Longbottom, Roy P 99 

Longfellow, Robert J 103 

Looney , Robert G 217 

Love, Richard P 225 

Love, Ruth 159 

Love, William C 228 

Loveless, John A 230 

Lower, Michael T 83 

Luli, James P 43, 102, 131 

Lumsden, Al D 107, 203 

Lux, Charles M 83, 215 

Luxon, Waldo H 217 

Lynch, Edward J 83 

Lyons, Richard M 83, 133, 145 

Lytle, Preston R 83 

McAllister, Charles A 83 

McAllister, Richard J 137, 187 

McCafferty, Owen J 64, 83 

McCarraher, Robert P 83 

McClelland, Robert P 237 

McClimon, Frank N 187, 223 

McConnehey, Mary L 155 

McConnell, Fred A 105 

McCracken, Neal M 108 

McCullough, Forrest E 106 

McDermott, Therese J 205 

McDevitt, William F 44, 1 1 1 

McFarland, Glenn L 83, 202 

McGary, James W 135 

McGill, Richard 1 238 

McGinley, John M 167 

McGowan, Robert J 139, 225 

McGrail, J. Pat 135, 203 

Mcllraine, Lloyd C 83 

Mclntire, Victor Wm 167 

McMaken, Robert L 196, 223 

McMillen, John P 101,238 

McMillen, Lee Cadle 98 

McNamara, Brian 223, 225 

Maddamma, Vincent C 197 

Madison, Betty V 161 

Maglione, Patricia A 53, 151 

Makinson, David H 178 

Mangione, Andrew J 210 

Manning, Neal W 83, 143, 204, 208 

Mannine, Joanne C 155 

Marburger, Dorothy J 151 

Marchesano, Lawerence E 208 

Marks, Shirley 99, 1 52 

Marsh, Mary A 163 

Marshall, Joyce D 83, 155, 198 

Martin, George E 103 

Martin, Margaret A 157, 198 

Martinelle, Gine J 83 

Martini, Mario 83 

Marty, Robert S 83 

Masarik, Emil W 1 05 

Masin, Mary Lou 110,157 

Maske, Mary A 1 07 

Masky, Patricia 149 

Mason, Rose Ann 1 52 

Mathias, Eugene 84 

Mathis, Mary F 163 

Matthews, Ervin L 135, 230 

Matthews, James E 84 

Mauer, Ernest J 98, 143 

Maxson, Herbert W 238 

May, Erie M 229 

Maybee, B. Jane 1 02 

Mayer, Edward W 84 

Mayfield, Harold E 225 

Mazzieo, Victor J 84 

Meister, Joan H 1 5g 

Mekler, Jerome V 106 201 

Melik, Jean _ 85 

Merendo, Anthony 84 

Merton, Doris M 84, 197, 198, 205 

Mesek, Frank 167, 172, 173, 228 

Mianowski, Henry S 225 

Michael, Dora 157 

Miday, Phyllis J 100, 199 

Mihaleye, Richard F 178 

Compliments of 



1545 W. Main St. 

Kent 5636 

Compliments of 











1 Water Street 




in Telephone Work 

The young woman in telephone 
work is an important citizen. 
She has the satisfaction of 
doing work vital to the nation; 
the joy of congenial associates; 
good pay and an opportunity 
to get ahead. Come in and 
talk it over! 

l/l/omen 5 (L-mploumenl 

'omen J ^mpioumevii vyf-nce 

Mihok, Lydia 43, 151 

Mikolich, Frank A 99 

Miladore, Patrick 84, 137 

Milford, Jean 43, 64, 151, 198 

Milford, Joan P 151 

Milford, Wade 43, 137, 204, 241 

Milkovich, John G 178 

Miller, Evelyn L 101, 215 

Miller, Jean L 85, 108 

Miller, Jean M 1 52 

Miller, John M 84 

Miller, Joseph S 104, 223 

Miller, Lee D 48 

Miller, Marilyn 229 

Miller, Marilyn 221 

Miller, Marjorie A 201, 228 

Miller, R. A Ill 

Miller, Walter J 98 

Mills, George E 187 

Minor, Edwin G., Jr 225 

Masko, Mary 84, 201 

Masko, Mike 108 

Mitchell, Marian J Ill, 155, 203 

Mitrovka, Helen 196 

Mittiga, Antoinette M 84, 221 

Mittiga, Joseph P 84, 230 

Mocilnikar, Gabriel F 198 

Moeller, Carol C 108, 155 

Moldovan, Harry L 208 

Montague, Gilbert T 178 

Moodie, Robert E 84 

Moon, Charlotte J 215, 228 

Mooradian, Boghos 167 

Moore, Jack R 85 

Moore, Robert S 203, 238 

Moose, Mary J 163 

Moran, Donald M 85 

Morar, George 141, 187, 228 

Morehouse, Edna M 105, 229 

Morgan, Charmaine 98, 220 

Moreland, Charlene T 155 

Morelli, Robert E 143 

Morey, Marilyn 224, 229 

Morris, Fay E 84 

Morris, John R 145 

Morris, Joseph 84 

Morris, Nancy A 155 

Morris, Richard Ill 

Morris, Rosemary A 84 

Moss, Beatrice L 228 

Moss, Gertrude 85, 217 

Motisika, Paul J., Jr 107, 225 

Mowery , Richard 1 87 

Mujais, Sam 240 

Muldoan, Eugene 84, 234 

Mulica, Edward 225 

Murphy, Patrick 98 

Murry, Roy 85 

Musich, Lois 152, 205 

Musyt, John 1 05 

Musyt, William 1 03 

Myers, William 105, 215 

Mylins, Ralph 84 


Nan, Rudolph 85 

Naples, Victor 100, 216 

Nash, James S 85 

Naugle, Donald V 103 

Naugle, Elizabeth E 161 

Needles, Charles W 2C0 

Neikard, Geraldine R 102 

Nelson, Neal J 85, 145, 165, 1-8 

Nestor, Steve P 107 

Netzley, Howard S 4 J 

Neville, Donald D 105 

Newberry, Mary C 151 

Newell, Henry C 101, 189 

Newhart, Philip 85 

Nicol, William J 223 

Nielson, Kenneth E 85 

Noefi, Marion A 167, 171, 22 J 

Nolan, John T 101, 2:8 

Norris, Connie E 155 

North, James W 99, 137 

Nusbaum, David W 105 


Oana, Dan W 226 

Oberleitner, Paul F 1 10, 225 

O'Brien, James E 167 

O'Brien, James L 167, 208 

O'Brien, Thomas P 215 

O'Day, Raymond , 85 

Olewinski, Geraldine M 198 

Olson, Edwin C 143 

Orr, Marilyn R 133 

Orlikowske, Carol M 157, 229 

Ossman, Ruth M 85 

Ostrowski, Frank P 197 

Ott, Clarence J 85 

Ott, Gerald P 141, 241 

Overholt, Jerry R 85, 143 

Ovington, John L 85 

Ovington, Naomi E 1 02 

Owen, Myra M 107 

Owens, William 85 


Pakish, Edwin 85 

Palmer, Glen 85 

Palmer, James 1 06 

Panasuk, Margaret 110 

Panis, Kathryn 149, 201 

Pape, Don 141, 167, 169, 228 

Parmelee, William 228 

Parmenter, Robert 230 

Parrio, Jacqueline 155 

Parsons, Charles 167 

Parsons, Harold 167 

Paskert, Richard 167, 172, 204, 223 

Patchen, Martha 1 59 

Patzer, Roland 135, 203 

Paul, Edward 217 

Paul, Ruth 161 

Pavkov, Milean 217 

Payne, Oliver 215 

Pease, Robert 167, 168, 169, 228 

Peiffer, Betty 1 55 

Peoples, Clarence 201, 241 

Peoples, Leroy 183, 185 

Perez, Clarisa 197, 198 

Perez, Raymond 198 

Perme, Raymond 106, 234 

Pernice, Laura 206 

The City Loan & Savings Co. 


122 N. Water Street 

Phone 4621 


Portraits - Weddings - Babies 

Film and Supplies 

Phone 4412 Kent Above Garret Hardware 


1 » *^K 

HI ? < Hj 

Ml - m 


§P-Lrv x k 

•«=- B 

The Place To Go 
For The Brands You Know 

137 N. Water Street KENT, OHIO 

Phone 3514 




1949 GRADS 

We Wish to Thank You 
For Your Patronage 

Next to Campus Supply 

Phone 5617 





Portage County's Largest 
Hardware Store 


115 E. Main Street RAVENNA, OHIO 

Phone 762] 

Perrand, Robert 201 

Perry, Jessica 43, 44, 151 

Perry, Ted 215 

Persons, Phyllis 157 

Peterson, Mrs. Carol 157, 217, 229 

Petro, Thelma 207 

Petty, Charles 137 

Pfinsgraff , Martin 99 

Phillips, Phillis 58 

Phillips, Robert 222 

Phillips, Robert H 47, 106, 222 

Pierce, Elmer 99 

Pigat, Leonard 228 

Pinkerton, Nancy 157, 229 

Pisanelli, Nicholas 106 

Pisani, Joseph 106, 137, 167, 174, 186, 228 

Pistner, William 143, 187 

Pollack, Erwin 201 

Poor, Elmer 238 

Poor, John 238 

Parovich, Mary 99, 213 

Port, Ernest 210 

Porter, Lois 215, 221 

Portman, Irving 1 33 

Post, Alvin 226 

Post, James 238 

Potts, Dolores 110 

Powell, Mary 220 

Powers, Thomas 224 

Prebish, John 217 

Preising, Paul 228 

Presson, Charles 178 

Price, Leonard 145, 183, 185, 228, 240 

Princiotto, Ross 105 

Province, Phyllis 103, 149, 220, 228, 229 


Quaiman, Shirley M 157 

Questel, M. Catherine 99 

Quinn, Paula M 217 


Radabaugh, Donald L 167, 168 

Rader, Bonnie S 152, 203, 241 

Rader, Gretchen A 97, 98, 157 

Rader, Virginia M 1 57 

Rael, Norman R 98 

Rairigh, Robert R 187 

Ramsay, William A 141 

Rather, Stanley C 224 

Raup, Elizabeth M 161 

Rayment, Joan L 240 

Reash, Robert W 100 

Reddrop, Betty A 45, 57, 147, 152 

Reddrop, Nancy L 43, 47, 152, 241 

Redmond, John A 101 

Rusman, George 20 1 , 225 

Regalbuto, Santo A 102 

Rehner, John W 131 

Reichard, William 143, 223 

Reider, Robert M 225 

Rummy, Norma J 202 

Renand, Raymond W 230 

Renwand, Donald T 141, 146 

Reppa, William D 228 

Rhinemiller, Donald W 215 

Rice, Gordon L 100 

Rice, James R 108, 225 

Rica, Richard C 203, 223 

Rickelman, Bernard E 137 

Riddel, John W 216 

Riegler, Norman J 1 07 

Rigly, Geraldine M 199 

Rigel, Frances 1 101 

Riley, Mary Lou P 1 57 

Ritter, Deane Grace S 98, 199 

Ritter, Thomas L 98 

Robinson, Elizabeth A 157, 209 

Robison, Ward L 139, 146 

Roche, Donald H 240 

Roche, Patricia A 155 

Rockwood, Malcolm S 135 

Roessel, Betty C 98 

Rogalsky, Adam W 102 

Rogers, Willard B 225 

Rohaly, Albert C 210 

Rolfe, Richard J 167 

Romanchuh, Alice L 108, 155 

Romanavich, Dorothy 102, 198 

Romeo, Frank A 108, 210 

Rongone, Edward L 103 

Root, Jim R 99, 196, 223 

Rosenthal, Sidney 132, 133 

Roth, David W 143 

Roush, Eleanor A 229 

Rowlen, Betty A 151, 195 

Rozane, Rudolph J. Z 101 

Ruch, Edward A 98 

Rumberger, Robert C 201 

Rush, Wayne K 99 

Russell, Fred W 167, 171 

Rybak, George C 97 

Ryder, Ethelyn S 49, 152 


Sabeth, Donald 198 

Saltsman, Thomas P 188, 238 

Saltsman, William D 238 

Sample, Leon R 197 

Sampsel, Nancy L 44, 1 5 1 

Sander, Ray 178 

Sanders, Warren P 178, 179 

Sandford, Richard M 187 

Sandorf , Albert P 1 04 

Sanow, Janet 1 52, 223 

Santa, Laverne M 163 

Sarff, Curtiss M 146, 204 

Sargent, Robert C 187 

Sawyer, Kathryn 161 

Sawyer, Mary M 149 

Saxton, Edward H 137 

Scarding, Fredrick C 110, 204, 208 

Scalera, Michael 238 

Schacht, Charlotte M 157 

Schaefer, Patricia L 147, 149 

Schall, Paul ig7 

Schell, Sally L 149 ( 240 

Scheuffler, Mae L 157 

Schick, La Verne 207 

Schilluig, Mccvais J 99, 201, 217 

Schlosser, Edward A 230 

Schlup, Richard C 99, 137, 185 

Schmiedl, Eugene D 131 

Schneider, Murray H 188 

Schobert, Robert D 238 

Compliments oi 




Kent-Stow Road 




Supplying the needs 
of the faculty and 
students of K. S. U. 






Continually Serving K.S.U. 





Phone 3819 


Schoonover, Maxine L 104, 157 

Schott, Homer E 197 

Schroder, Rosemary A 229 

Schramm, Dorothy C 220 

Schringer, C. Joan 161 

Schrodel, William H 141 

Schupp, Caroline E 220 

Schurau, George L 141 

Scott, Janet N 1 59 

Scott, Theodora R 163 

Scourcos, Angelene G 161, 198, 205 

Scrwen, George, Jr 20 1 

Scullion, Mary C 53, 151 

Seheng, Nancy J 1 59 

Seitz, Russell H 135 

Ssitz, William 108, 137, 167, 228 

Searls, Bert C 143 

Sellars, Patricia J 103 

Serlantuta, Alexander 141, 230 

Sessions, Jean A 202 

Severns, Howard D 230 

Shapero, Henry J 196 

Sharp, James F 196 

Shaw, James T 238 

Sneddon, Robert P 139 

Sherrets, Gloria 205, 220 

Sherman, Joseph 110, 225 

Sherman, Alice M 151 

Sheppard, Bette J 155 

Shelley, Arthur G 43 

Shemrock, John 230 

Shindledecker, Carol 199, 244 

Shindleman, Edwin 133 

Shingler, Martha 217 

Shinn, Eileen 163 

Shisler, John 107 

Shrumplin, Jack 137, 178, 228 

Shubert, Thomas 234 

Shoey, Mary 161 

Siebnaller, Kenneth 106, 216 

Sizenthaler, William 238 

Silon, Kathryn 100, 229 

Simitacoulas, George 225 

Simmons, Juanita 108, 215 

Simon, Nathen 178 

Sitler, James 240 

Shoeie, George 201 

Skoulis, Alex 108 

Skoulis, Angelo 234 

Slack, Phyllis 198 

Slepecky, Michael 178 

Sloat, Edgar 110 

Smeltzer, Betty 45, 56 

Smith, Alexander 137 

Smith, Don E 204 

Smith, Don E 146, 204, 224 

Smith, Donald L 224, 240 

Smith, Edward J 167 

Smith, Evelyn 149 

Smith, Jim 201 

Smith, June E 207 

Smith, Mary Lou 44, 1 57 

Smith, Phillip B 225 

Smith, William F 107 

Smolen, Cornelius 100 

Snider, Leonard M 139 

Snyder, Charles V 109 

Snyder, Harry L 238 

Snyder, H. Paul 204, 208 

Snyder, Laurence E 228 

Snyder, Ray J 167, 172, 204, 228 

Snyder, Ruth L 198 

Snyder, Tommy W 137 

Soinski, Edward R 234 

Sommer, Joseph 1 1 07 

Spade, Sylvia J 197 

Speicher, Donald E 141 

Spencer, Alice M 215 

Spencer, Tom L 99, 215, 217 

Spexs, Rcbert R 110 

Spicer, Robert R Ill 

Spielman, Irving 133 

Spilken, Richard T 98 

Spillman, Phyllis 217 

Spinetti, Louis P 210 

Spittle, William J 238 

Sprang, David C 234, 238, 240 

Squires, William E 100, 197 

Stafford, Beverly J 99, 217, 240 

Stage, John L 54, 201, 223 

Stahlman, John W 240 

Steffy, Robert W 210, 226 

Steigerwald, Jane M 197, 198 

Stein, George D 101 

Stelmashuk, Nicholas 107 

Stephans, George P 105 

Sternweiler, Henry W 132, 133, 197 

Steve, Elizabeth 147, 163 

Stewart, Elizabeth H 228 

Stilenbauer, Carol Lou 152 

Stockhaus, Glen R 98, 187 

Stone, Carolee Y 159 

Stone, Frances J 213 

Stoneman, Harold 44 

Stonestreet, E. Jean 157, 217 

Stover, Richard 131 

Strauss, Bonnie 229 

Strayer, Dwight 101, 210 

Street, Robert 228 

Stringer, Robert 105 

Strouse, Bruce 221 

Stumpf, Folden 103, 221 

Suhayda, Bernard L 210 

Sullivan, James P 238 

Sutton, Pat E 159 

Swanson, Germane L 45, 105, 131, 204, 222 

Swanson, Charles R 234 

Swanson, Delores J 48, 1 5 1 

Swartz, Barbara 202 

Swigart, Nancy 1 59 

Swinton, Dwight N 1 43 


Talerico, Al P 103, 202 

Tamashiro, Yoshino 199 

Tanner, Richard D 215 

Tarmishael, Geraldine 159 

Taylor, Carol 152, 222 

Taylor, Daisy 51, 220 

Taylor, Marilyn 108, 147, 155 

Taylor, William P 230 

Tedrick, Mildred Jean 155 

Thanos, Pete 234 





Kent's Oldest Largest 


Best Cleaning Establishment 

233 S. WATER ST. 




Most Complete Auto Garage 
In Portage County 

Distributor of GENERAL Tires 





MOTOR REPAIR (all makes) 



330 Gougler Avenue 












Thatcher, Juliann 1 52 

Theiss, William H 145, 146 

Thomas, Anthony F 141 

Thomas, Barbara W 224 

Thomas, Charles L 215 

Thompson, Leroy E 182, 185 

Thompson, Paul 188, 228 

Thompson, Priscilla R 209 

Thorsen, Sigwal B 226 

Timko, Vincent 203 

Torak, Charles F 143 

Trouten, Daniel D 234 

Trulove, Barbara A 1 09 

Tuttle, Gerald R 167, 176 


Ulch, Gloria R 110, 159 

Ulrey , Clarence 215 

Ulrich, Peter W 141 

Ulviled, George B 137 

Urcheck, Jacob R 145 

Urychi, Henry S 137, 183, 185, 228 


Vainer, Charles R 101 

Vallelanca, Josephine 100 

Vanard, Eugene 167 

Van Benthuipsen, Norma 110, 220 

Vangilder, James E 107, 137 

Vannucci, Rudolph 102 

Van Arman, Ward G 188 

Vezie, Eugene B 139 

Vinciquerra, Michael 108, 139 

Vitsky, Lawrence 139, 204 

Vadenichar, John P 1 67 

Vogh, Christine E 157 

Volio, Alfred P 108 

Volkman, Carol L 151 

Von Kaeril, Robert A 137, 188 


Waddell, Thelma R 161 

Waggoner, Jack W 234 

Wagner, Albert 238 

Wagner, Joseph 101 

Wagoner, Sallie A 1 59 

Wahl, James L 104 

Walker, Charles S 234 

Wallaci, Robert C 196 

Wallis, Frank A 135 

Walsh, Ronald L 102 

Waltz, Jeanette 100 

Warmen, Donald D 201, 204 

Warren, Ruth E 108 

Watson, Ruth A 207 

Watts, Floyd E 100 

Way, George A 215 

Wear, Richard R 238 

Webb, Kenneth A 108, 131, 146, 226, 234 

Webb, John 225 

Weber, Shirley M 151 

Wedewen, Roberta A 159 

Weinke, Carl B 110, 143 

Weir, William H 99, 141, 203 

Weiser, David 106 

Weiss, Charles W 210 

Weiss, Sanford 210 

Weitzel, Paul K 135, 234 

Welch, Robert L 104 

Welsh, Thomas J 208 

Weltner, Carol 98, 155 

Wenger, Richard S 137 

West, Patricia J 217 

West, Mary E 159 

West, Robert D 201 

Weymueller, Robert G Ill, 204, 226 

Wheatley, Irwin R 99, 204, 241 

Wheeler, Sallie A 159 

White, Donald E 106, 228, 240 

White, Donald P 137, 167, 174, 228, 240 

White, Elaine 99 

White, Paul 167 

White, Thomas F 109, 143, 146 

Whitehead, Charles M 204 

Whitemyer, Ross W 102, 234 

Whitten, Arnold 101 

Wilcox, George T 216 

Wiley, Patricia L 104 

Wilhelm, John F 99, 141 

Wilkins, James W 224 

Williams, Robert A 98 

Williams, W. L 224 

Wilson, Andread 102 

Wilson, Don E 188, 228 

Wilson, George F 203 

Wilson, Joyce E 106 

Wilson, Ralph M 179 

Winter, Elizabeth M 197 

Wise, Harry W 241 

Wisman, Nancy S 153 

Wissler, Robert L 100, 230 

Wolcott, John 139 

Wolcott, Patricia C 151 

Wolf, Grace M 108, 215 

Wolfgram, Howard R 167, 174, 228 

Wallenslegel, Eugene R 202 

Wooddell, Betsy A 228 

Woodling, Marilyn P 198, 209, 217 

Woodward, James M 105, 215 

Worden, Billie Mae 1 10, 157 

Workman, William H 202 

Wright, Robert D 1 1 1 , 197 

Wuest, Ralph A 110, 143, 146 


Yeadon, Virginia M 1 52 

Yeager, Paul E 105 

Yeager, Ellis V Ill, 141 

Yearkey, Marion E 157 

Yingst, Sarah A 205 

Yoak, Harry W Ill 

Young, Eileen M 157, 198,205,217 

Young, John R 137 

Young, Phyllis S 108, 159 


Zaludny, Joseph T 137 

Zappi, Rudolph D 104 

Zengler, William T 210, 234 

Ziegler, Arthur D 105 

Ziegler, William A 105 

Zika, Elenore A 202 

Zima, Frank J 108, 141 

Zimmerlin, Donald J 225 

Zimmerman, Robert N 197 

Zingery, James W 224 

Zittle, John R 143 

Zorllner, Jack H 99 

Zsiga, Joseph S 1 05 







149 S. Water Street KENT, OHIO 

Phone 4813 








132 N. Water Street KENT, OHIO 

Phone 3121 





413 Schroyer Ave., S.W. Canton 2, Ohio, Phone 5-0138, 5-0139